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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DNA Activation / Symptoms and benefits

Most of us have heard of the DNA.

Some of us have heard that there are two physical strands that scientists recognize.

What Energy Healers and other spiritual people are beginning to understand is that we have 10 non-physical strands of DNA also. These non-physical strands are all about spirituality, psychic gifts, emotions, memories and anything and everything non-physical in our lives. Once those 10 strands have been activated energetically, it will also revitalize your youth and vitality chromosome.

Some of the benefits of activating the 10 strands:

-Men may grow lost hair back on their head.

-Women in menopause may start having periods again.

-Some experience a flu-like feeling as your body begins detoxifying.

-If you are in a toxic relationship, you may find it ending.

-If you are in a healthy relationship, you may notice it getting stronger.

-your immune system will be strengthened and your body will detoxify

-you will be able to identify dysfunctional patterns and to strengthen functional ones.

-your cells will have the ability to heal quicker

-your intracellular communication is strengthened

-your intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience are heightened

-you will start the process of moving outside of linear time

-you will have more energy and will feel and look younger

-your memory will become sharper and your communication will become more precise

-you will stay focused and in the moment

-you will have a better understanding of your purpose in life
Some people notice very little difference. Some sources say that it may take up to three years for the DNA to be completely activated.
During the process of cellular transformation, you may see or feel specific physical changes and sensations in your body and in the bodies of those around you, such as the following:

New aches and pains will appear in various places in the body and then these will disappear. Headaches and sudden shooting pains in the head or eyes may occur and these may be signs that adjustments are being made in your energies. These adjustments will be attuning you to different frequencies during cellular transformation. The parts of your brain that have been dormant in the past are now being used.

This may require some rewiring of brain circuitry while brain patterns that are no longer functional will be rerouted. As you develop a higher way of thinking and being, you will experience more creative energies and will create deeper levels of meditation. As transformation occurs, there may be periods when you feel more anxious and irritable than usual. You may also feel restless, headachy, less able to concentrate. You may will have an increased sensitivity to people, sounds, smells and environments.

You may experience muscle soreness particularly in the low back, joint pains or poor digestion. When these glands are excessively simulated, your body is constantly in a hyper state of fight-or-flight and the body expends resources at tremendous rates of speed. The process of change that you are presently undergoing has been initiated within the molecular structure of the brain.

The progressive cycles of change are introduced to the rest of the body systems primarily through the cerebral-spinal fluid and from there throughout the nervous system generally. This accounts for the pervasive sensations of disturbances within the head, eyes, spine and nerves. It has resulted in dizziness, headaches, and pressure in the head, usually experienced from back to front, at other times, from side to side.

It also accounts for considerable nervous disruption, sleeplessness and irregular energy surges and drops. Digestion may become erratic and peculiar pains may come and go without warning in different parts of the body ~ Yasmine

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  1. I can honestly say that I've had ALL of the above symptoms. Particularly, the digestive stuff. That's the worst part.

  2. I am also experiencing all of these symptoms and my digestion is currently undergoing serious painful change. My tongue and low back or burning too also my forhead and eyes and ears. Hopefully it his too will pass.

  3. I have been working on my chakras for quite some time and recently have begun to feel pleasurable sensations in them and other areas of my body, even my nail beds are feeling it. It's calm and quite pleasant. I can feel it in my crown chakra as well and during this afternoon's meditation, I felt like my crown chakra was waiting to be opened. When I touch things, I feel all these really cool sensations of energy, too.

  4. ive been getting strange headaches for a while now. they are definately not migraine & painkillers massage etc have no effect. they shift from place to place, and move in lines, feels energetic & and often burns & go as suddenly as they appear leaving me feeling lighter & brighter & more switched on then i start downloading higher truths

  5. I've had many of these symptoms for the past, two years. Most recently, I've been experiencing a burning on my skin that will be on my arms for a few weeks, then shift to my legs and first chakra areas. It isn't uncomfortable; it's a warm burning as if capsaicin had been applied to my skin. Fascinating process!!

  6. I have had all of these symptoms, and have had them during last year, and I can honestly say my memory has gotten a lot stronger/better.

  7. I have had these symptoms and still have them as I type this... very interesting.

  8. Hello guys i have exactly the same symptoms everything looks so familiar th problem with my digestion system is the worst can you please give me some more details or what i.e. need to do or when is gonna stop i have it for 2 years now i have been to all of kind doctors and they said i don't have anything i'm 100% healthy please give me some more details

  9. I've been having the pain in my back, neck, shoulders, tingling, numbing, spinal pain, dizzy, tired ....anxiety highs & lows. Definitely aware of the nerve issues ...I am highly sensitive to sounds, others emotions or negativity, don't like crowds or people talking loudly irritate me. I have an extremely hard time tolerating negativity at work from customers & often times have to get my manager involved because I cannot go to that level or be in the presence of it. I can't cope with it! I also get tongue twisted often, & my words do not come out right as I wish them too. I can 'feel' the vibrations in people’s voices when talking loud & it 'hurts' my ears! I hear ringing in my ears, or sometimes my hearing will become silent & then come back. I can hear trains, the highway and other strange far noises in the night that no one else can hear. It keeps me up at night sometimes ...and I know one of the best remedies is soft peaceful nature music - meditation music. I know I need to quit caffeine. I often have a loss of appetite, I feel hungry - or at least I think I may be, but nothing sounds good!! Although I do crave fruits & veggies quite often - which lift my spirits after eating them. Natural protein shakes are helpful. I've been going through this for some time now. I find it hard to cope with at times, as I feel HIGHLY sensitive ...unlike others around me (work environment). If I'm not at work, I rather be at home in my peaceful environment ...with my spouse who is also a calm/peaceful person (thank goodness!) - but he doesn't understand what I am going through. He kind of spaces out when I talk about it. I guess he isn't ready for it - yet. There should be support groups for "DNA Activation!"

  10. I am experiencing DNA Activation. I have been for about two years now. I have been a witness to my own physical and mental health progression.