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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celebrate the Year of LOVE with our LOVE vibrations

...and Combining natures blessings!

Heartfelt greetings to all our readers and friends!

We welcome you to an exciting year that will be testimony to
the New feminine (Yay!) vibrations entering our Glorious planet earth! The recent Shifts have opened many new portals and gateways ushering in the Heart vibration, the shift in Haiti has been one of the strongest Heart centered shifts, this was the catalyst to a number of shifts that have been propelled from this 'landmark' in time.

What does this all mean?

Reading the energies that have been unleashed recently is
bringing to surface Heart related issues on all levels, if you are
experiencing a 'dry spot' in your love life and are in love with your partner it is because you are harnessing the energetic forces within you and preparing for a deeper more cosmic connection that has risen an octave to meet the celestial influences coming our way, once the cycle settles into the collective reality, all relationships will have had to rise above the level they were before and Unify or Separate and seek out True Love, there will be no place left to hide any dysfunctional behaviour or patterns within a loving relationship and unless it is truly a loving connection, it will likely dissolve or be released in the best possible way.

Strengthening Powerful Connections

If you are in LOVE it reflects outwards from you, toward others and you are capable of Loving ALL other beings!

Nurture your love life, pamper your partner and remind him or her that he/she is precious to you! Spend some time alone with the one you Love and rekindle the romance between you!
Small gestures and words of kindness and confindence let your lover know he makes you feel about him sometimes it reminds them that you are intune to their nuances:)

Fastest Way to Spice up your LOVE life!

I am a Plant enthusiast and a herb lover I adore nature and anything attached to it that's green!
I love the sensual smells that come from them and the colours that extend from their stems that make the world a banquet for all the senses! I will try anything to capture the essence of each and every one I can get my hands on, to make it into a powerful elixir whether they are entheogenic Psychotropic plants to heighten Conscious expansion or adaptogenic plants roots and resins for Sexual vitality or flowers that release our emotional burdens, they all have their place and purpose and they are just waiting to teach us how to further evolve and grow infusing all their attributes and qualities into our systems. Plants are spiritual teachers and are connected to the earth absorbing all the new Raw energies waiting to give them back to us in a more sophisticated way, enliven us, reorganizing and activating our cells and lightcodes.

We have combined into an elixir and capsules 2 unique formula that will activate the Heart center and LOVE portals within each of us, as well as balancing hormones,bio-chemicals and sex organs, increasing blood flow from the heart to the sex centers and gyno/uro areas, the plants we use cause you to naturally feel euphoric and stay in your heart!

We have made this offer available for those who have not already discovered the benefits and effects of our elixirs, natures natural pharmacy, we are moving toward Springtime, the time of rebirth and re-creation, a time where nature goes toward reunion, awakening, renewal of everything takes place in the spring!



"The lovers love is visible, The beloved's hidden" Rumi

Combining natures blessings with exotic elixirs

Lilly and I have been working together for many years, we have always shared our insights and knowledge with one another, we empower one another and do empowerments together as well as other things, she is a friend, and Soul sister.

All of our work is connected and integrated and follows the same path and channels that are synergistic, we fill each others gaps because astrologically we are harmonic opposites and this has alot to do with why everything works towards unity when we start working, right from the intention, the space is a powerful creative field where anything is possible!

This has been the case when we work individually on anything, whether we know it or not, the other is simultaneously working in the same fields, when we meet we always emerge at the same point where everything fits and we have the 2 pieces that make up the completed whole.

The orgone and elixirs work the same way as in the way we do our empowerments, we cover alot of vibrational space and work esoterically so much ground is covered, here the mineral and plant kingdoms are being merged and put to work on all levels to bring about the healing and effects from both these approaches, from the physical and the spirit.

Lilly hand crafts, empowers esoterically and with shamanic practices, from which very powerful orgone creations are 'borne' new conscious energy generators and broadcasters for all purposes that really work, Love, healing, manifesting protecting.

We have been experimenting with our creations together for several years and offcourse we have discovered and been given more guidance and power to increase the workings and strength of these tools in the creation process, they have evolved to be very sophisticated healing tools with fine tuned energy and elemental forces attached to the vibrations they create.

On the otherhand the elixirs are working with the spirit of the plant since they are ceremoniously summoned and asked to infuse their guidance and teachings in order to bring about a purposeful healing whose lessons have been understood and whole body healing has taken place, this is the way of the Teacher Plant spirits and trees flowers herbs, all spirits have a personality and love to work with other like centered spirit essentially in nature we seek out those who resonate and 'jive' with us. Plants are the same with other plants and minerals!

Quintessentially this is how everything works! The charged water [zamzam] Orgone creations with the elixirs and they seem to amplify each others effects manyfold! and the elixirs and Orgone together combined, put out a vibration that focuses energy in the specific direction they are intended for and synchronize with each other, offering a whole array of finetuned frequencies to the wearer and consumer.

They balance the areas in question such as the heart and the vibration is created within the body and brain with the elixir and then amplified like a broadcasting tower or antenna sending it [the vibration] out to the cosmos that then brings it back to us in physical manifestations, it is a balance of all the necessary components from the bio-chemicals we create in our brain to sending it out by our superconsciousness while aligning with the heart center, and eureka!

You can bring in anything you want because the orgone amplifies the elixirs vibrations and effects it has on the brain are enhanced due to the extra infusion of life force energy coming from all directions internally and externally, from the plant and mineral kingdoms.

This is because it creates an internal euphoria and this becomes a huge aura and energyfield that surrounds us all the time and it reaches out to the universe, it comes back amazingly fast as pure manifestation power, and you can direct this at anything you want to bring in your life, these are all things we should be able to do anyway, these tools and elixirs assist us in complete transformation and Total healing of mind body and Spirit.

Visit Lilly's Gallery of Life Force Orgone Creations

Visit Yasmine's Gallery of exotic elixirs

Friday, February 12, 2010

Why Self-Love? Any secret?

Love yourself - simply just because you exist!

How many times have you heard that the only way to love others is to love yourself? By Loving yourself you love the earth and all in it. It might seem selfish to love yourself... but the secret to creating and attracting a successful loving relationship with another lies in loving yourself.

The essence of who you are is love itself

The main blocks that prevent you from loving yourself are your beliefs - the beliefs you hold about yourself: belief systems, genetic and past life belief systems, soul level beliefs, childhood, parents or people that have had an influence in your life.

Belief systems could even make people sick, not only physical, spiritual as well. Belief systems are REAL, good news is they can be changed. Easy? Maybe not, because are very deeply rooted and are hard to break. Possible to be changed? YES!

Loving yourself is forgiving yourself

Emotional trauma gets stuck in the tissue as well as bones. Its amazing how much comes to the surface when you go back in the time of suffering and start pulling out misery and suffering. We cannot run away from suffering, it is there, life is not nirvana, but we can change the mood we are in.


is a powerful ancient Hawaiian technique for forgiving yourself and others. All you have to do is notice any problem you are experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally. Your responsibility is to begin cleaning as soon you notice the problem and say:
"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you, I love you."

Keep repeating until the energy feels clean.

Soul stars

I was gifted lately with seeing the 'soul stars' of people and cannot stop laughing when looking at them. Soul stars are few inches above your crown and they are just funny to watch, they are full of love, joy and so playful. Life can be so much fun when we tap into our soul stars (higher selves) and operate from there. So next time when you want to feel love tap into your soul star, function from there and notice how you feel.

A very empowering heart opener technique to get into the habit of loving yourself:

Bless your cells and blood, making your organs happy. Try this every morning after you wake up and notice the changes in your body and mind. Start by rubbing your hands slowly and then let the energy from the universe come into the center of your palms, take few deep and gentle breaths while your palms start charging with energy. You should feel the energy in the palms, if not don't worry, with practice it will come.

Start by touching your hair and say out loud or in your mind "I love my hair" "I am blessing my hair now" then do the same for your head, brain, forehead, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, jaw, throat, neck, arms, fingers, heart, internal organs , liver, stomach, intestines, etc, legs calves, feet, toes... After you've completed those loving statements focus on the body parts where you feel tension or have an injury and repeat three times "I love my (the tensioned or injured body part)".
Finish with a huge smile hugging yourself saying

"I love myself, I love myself, I love myself". "I am loved, I am loved, I am loved". Feel the beautiful flow of energy into your body and heart.
You'll notice how your frequency increases. The beautiful sensation should stay with you throughout the day. Use that strong emotion that feels your heart tingly when you affirm those loving statements.

More ways to love yourself: pamper yourself with baths, massages, healing works, offer yourself gifts for your birthday, enjoy wonderful travels, or just simple hikes in the nature. Speak kindly to yourself, see your value and goodness, celebrate yourself, be grateful to yourself, meditate on yourself.

Self-Love will transforms all areas of your life.

Like attracts like and love attracts love. Love is the ultimate nourishment of the soul.

Heart shaped Love orgone pendant is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* promote self acceptance and self love
* to forgive oneself and others
* promote spiritual love
* attract true, kind love, romance and passion
* attract a "soul mate"
* provide assurance and trust in love
* dissolve love blockages, heal "broken heart" and emotional "wounds"
* enhance love life and revitalize feelings
* balance relationships
* open heart center
* increase empathy

With positive thoughts of LOVE on your part, you will find ways to get the Universe to attract your soul mate into your life.

Heart warming Special Elixirs


Super-mek is the most effective natural Aphrodisiac on the market today, it enhances sexual function and desire as well as heighten sensitivity, super-mek also assists the body back in form as it replaces important biochemicals and testosterone lost due to the aging process or electro magnetic interference
Have you lost your desire for intimate relations? are you looking for something that will enhance your experience with your partner?
Super-mek will balance the entire system in men and women and increase oxygen function in the sexual organs.

What does Super-Mek benefit?

Ability to restore levels of testosterone and thyroid hormones.
Boosts libido and sexual function , Improves athletic performance
Treats inability to experience orgasms, lack of sexual desire, and inability to perform.

Promotes Multiple-orgasms [in both men and women.]
Increases nitric oxide release and inhibits PDE-5, allowing erections to be sustained for longer periods of time
Strengthen the back and knees. Is used not only in men's sexual formulas but also in women's.
Alkaloids that increase blood circulation to the pelvic region in general and to the genitals in particular.

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Blue Lilly Lotus elixir ~ For Expanding Conscious Awareness & Aphrodisiac

Try our Blue Lotus Lily elixir to experience a deeper more cosmic level of union with your partner, places you in your heart center and heightens the experience making it a more spiritual and meaningful act of love and prayer!

Blue Lotus Lily elixir is perfect for keeping one Heart Centered, it replaces important chemicals in the brain that keep one on a state of euphoria and stress free, it diminishes depression and anxiety both allowing us to take a deeper glimpse at our perceptions on life. It allows us to stay in the moment and enjoy what life brings us.
For anyone who wishes to expand consciousness.... Read MORE: here

In L O V E with life,

Psychic Sisters

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Empathic feelings..the shift

Were you out of balance, angry, depressed, sad for no reason lately? Did you feel the shift that started with the last new moon/solar eclipse and culminated with the full moon? The energy of the eclipse was quite shocking for many of us, but it also revealed a lot of messages.

The last full moon in Leo (fire energy), which is the center of your emotional body had a tremendous influence on people.
It is very important to know that you are not alone and many of us were experiencing similar things at the same time, and it is very comforting to know and share with each other how to better serve us as well as other souls who are suffering.

Old habits, patterns, realities fall away. We are transforming, our structure become more crystalline, we get upgraded. The whole planet is changing and we should go with the flow organically, instead of resisting.

People that come into our lives to annoy, irriate, agravate us are sent to us to show our true self. How do we react to them? We sometimes need to be provoked in order to understand what dweels deep inside us.

How to deal with shifting energies (from own experience):

If you are caught in an argument or feel depressed:

Take long deep breaths, keep your tongue against the upper palate, do pranayama- (the yogic science of breath): close the right nostril and breath through your left, this way the yin (feminine/moon channel) activates and keeps you calm.

Water!!! drink lots of water, the body has a tendency to get dehydrated during those intense times.

Avoid spicy foods during those times as they aggravate the "fire within" (fire is good for digestion, balance and keeps the heart warm but if it gets out of balance, it can become destructive)

Orgone really helps me stay balanced and centered. (I suggest peace and relaxation orgone pendant). Yasmine's Blue Lotus Lily elixir helps keep my Heart centered, it also replaces important chemicals in the brain that keep one stress free, allowing to stay in the Now!

A powerful yogic technique

Make a small "O" with your mouth, (slightly opened) and inhale - you should hear a whistle sound and then exhale forcefully through your mouth. Keep doing this for a few good minutes and notice the fast results. If you want to add a mudra (hands gesture) hands should be shoulder level facing each other with thumb and index touching.

Check out here what many of us sensitives and empaths felt during the intense shift.

May you have a pleasant shift,


Align with the universal force and experience your power to excel

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