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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Intuition - development

Intuition - “Just knowing” - instantaneous knowing - the gift of prophetic knowing

Intuition is pure, it is connected with ones higher Guidance- greater spirituality. It is the most “volatile” and fleeting of the psychic abilities. It is the fastest of all psychic senses. Inuitives feel that the word is too slow for them, because their minds work fast. The impressions intuitive people get, arrive quickly and disappear quickly.

Best thing to do is to capture the first impression. Because intuition is the fastest sense it is the best one for scanning the future. It can be used to review and prevent upcoming situations, disasters. The future is always changing, it can be changed by your actions if the situation does not favor you. The instant information you receive by tapping into your intuition can help you solve problems, make better decisions, find quick answers, be at the right place at the right time.

Ways to develop your intuition
Meditate- this is the most effective way to develop your intuition. The more you meditate, the more you’ll increase your psychic abilities (intuition, clairvoyance etc). Take time to meditate and day dream, let your mind travel freely wherever it wants. Ask your intuition for the right answers. When you have tough decisions to make, and you feel you hit the wall it’s a good idea to ask your intuition for the right answer.
Sleeping on a problem is a good approach sometimes as you give time to your intuition to work in the background. You give your spirit a command to travel into other realms and find the solution while you carry on with your normal life. You will eventually know the answer to your problem. Intuition reception location - access intuition on command
The area where intuition is located is the top of the head, (crown charka), right between the two hemispheres of the brain, extending up towards the universe. When accessing intuition you direct your attention upwards. More precise, imagine a funnel extending outwards towards the universe. Relax, close your eyes and stay grounded before trying to access the intuition’s reception location. Shift your attention upward to your intuition reception location. While here start asking questions. Be opened to any impressions you get and never try too hard, never force your focus. Don’t censure yourself. Notice the impressions you get, the sensations. Most of the time the impressions you get are symbolic, take time to “digest” them, you’ll find the right answers. By tuning into this intuition area (“going up”) you don’t have to wait for psychic impressions to come to you, you simply access them on command. The upward thinking opens the doors to universal knowledge.

The intuition gemstones elixir help to open this psychic center.
Use gemstones and crystals to help you increase your intuition: Quartz crystals Herkimer diamonds (“stone of attunement” ) Amethyst ( violet amethysts- works profoundly on spiritual levels) Selenite ( access angelic consciousness) Moonstone (aids intuition and empathy) Lapis lazuli (opens the psychic centers of the mind) Celestite and angelite (help in contacting angelic and spiritual realms) Sodalite ( encourages intuitive perceptions) Smoky quartz (grounds intuition) Meditate, work/play with these gemstones, wear them, make orgone generators with these stones and crystals. I always add few of these gemstones and crystals in my gifting and intuition orgone creations. Use other methods, abilities (clairvoyance, psychic feeling) or tools (pendulum), as confirmations to what you already “know” by using your intuition. Communicate with your body, pay attention to it, talk to your spirit - be friend with your intuition, never ignore it or doubt it, exercise it, don’t let others make decisions for you - don’t give your powers away to any spiritual broker, the intuitive connection is only between you and God/higher self trust yourself, there are no such things as coincidences. Developing this ability you will eventually achieve unlimited potentials which are your birthright.

Lilly Natures-Blessings

Psychic Pollution

"I will carry my gods within me, swallow my divinity whole. The responsibily that clarity unveils...as I become the face of my soul."
Psychic Pollution Psychic pollution spread by the popular media in the form of newspapers, television and advertising is toxic and detrimental to our divinity. We are sensitive instruments and our vibrationary level/frequency is affected by our observations. Like a tuning fork we tend to vibrationally attune to the object/subject of our observations.
"News" is "some news", everyday at every minute everything that you could possibly think of then more is happening somewhere on this planet of ours. The news that is reported is little bits of usually negative stuff that we are publically told is newsworthy. We then observe, reinforce and strengthen by our observation and attention whatever the "news" happens to be. We are not usually told of all of the wonderful things that are happening every single second all over this planet too. It is our decision where our attention is focused. It makes a difference where our attention is focused, it makes a difference how we "vibrate". We hold the key to changing and helping to birth a new consciousness…the control panel lies within. Eliminate or reduce your exposure to TV, to the "News" to newspapers, to advertising, take a few steps outside of "the consensus reality" and then look again. When you are within it you are attuned to it. Step outside and realise a new world lies within each of us but we must detach from the "programming" as that keeps us only able to access certain levels of consciousness. Mass reality has a ceiling…get above that and there is a vastly different view. ....

14 Jan 2004 @ 04:41, by Joy Frequencies

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Empowering with the Creative Principle

How do Empowerments work?

We Are midst of some very powerful Feminine energies, with the full moon nights and days, amplified by the energies of a Lunar eclipse.
What can be done during these creative times? Any kind of empowerment you choose! The list is endless, but anything you choose to be involved in or aligned with should be vibrationally connected, it will be charged and powered up manyfold with the added bonus of a mine of the creative feminine principle!

Lilly and I both choose these special days out of the entire year to create and put to work any kind of spiritual feat, we mentally and spiritually prepare by keeping our energies high especially high vibrational during the days before leading up to what we consider a 'Sacred undertaking' finding 'others' to assist your work also empowers it, you can invite anyone astrally to participate, from the astral and angelic realms, even before the thought is completed - all that is needed is ready and in alignment with the cosmic forces driving it. We as humans just have to imagine, intend and create but always in gratitude with the source.

The energies of late have been ushered in and with the Lunar eclipse and heart energies of february along with it the support we need to be able to 'hold' the new energies in our own new spaces, a flood of feminine energies that are waiting for us to imprint it into etheric matter, the earth is 'birthing' in abundance our true 'organic' needs, in an almost miraculous magickal way, as we unite together in these energies more and more - the more we tune into the Universal Energetic Heart - NOW is time to create new realities more then ever before, realities that support the higher good of the planet of Humanity, lets tune in our thoughts to the higher realms, because whatever resides in the consciousness will be expanded and projected far reaching, especially light thoughts, they travel far and wide! what we are experiencing in other realms is a mass moving ahead in the cosmic arenas and many densely vibrating factors of the linear are falling away leaving us feeling 'spacey' and ungrounded.

Align yourself with celestial forces instead, re-evaluate the concept of 'work' we need not necessarily get involved 'physically' to make things happen, in fact since we have switched gears vibrationally, it will not serve us to hang on to the dense ways of going about our day and running our lives, it will only bring us further out of balance with universal harmony, hitting the wrong chords and 'missing' things.

What will happen if we all start to align? We will all be in 'Tune' with the Cosmic Melody and our resonance will be clear and strong! Why empower ourselves? The Earth is full of sacred magickal forces, blessings and 'Gifts' they have been hidden in the earth to serve our evolution and condition for eons, whenever they are most needed- there are times when empowerments were not needed and only few in land had access of the knowledge, whenever evolution moved slowly and in accord with its destiny. The past thousands of years we have been existing in lower vibrational energies and linear consciousness. These metaphysical treasures and secrets knowledges have been hidden to us until a time when they will be needed once again, but more then ever before, this is because of our raising vibrations in accordance with universal activity.

Many of these Guarded mysteries are being revealed to those who have made a soul choice to serve and support the raising of universal consciousness. The more we connect to the wisdom and those who possess it, the more we 'receive' of it, when we then choose to 'share' what we recieve, this in itself is an empowerment and should be welcomed as such. Tune into the Power! Send out those Life giving thoughts! Become a braodcasting antenna for Love and abundance, set aside a few moments a few times a day to remind ourselves that we are part of a holographic universe! We can reach anywhere we want to, how far are our own limitations, miracles happen because it is inline with cosmic forces, the more in alignment the faster it happens- The key: Don't just have faith-Have certainty!
Check out our Empowerments
Bright Blessings to all enlightened Warriors, yasmine

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sliders: People Who Cause Strange Electrical Phenomena

Many people do not realize their super charged energy can cause electronic and electric appliances interferences. I am one of those people. Sometimes really weird things happen when I am super excited, charged, even super happy, or while asleep or when in the presence of people with high energies.
Let me tell you, it can be frustrating,  so it is good practice to get centered, grounded, breath deeply, say a prayer and make peace with these energies, so your energies won’t act up and cause electronic interferences.
Lilly Natures Blessings

Sliders: People Who Cause Strange Electrical Phenomena

Despite the name, SLIders phenomena are not limited to street lights only. Often folks who share your "ability" can't wear watches; they will stop working within a couple of days, regardless of how many new batteries are put in them. They also affect other electrical appliances such as headlights and alternators in automotive vehicles, lights/light bulbs and computers. Light bulbs may blow every time a "SLIder" touches a lamp or a light switch. Computers may freeze up or experience other problems. CD players may change tracks suddenly whenever a SLIder is near. Magnetic phenomena may also manifest. For example, SLIders may be unable to use credit cards because the cards become unreadable after they've been carried on their person. Your irregular EKG is probably your energy causing the equipment to malfunction.

Those who share these experiences are usually relieved to hear that they are not alone. Most spent years questioning what was happening, until eventually they were convinced that something unusual was going on. Like you, all independently report that high emotion plays a key role in such experiences. When they are upset, angry or simply very excited, the phenomena really kick in.

Super-charged bioenergy fields (auras) seem to be the cause. The human nervous system is chemical and electrical in nature. (Neurotransmitters are electrical impulses). When we are emotionally wound up, our nervous systems light up like a busy switchboard. While in most people this does not affect street lights, etc., in people who already have very high energy, getting revved up can boost them to a level where they actually affect electrical systems around them in noticeable ways. Many electrical appliances are easily affected or damaged by sparks of high voltage electricity. We might say that high energy people who are revved up send off "sparks" that trip or blow fuses.

As for what causes this, the theories vary. On the down to earth side of the spectrum, theorists suggest that these phenomena are entirely explainable in bioenergetic terms, though why some people seem to have higher energy than others, no one knows. As I see it, everything is related, so it's impossible to explain anything on a purely physical level.

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything that appears to be solid is in fact almost entirely empty space with patterns of energy running through it. Our bodies vibrate at a frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as the Earth's electromagnetic field. Should our frequency become abnormally high or low, unusual things might begin to happen such as what you describe.

This shift in frequency could have a number of different causes. Many who have had near death experiences report SLIder phenomena ever after. Other SLIders have been struck by lightning or suffered a major electrical shock at some point in the past. Still others claim to have had UFO or alien experiences. Some theorists claim that humans who have lived on other planets in previous lives will be born on Earth with different energy and abilities, including what you're describing here. For more information, search the 'net for "star seed," "Indigo children," or "Indigo adults." In any case, it appears that something alters SLIders' energetic frequencies, thus causing unusual electrical phenomena.

It's important to note that electrical phenomena following the death of a loved one or following attempts at communication with loved ones in Spirit are often efforts by spirits to get our attention. Just as our own energy can affect electrical systems, so can the energy of spirits. In fact, working with non-physical energy/electricity is the easiest way for them to affect physical reality. Not all anomalous electrical manifestations are SLIder situations.

At the same time, many "electric people" also report a high degree of psychic ability or related experiences. This only makes sense, since "high energy" means "high vibration," which is the foundation of psychic development. These people not only "transmit" their own energy to other electrical systems, they also "receive" energy from them. They are very sensitive to high energy environments and situations, often painfully so. For example, they may "feel" discomfort if a fluorescent light is on anywhere in the house. As Vick Noble explains it in Shakti Woman, "Whereas it seems that the skin is the boundary of the person in 'normal' reality, when that same person opens psychically, the boundary expands. The person feels herself extending out beyond the body, taking up more space, feeling things in an extrasensory way. What we took for granted as a kind of density in the physical realm is suddenly called into question on every level."

I believe that spiritual "awakening" is the development of heightened awareness of all that is already there. Most people are sleepwalking through life, filtering out all but the most obvious stimuli. When we awaken, we become more aware not only of dense physical reality, but also the subtler energetic reality underlying (and creating) the physical. As we begin to move into this higher level of awareness, we become energetically supercharged and sensitive. In traditional spiritual terms, this might be called a "kundalini experience." (There's another good search term for you). Many who experience a surge in kundalini include electrical phenomena in their list of "symptoms."

As we are ever evolving on an upward spiral, it's a good idea to learn how to work with your high energy. Since this phenomenon is closely tied to high emotion, one way to try to control it is to simply be calm. Before you go to the chiropractor, spend some time in meditation or yoga cultivating inner peace. If you worry that the machine won't work again, you'll only get emotionally revved up and produce the same experience again.

There are many gifts in having a high vibration. I encourage you to research further, and to explore how you might use your "electric personality" in helpful, positive ways.

- Julia
We suggest some things to help with this intense transition:

~Peace and relaxation orgone pendant which is effective for relaxing in ordinary as well as unusually stressful situations, promoting harmony and tranquility.
~ blue lotus lily elixir
~deep breathing
~ grounding and centering, connecting to Earth (feet chakra balancers orgone pieces will not only help with grounding but offer protection)
~ yoga
~ meditation


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