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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Peru, majestic Machu Picchu, Incan Ceremonial Sites and the plant journey ~ Nov 2009

The spirits of Peru Mountains called me on a sacred spiritual journey of transformation, empowerment, healing and deep appreciation for life.
During one of my morning cleaning rituals I heard 3 times that I have to go to Peru. Few days later I found out about this amazing trip to Peru that one of my friends J was organizing.
It was about a powerful journey into the sacred mountains of Peru, work with both shamans of the high Andes and the Amazon jungle. Spirits guided me to make a strong orgone cone, and powerful orgone blessings to gift powerful places on Earth.

In preparation for my trip I had to deal with a lot of obstacles including the sudden illness of my mother that almost made me cancel the trip. There was a lot of doubt involved that made me ask numerous times higher self if it was the right trip and timing for me. Every time I would ask I was getting a strong “YES”. So grateful and glad that I have trusted higher- self --was one of the best work and deepest experiences of my life!!!

Sacred Valley and the humming birds

The days were filled with yoga, meditation, healing, delicious organic vegetarian food made with love, massages, flower baths, more yoga, medicine plant ceremonies, trekking sacred places including the amazing, the magnificent, the majestic Machu Picchu!!!

The place where we stayed in Sacred Valley of the Incas is a very sophisticated yet simple and organic place that really makes you feel connected to Pachamama (Mother Earth). It is located at the base of a waterfall beneath trees and surrounded by organic gardens. Fresh herbs and vegetables are gathered for tasty meals and medicines. A variety of birds visit this place including many large magical hummingbirds that can only be found in Peru. My connection with the hummingbird was mind blowing. I would see them everywhere and the best connection I had with one of them was while taking a floral bath… The bird came and stayed around my energy field for almost the whole duration, reminding to trust my powers and stay connected in my heart center. Few days ago, the Winter Solstice day, a magical hummingbird came to my backyard to the lavender bush, bringing unbelievable strong and deep messages from the shamanic world.

In the shamanic tradition the hummingbird is thought to bring joy and happiness; it has superpowers to heal and is associated with the heart center, serving as a link between the physical worldly plane and the higher spiritual plane. They also bring messages from the Apu (mountain spirits) to the shamans. Hummingbird travels through all dimensions of time and space, including the timeless place of silence. The Incas apparently built Machu Picchu in the shape of a Hummingbird.
Hummingbird also acts as a messenger between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Shamans – entering the sacred journey
The shamans who we worked with are very open to work with the light workers of the West; they take their work very seriously, maintain a special diet and clean their spiritual space before, during and after the plant ceremonies.

We started the journey trekking one of the Inkan Sites. The place where the dispacho ritual was held is located on a very powerful and sacred spot (vortex) on earth. We have asked permission to enter the place, and made offerings to Pachamama. This place is near a cave that really goes deeper into the womb of Earth and it is not discovered by tourists which makes it hold its power. During trekking the sky was cloudy and we expected rain. As the shamans were doing the ritual, an eagle showed up, circled above us (which is considered very auspicious in shamanic tradition -- Eagle is the journey into Oneness) and the sun came up. Eagle and the sun are two powerful signs that granted us permission to go on this journey.

The mother plant
One of the plants that we worked with is the “Channel to the Invisible World”. All of us went through a lot during those ceremonies and a lot surfaced that I would’ve never imagined.

The first plant ceremony was held on the new moon –in Scorpio – “a genuine get-real-and-be-truthful moment” a perfect time to look for spiritual solutions for ourselves and the world. The plant which is the mother/teacher, took me to a very special journey. My first connection with the medicine plant happened when the plane took off for Peru, I felt a tremendous power going through my whole body, specially in my veins. The spirit of the medicine plant contacted me quite a few times before the first actual plant ceremony. My intention was very clear: to ask the plant to teach me what I needed to learn without being attached to the outcome and cleanse all layers of the energetic bodies. As healers I think we need cleansing, purification and healing more than anyone else in order to help and assist others. The preparation for the plant work began three weeks in advance in order to make the journey easier.

The first night journey was a very beautiful powerful experience for me and the plant revealed to me in an outwardly plant form. I was shown plants and flowers from other dimensions and got messages for my own personal plant kingdom work. She also mentioned a seed of a fruit being used for opening of the third eye.
In my travel, I was lifted to higher dimensions and became one with the stars. The colors, spirals, geometric forms and plants were outwardly, I had a deeper understanding about oneness and when I became one with the stars I realized that we reach nothingness we become void until we are one with the whole universe…

Next, I was also lifted above the sacred Andean mountains and transported in the future above the clouds to the sacred Machu Picchu where I was allowed to see only part of a portal opening ceremony in Machu Picchu in 2012. The portal is right in between the mountains, and saw the mountains spirits embracing each other, forming a circle in order to prepare for the opening. This was the highlight of my first journey as the power of the portal was overwhelming. Flowers, huge strawberries, birds, deer were welcoming me into their paradise world. The teacher plant presented herself in different forms and the energy was unbelievable powerful. The downloading of messages for me and others kept coming. There was also a lot of cleansing and releases taking place.

The second plant ceremony
Who says life is all paradise? Well.. ohh well… Ahem!
The plant is a teacher… that was one of the most powerful lessons of my life!!! After the sun, comes rain!!! Rain cleanses, rain brings life… And after the rain comes the sun!!!

In my second “rendezvous” with the master teacher plant I learned that I had to go through death in order to appreciate life. The more light we hold the deeper we have to go into the dark to cleanse and it was very challenging!!! There was a LOT going on!!! The moment I decided to get up, and choose the light again, the plant allowed me to go back into the light FAST and really experienced the beauty of the previous night. It was a test I had to pass, and am so grateful for the experience. The shamans were there for us to support and hold the sacred space—they are really amazing, very experienced, genuine and powerful. The whole night I could not sleep. I could feel and see the entire work that shamans continued to do for us.

In spite of the hard work and night without sleep, first thing I looked in the mirror in the morning I expected to see a very tired face, well…was so surprised to look ten years younger!!! That was a lesson I had to learn for myself to trust my higher self. Detoxing is not an easy process, a lot surfaces, but after the work is done, results are magnificent.

Machu Picchu

On our way to one of the wonders of the world we stopped to a place that really needed healing. To me it looked like a closed vortex that needed awakening. I asked the spirit of the vortex if we are allowed to do the opening and got a huge YES, so I asked J and the other two pisces women friends I was travelling with to hold hands and work on opening the vortex… The energy was icy cold coming from the earth up my feet, moving up the sky, in a few strong waves of energy. It was very fast! J mentioned that those vortices are closing due to people disrespecting these places…

The next morning we woke up 3 am to start trekking the Machu Picchu.
The power, the strength, the uniqueness of this place cannot really be describe in words, one has to experience it!!!
Once we got there I recognized the mountain that I had in my first plant ceremony vision, so I made the spiritual connection with the apu (the spirit of the sacred mountain).

Hills, one of the other pisces friends who is also very sensitive and I, formed a closed circuit with our bodies, using my left hand and her right hand and/or vice versa, touching different large rocks. Both of us were fascinated by the surge of power throughout our bodies and subtle messages received from the large rocks.
These rocks really hold powers and messages if the intentions are pure and aligned with these energies.

Angelite and the shaman vision orgone pendant

Angelite the stone of wisdom and conscious awareness was shown to me by the spirit of the mountain; it was fascinating to see it almost everywhere!!!When our spiritual eyes are opened we see another and different world. This stone was discovered in Peru during the time of the harmonic convergence and it is the symbol of communication the love and light to the world. During this whole journey I was shown different Peruvian stones and plants and got messages to create a new shaman vision orgone pendant, that is an amazing powerful tool to help reconnect with the spirit of the shamans, reclaiming the wisdom and knowledge of shamanic ancestry, while seeing and hearing the voices of the living earth.

The grandfather plant
The third plant ceremony was during the daytime while trekking very secluded places around the inca trail. The male energy plant, which is more gentle then the mother plant, opened up my channels amazingly. Everything was seen with spiritual eyes. My Chakras were widely opened to receive the messages from the teacher plant. While visiting an ancient spot of power we made our offerings including pieces of orgone before entering it. As my chakras were wide opened I had to leave the place soon as I was down on my knees being hit by the energy of the people that disrespected that place before. The spot needed healing, so I asked one of the shamans to do a clearing on me with floral water so thru me the place would be cleared by negative spirits and remain protected. It was a very powerful experience!!!

During all ceremonies, together with the shamans we did a lot of work on healing ourselves, others, and the earth. By doing those sacred rituals we made the visions that we had come true.

The whole journey was very transformational; I learned to overcome fear - the natural and powerful enemy in the path of knowledge by facing it and becoming free, acquiring clarity of mind. Fear is mostly the fear of death of any kind: death of a relationship, fear of losing a job, fear of losing someone close and dear, etc… so instead of running away, learn to face own fears, merging with it, becoming free of it, acquiring instead clarity of mind. I have also learned to be aware of my own powers at subtle levels and work with them by taking my whole spiritual journey to the next level.

Shamans who we worked with invited me to do more work with them in the future.
If you are interested in going on a spiritual journey of healing and empowerment to Peru, including visiting ancient sacred sites that are very pure, including Machu Picchu contact us at : services@natures-blessings.org

May your journeys be filled with blessings!

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