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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Vibrational Imprints
Each time we touch or exsist in close proximity to an object, our bodies because of the fact that they radiate energies, will leave a vibrational imprint behind. These Imprints that are made up of either positively charged or negative energies from emotions impressions, memories and experiences, that then become part of the history of the object. Much like us, it has a story and when you tune in to it, you will be able to read the subtle messages, this is called Psychometry.

Psychometry is the natural art of reading an object's history in regard to the people and events it has encountered. When you hold an object, that has memories attached, it can make you 'feel' connected to the moment it experienced and make you feel the energies of what it is associated with. In the same way, you could walk in a House in which a terrible event has happened, and it feels cold and silent. I believe that all Humans possess such Psychometric abilities, but we may not offcourse be well tuned to them. All objects vibrate at various yet specific frequencies, and psychometry requires that we 'tune in' to those frequencies. It would be advisable to begin practising or 'tuning' into these abilities by using objects to begin with that have been in close proximity to their owner. For example, a piece of jewellary, maybe even with a gemstone in, since Gems hold the energy so well, one is actually able to 'feel' the mood of the person who owns it. The information you recieve from the object via Psychometry, usually has to do with it's owner and may be related to a place, a feeling, or mood, or an event that happened. Emotions tend to be easier to sense.
A good way to excersize this ability, is to as always, find a quiet space where you are able to focus and relax. Sit with your palms facing upwards, and have a friend put in your submissive or recieving hand, this is usually the left hand, an object that is a valued, ie. 'loved' possession. Let your mind clear, so that you are open to recieve any impressions from it. And then relate what your feelings, thoughts, sensations, were. what you heard or maybe saw whilst holding it. By holding an object in your hand or putting it to your forehead, you can sense an object's history and experience the emotions, sounds, tastes, smells, or images that have left their impressions behind. Psychometry is usually performed on a small object intimately connected to its owner, it is just as possible to experience the historical imprints left behind in an enclosed space, such as a car or house. Once you have experienced the energies, you are able to then clear it of any memories or experiences, and also learn from the wealth of information stored within._________________

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