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Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice-Eclipse, Dec 21, 2012 (2010)

Winter Solstice-Eclipse, Dec 21, 2012 (2010)

Read deeply with your soul not just your eyes until the end -- you will find out why!

Two nights ago I had this dream where I was to move into a new house bigger and much fancier than the house we live in. People that were trying to convince us to move were trying to sell it so hard that it made me question what is the reason behind. I realized it’s a test for me to get out of material world and stick with what is simple in life and be grateful for what I have.

During this time, the man that I believe was a spiritual guide that tested my intentions and heart desires pointed towards the sky. My jaw dropped: as there was a big “alien spaceship” in the sky right above us, a very perfect geometric formation with a design like a crop circle mandala. It was huge! The “starship” shone brighter to its fullest powers and then it became invisible. I saw it leaving very fast leaving a trail behind…Very interesting dream.

All my prophetic dreams come to me two days before the actual “happening“. The disasters (911, tsunami in Asia etc) that I dreamt of happened two days after my dreams.

Also I have always felt that we are 2 years ahead so for example today Dec 20th, 2010 is in fact for me Dec 21, 2012. Some math doesn’t add up for my logical side but my intuition side keeps shouting that we are in fact in 2012! “Dec 21, 2012” is happening tonight! If you think about 21/12/2010 which if you think of is the real “12/12/12“... Also if you add up 3 3 3 = 9 most spiritual number related to psychic awareness, intuition, prophecy, inborn wisdom. People made such a big deal of year 2012 and this year 2010 specially this winter solstice was left out… It doesn’t feel right to me at all! I strongly believe we are the juncture of a HUGE transition!!! We have to stay in our highest vibrations!

The winter solstice and eclipse of Dec 21, 2010 is WAY bigger then 2012!!! 

The winters solstice that is happening tonight can be very difficult externally for some (I have a strong feeling) but also a very powerful time for spiritual powers if we stay in our best highest energies!

Meditate, pray, reflect!

During this time insight and lessons will come to us. I will be holding a moon transmission tonight where I will burn all negativity away inviting new powerful peaceful, healing, loving vibrational beginnings. This time is about passion -- the right kind of passion and fight for truth and integrity. Yes I know its about “fighting“, as I feel it so deep in my essence, it is a civil type of fight the “good fight” in the energy of intelligence, to remove darkness and ignorance with courage and wisdom.

Focus tonight on how to get in touch with our divine powers, looking for something bigger, not just the world of material things, seeking a higher purpose in life. We are in the environment of mysticism, spiritual growth, wisdom and teaching. There is a lot of intensity, with Mercury retrograding, but even in the midst of intensity we will be learning a lot.  

The reason the eclipse is so powerful because all of the things happening almost at the same time, because sun (source of power, our soul) changes direction in the sky and also there is an eclipse happening at the same time which is extremely rare. The moon (the mind, emotional reflection of consciousness, intuition) the earth (the body, our physical presence) all on the same plane! So POWERFUL! Body, mind and soul aligned at the same time! Earth, Moon and Sun -- aligned in the same trajectory. Unbelievable POWERFUL!Dec 21, 2010 it’s even bigger then Dec 21, 2012!!!

Take advantage of this RARE opportunity!

Our own blessings will bring us the most power. Stay in the vibration of blessings, no matter what is happening internally and externally!

Now the POWER 12/12/12 invitation: I am inviting 11 women (plus myself) to hold space tonight for this POWERFUL event.

I had a very intense vision during a bhakti(devotion) festival in Joshua Tree where I was with other 11 powerful women in 2012 Dec, 21 (note Dec 2012 is actully Dec 2010) holding space for the highest vibrations where a portal was opened outside this dimension. During this channeling there were actually women joining this powerful circle, there were 6 more women joining and then something happened: someone from the outside interfered and broke the circle of power.

The next vision I had during a powerful sacred ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, I had the same vision: more women were coming, however the message was the number of women doesn’t matter, the message and work matters at the end.
12 is the number of completion and it's the vibration of this solstice... I see multiple circles of 12 women surrounded by 12 spiritual powerful men everywhere...

Blessings and looking forward to this powerful winter solstice moon transmission!
ॐ Lilly ॐ