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Friday, September 24, 2010

Power of the DRAGON Orgone Pendant

~~~Awaken and channel the dragon within~~~

-- Dragons - one of the most fascinating and magically powerful of all totems, the guardians of interdimensional gates and very old Beings of Light.

In many cultures and tribes the dragon is considered the source of wisdom, divinity and ‘good-fortune’. They represent the supernatural and infinite self. They are royal offering guidance and encouragement, protection and gifts of love to those who befriend them and ask for their help. They are loyal, and will lend power and energy to ones aura.

To awaken and acknowledge the Dragon within means to awakened inner wisdom and universal consciousness.

The power of the Dragon orgone pendant will help raise you to the next level. If you are already developed spiritually, the vibration of the pendant will greatly accelerate your journey.

POWER of the DRAGON orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* connect with the power of the dragon spirit
* promote energies of health, vitality and vibrancy
* increase magical insight, prowess, longevity, healing powers
* bring clarity of knowledge and infinite wisdom
* bring success, prosperity, good luck
* increase strength, courage, willpower, confidence and balance
* undergo sudden or rapid changes of spiritual growth and transformation
* protect ~ removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds
* accelerate the transfer of spiritual knowledge from dragons

The combination of high vibrational stones and crystals used in this pendant were given to me after completed my second spiritual journey in Peru in July 2010 where I worked with shamans and medicine plants to increase my personal spiritual powers. The sacred tree seed chosed for the pendant have the power to attract good fortune and abundance and ward off evil spirits.

The water used for the pendant is a combination of strongly charged "7 dragons stones" water and holy blessed waters gathered from around the world keeping the frequencies of pendant active always. The Solffegio frequencies including 528 - Love frequency, infused in this pendant help dissolve psychic blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to receive healing and wisdom.

To become in sync and build an etheric link with your dragon within you will need to connect cosnciously and wear the power of the dragon orgone pendant on a regular basis.

Meditate often with the pendant so that you can communicate directly with the magickal energies of the pendant. This will empower you and bring into you the powers of the pendant. Sleep with the pearl placed under your pillow; you can also request the elemental to appear in your dreams, but Be aware of the energies and don't overempower yourself if you feel its energies are too strong take it one step at the time.

The power of the dragon orgone pendant will come with a mantra. The use of the mantra is not compulsory. However chanting the mantra will further empower and stimulate the energy vortex within the body, strengthening the bond between you and the pendant.

Elixirs are in harmony with high vibrational orgone -- there is a natural synergy created between the two forces that cut through illusions and expedite our growth cycles. We recommend the dragons blood elixir in addition to wearing the pendant.

"Dear Lilly,
I have quite a collection of your orgone creations and this one I have to say is one of my favourites if not the # 1 pick to date, it really has a punch! Already I noticed on its arrival that I had received even more orders then usual right before and right after it got here- there is definately a higher and more evolved set of energies and consciousness attached to the Dragon pendant.
I find that it leads me to understand higher more abstract messages when I recieve them I see right away the concept of the message and multiple layers of its depth of meaning I was missing this aspect before and I find it is fine tuning the way messages are converted, its more cosmic and less personal, almost as though my filters have changed or readjusted. I also noticed that it amplifies traits that we already have making them more powerful there is a clarity and sharpness in the 'vision of life' I have been using this with the Dragon's pendant so there is a further increase when using them, you can easily find yourself drifting to altered states and OBE- THe Dragon Pendant is a tool for power and not for the light hearted, very often when I need a break from the energies and take it off, I can feel myself shift into a lower gear.
Thanks again for making such powerfully conscious tools, these babies are alive and in tune and giving me a larger more panoramic seat in the cosmic cinema! YF ~ Cananda"

Tap into the power of the dragon, this mystical creature that is rooted in wisdom, knowledge and power!


7 Dragons Empowerment

The empowerment is send via magical (chi) energy ball along with a manual to download. This should not be taken lighly as the dragon is one of the most powerful creatures on earth!

Dragons are present on the earth right NOW to help us with the transition/shift and help with spiritual progression.

The ancient Shamans, healers, light workers, spiritual practitioners used the power of the Dragon spirit to awaken dormant spiritual powers, accomplish mental clarity, develop psychic and mental powers.

I have been working with the power of the mystical dragon for some time and all 7 of them showed up in different times during powerful spiritual work. This particular empowerment was chanelled after completed my second spiritual journey in Peru, July 2010 where I worked with shamans and medicine plants to increase my personal spiritual powers.

This system is created to get attuned to the vibrations of the 7 magical dragons, being further attuned with 7 more dragon empowerments including a mysterious dragon breath, a very powerful "7 portal of cleansing" technique that cleanses one of implants, negative patterns, hooks, cords etc, 7 dragon balls of power meditation and more... These 7 dragon empowerments will help to offer protection, assist with vitality, willpower, strength healing, leadership skills, magical prowess, infinite wisdom and magical insight, metaphysical knowledge, good luck, prosperity, spiritual growth and transformation.

More information http://www.natures-blessings.org/dragonorgoneproducts.htm#dragon

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