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Thursday, May 28, 2009

BOOSTING- what is it?

Boosting is a very simple but deep concept. Boosting involves joy, happiness, perfect LOVE - the greatest healing tool in the universe. Boosting is Blessing. Blessings our lives as well as others. Boosting is about forgiveness. Forgiveness has a tremendous importance in our lives. Hurt people hurt!!! Kahunas believed there was only one way to sin: the sin of hurting others. Forgive yourself first and then forgive others. “Un forgiveness is an invitation for self abuse.” -Michael Beckwith This is the only way to freeing yourself from lower frequencies. We cannot boost if we cannot forgive others, we are stuck and stagnate in these low vibrations. Stagnancy means death. Boosting is about taking responsibility. It is about being responsible for our lives. We take responsibility for everything that has happened and invited into our lives.
Boosting is a tool for raising our consciousness. It is about helping to shift the world conversation, transmuting the media-news vibrations into dancing, singing, feeling good, being filled with joy and happiness. Boosting is about sending good thoughts/energy in the universe. Boosting is about being rewarded with good thoughts/energy from the universe. Boosting like everything else starts with a thought which is brought from the invisible realm to visible realm, making things happen. Boosting is about becoming aware of our creative energy, using it for creation instead of loosing it into protecting ourselves. Boosting is about reminding ourselves of who we are, also helping and assisting others to remind them of who they are, using their inborn abilities. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies.
Boosting is empowerment. By allowing ourselves to get empowered we empower others. Boosting is about healing and health. Boosting is about growing spiritually. Boosting is about feeling good! Boosting is about happiness and joy! It is about Eternal Youth, that divine child within which never gets separated from our spirit. Separation creates aging and death. It is about being able to put a smile on your face on command, learning to smile like a sweet child. Is about being able to put a smile on someone else’s face. “A smile from the soul is a spiritual relaxation” - Baird Spalding Boosting is not about hatred, anger, punishment, gossip, drama, blaming, dogma, superstitions, fear, doubt, revenge, criticism. These are the opposite of Boosting. Time to let go these low vibrations, animosity, resentment, shifting your consciousness, becoming aware and happy and grateful for your life. Boosting involves praying: to your higher self, God, Christ within, Universal Mind Substance, whatever you resonate with, whatever higher power is always there for you. When one prays/ boosts for others he/she experiences great health, well-being, happiness, abundance.
Boosting is the ability to visualize and imagine. Boosting is helping in shifting the low level conversation between higher selves. Our higher selves are communicating continuously. Likeminded people “think” at the same vibratory level.
Boosting is awareness. Awareness grows exponentially and if we mange to stay in higher frequencies we will notice only beautiful things around us. Boosting is uplifting. When we are being uplifted, others around us are lifted up. Boosting is conscious as well as unconscious. Spending time boosting, with more practice becomes second nature. Few of us boost while we sleep. It’s a 24/7 process, it’s a way of life others will like to call it. Boosting is something that everyone can do. Boosting is about being creative. Creative minds know and understand abundance, limited minds know lack, insecurity, scarcity. Boosting is self respect and respect for others.
Boosting is about complimenting others instead of criticizing them. Compliments build relationships, criticism kill relationships. The world will be a better place without “critics“. “Constructive criticism”, “the right amount of anger” etc, this sort of double talk statements only create confusion.
Boosting is about learning and knowing about spiritual concepts APPLYING them. What good is to have powerful knowledge if you never apply it? Boosting is about meditation. Meditating is about calming your mind keeping debris out of body(s). Boosting is about powerful affirmations. Affirm what you want and then receive, “knowing” that you’ll receive.
Boosting is about abundance. Keep God’s abundance in your mind and bless it. Boosting is about loving and respecting the environment, mother Earth, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, vegetable kingdom, ocean world. Boosting is about loving God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, all your mind. (the masters of the far east knew the importance of this prayer) Boosting is about faith. When your faith becomes “knowing” your boosting is successful. Boosting is about gratitude. Be grateful for everything in your life and good will come your way. Boosting is about intuition and inspiration. Psychic abilities increase tremendously if one does the correct boosting. Boosting is about creating and co-creating. Create from the invisible and bring it to visible realms. Boosting is about harmony. When we are in harmony with each other we feel good, happy. When our bodies are in harmony we are healthy, feeling good. Individual boosting is powerful, Group boosting is extremely powerful!!! Working together we raise individual vibration as well as planet’s vibration to a higher consciousness, to beauty, harmony, perfection. Group boosting involves holding the same mental picture, the same thought, the same frequency, the same goal, our higher selves being in resonance, communicating with each other telepathically.
Boosting is about peace. Internal peace, as well as external peace. Internal peace is achieved by meditating, quieting our inner selves. External peace is achieved by being nice to each other, being aware and recognize provocations, attacks, without responding to them. We don’t have to prove no one that we are right, satisfying our EGO, instead learn to be humble. Responding to provocation we lower our vibrations fighting them at a lower level. By staying in a higher field of frequency we don’t get bombarded with attacks, because we don’t let them invade our space, this way we manage to take bigger and faster steps in order to grow spiritually. How we would want the whole planet know about the power of boosting!!! Imagine the masses awakening!! What a great reunion!!! We are getting there, I am very optimistic about this! Thank you great teachers for enlightening us, thank you wonderful spirits from the “invisible world” who work with us permanently, thank you dear angels, thank you dear souls, hearts and minds who gather in unity to boost with us, thank you Mother Earth, Thank you God! Happy boosting! Lilly

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