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Saturday, February 14, 2009


Understanding our Energy Centers The chakras are the energy vortices that are located in our bodies. These are the openings that bring in the universal, life force energies we need to remain living . 'Chakra' is the Sanskrit word which means 'moving wheel', the chakras are vortices of energy present in the ethereal body and in related locations of the physical body.

There are seven major chakras and they function as pathways for energy to be taken in, metabolized and sent to the major nerve center nearest each one. Several more chakras seem to be opening up in many people but for now we will begin with the traditional seven. The chakras are located along the line of the spinal column and are composed of high frequency energy strands that the spiritual eye perceives as light. The life force or light is channeled to the physical body and its organs via the nadis and meridians and enters the body through the chakras. the degree of chakra activity depends on a combination of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development of the individual.
Chakras can be damaged or blocked through an emotional upset such as conflict, loss, accident even stress. Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra dysfunction, it is the disturbance of the chakra and aura that create disease and interferes with the energy balance of the chakras. Psychological problems may cause 'blockages', obstructing the flow of energy into or out of the chakras. Loosely, the front aspects of the chakras correlate to our emotional function, the back to our will function, and the top three chakras to our reason function. Balance in our reason, will and emotion centers is necessary to good health and well being. the amount of energy flowing through our chakras determines how well we function.

Root Chakra Security Center, Muladhara, kundalini Location: The perineum, the point between the anus and the sex organs Color : Red Parts of the body: Lymph system, skeleton system (teeth and bones), the prostate gland in men, the sacral plexus, the bladder and elimination system, and the lower extremities (legs - feet, ankles , etc.). Also the nose, since it is the organ of the sense of smell, and associated with survival. Endocrine gland: Adrenal glands Sense: Smell Consciousness; Security, survival, trust, the relationship with money, home, job. grounding ability, to be present in the here and now. Ability to allow one's self to be nourished and nurtured, in the sense of allowing one's Inner Being to be content. This chakra reflects a person's connection with their mother, and with Mother Earth. Connection with the physical body. Symptoms or tensions in the parts of the body controlled by this chakra indicate tensions in the parts of the person's consciousness related to this chakra. Tension here is experienced as insecurity. More tension is experienced as fear. More than that is experienced as terror, or a threat to survival.

Element: Earth Sacral Chakra Spleen Chakra, Hara, Location: The center of the abdomen Color: Orange Parts of the body: Reproductive system, sexual organs, lumbar plexus Endocrine gland: Gonads Sense: Sense of taste, appetite Consciousness: This chakra is associated with the parts of the consciousness concerned with food and sex. The body's communication to the Being inside, about what the body wants and needs, and find pleasurable. The person's ability to procreate is also associated with this chakra. food, sex, or having children. This chakra is also associated with the emotional body, and the person's willingness to feel their emotions. Intimate relationships.

Element: Water Solar Plexus Chakra Also known as: Power Center, Manipura Location: Solar plexus Color: Yellow The parts of the body associated with this chakra include the muscular system, the skin as a system, the solar plexus, the large intestine, stomach, liver, and other organs and glands of the solar plexus region. The physical eyes, as the organs of sight, and the face, representing figuratively the face one shows the world. Endocrine Gland: The pancreas Sense: Eyesight Consciousness: Parts of the consciousness associated with this chakra include perceptions concerned with power, control, freedom, will and Ego, the ease with which one is able to be themselves - ease of being. Mental activity and the mental body is also associated with this chakra. The solar plexus chakra is also associated with the level of being we call the personality, or ego. This is the center that manifests thoughts and intentions, into physical reality The relationship a person has with fire, or the sun, can be seen to have its parallels in the person’s relationship with the parts of their consciousness that this chakra represents. Someone sensitive about the sun, then, can be seen to have particular sensitivities about power, or control, or freedom.

Element: Fire, the sun. Heart Chakra Also known as: Living Love Center, Anahata Location: Center of the chest Color: Emerald Green This Chakra is associated with the heart and the blood circulatory system, and the cardiac plexus, as well as the lungs and the entire chest area. Endocrine Gland: Thymus Gland, controls the immune system. Sense: Sense of touch, in its aspect of relating to the person inside the body, and distinct from the sensation of the Orange Chakra, which is more about the sensation one feels from their own body. Hugging, is a Heart Chakra activity. When one hugs, one is aware of what the person inside the other body feels, and they are aware of what you feel inside your body, and there is a sense of relating to the person inside the body. Sensitivity about being touched indicates heart chakra sensitivity. Consciousness: Perceptions of love, relationships (relating) with people close to your heart, e.g. partner, siblings, parents, children. Difficulty with breathing, or with the lungs, the organs related to air, indicates tension in the Heart Chakra. A person's relationship with air reflects their relationship with love.

Element: Air Throat Chakra Also known as: Expression Center, Visuddha Location: Base of the throat Color: Sky blue This chakra controls the throat and the neck, and the arms and the hands. It is associated with the brachial or cervical plexus. Sense: Sense of Hearing Endocrine Gland: Thyroid Gland Consciousness: The aspects of expressing and receiving. Expressing can be in the form of communicating what one wants and what one feels, or it can be an artistic expression, a dancer dancing, a musician playing music, using a form for expressing and bringing to the outside what is within. Expressing is related to receiving, as in "Ask, and ye shall receive." This chakra is associated with listening to one's intuition, which guides one in a harmonious flow, in which one sees one's goals manifest, and it seems that the Universe provides all their needs with no effort on their part at all. A state of Grace. Abundance, is associated with this chakra, as is the aspect of unconditional receiving necessary to accept the abundance of the Universe. This is the first level of consciousness in which one perceives directly another level of Intelligence, and experiences interaction with this other Intelligence. Metaphysically, this chakra is related to creativity, creating, manifesting in the physical world the fulfillment of one's goals.

Element: Ether, as the point of interaction between the physical world and the Spirit world. On the physical level, it corresponds to deep space as the most subtle physical element. From the point of view of the Spiritual, it represents the matrix on which physical reality manifests. Metaphorically, it represents a person's relationship with their space. This is the 'bridge' between the lower chakras and the higher realms of existence. 3rd Eye Chakra Consciousness Awareness Center, Brow, Ajna Location: Center of the forehead Color: Indigo, Midnight Blue This Chakra is associated with the forehead and temples, with the carotid plexus Endocrine Gland: Pituitary Gland Sense: Extra Sensory Perception, all of the inner senses corresponding to the outer senses, which together are considered spirit-to-spirit communication. These include, for example, clairvoyance (inner sense of vision), clairaudience (inner sense of hearing), clairsentience (inner sense of touch), etc. Consciousness: This Chakra is associated with the deep inner level of Being we call the Spirit, and with what we consider spirituality and the spiritual perspective, the point of view from that deeper part of our being that western traditions consider the subconscious or unconscious. It is the place where our true motivations are found, and is the level of consciousness that directs our actions and our lives. It is also from this point of 'view' that one sees events in the physical world as the manifestation of co-creation among the Beings involved in those events.

Element: Inner Sound, the sound one hears inside that does not depend upon events outside. Often considered a pathological condition by traditional medicine, it is also seen by eastern traditions as a necessary prerequisite to further spiritual growth. Crown Chakra Cosmic Consciousness Center, "I AM" Center, Sahasrara Location: Top of the head Color: Violet This Chakra is associated with the top of the head, the brain, and the entire nervous system Endocrine Gland: Pineal Gland Sense: Sense of empathy, unity, experiencing another person's experience as if you were inside them, being them. Consciousness: The Crown Chakra represents that part of our consciousness concerned with perceptions of unity or separation. Just as the Root Chakra showed our connection with Mother Earth, this chakra shows our relationship with Our 'Father' in Heaven. It represents our connection with our biological father, which becomes the model for our relationship with authority, and ultimately, with God. It's the level of the soul. When one experiences a sense of separation from their father, they close the crown chakra, and experience a sense of isolation and aloneness, as if in a shell, and having difficulty with feeling contact with those around them. Thought processes tend to justify and maintain the sense of aloneness. The view from this chakra includes seeing one's Self as the single consciousness creating all, and paradoxically, thus connected to all, and realizing that all that is perceived is just an extension of ones own consciousness.

Element: Inner Light, which is what one experiences when they are in the deepest part of their being, as a point of consciousness glowing with intelligence. Also called pure Light, life force energy. Metaphysically, this is considered the most subtle element of which the entire physical universe is created.

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