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Thursday, May 28, 2009

BOOSTING- what is it?

Boosting is a very simple but deep concept. Boosting involves joy, happiness, perfect LOVE - the greatest healing tool in the universe. Boosting is Blessing. Blessings our lives as well as others. Boosting is about forgiveness. Forgiveness has a tremendous importance in our lives. Hurt people hurt!!! Kahunas believed there was only one way to sin: the sin of hurting others. Forgive yourself first and then forgive others. “Un forgiveness is an invitation for self abuse.” -Michael Beckwith This is the only way to freeing yourself from lower frequencies. We cannot boost if we cannot forgive others, we are stuck and stagnate in these low vibrations. Stagnancy means death. Boosting is about taking responsibility. It is about being responsible for our lives. We take responsibility for everything that has happened and invited into our lives.
Boosting is a tool for raising our consciousness. It is about helping to shift the world conversation, transmuting the media-news vibrations into dancing, singing, feeling good, being filled with joy and happiness. Boosting is about sending good thoughts/energy in the universe. Boosting is about being rewarded with good thoughts/energy from the universe. Boosting like everything else starts with a thought which is brought from the invisible realm to visible realm, making things happen. Boosting is about becoming aware of our creative energy, using it for creation instead of loosing it into protecting ourselves. Boosting is about reminding ourselves of who we are, also helping and assisting others to remind them of who they are, using their inborn abilities. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies.
Boosting is empowerment. By allowing ourselves to get empowered we empower others. Boosting is about healing and health. Boosting is about growing spiritually. Boosting is about feeling good! Boosting is about happiness and joy! It is about Eternal Youth, that divine child within which never gets separated from our spirit. Separation creates aging and death. It is about being able to put a smile on your face on command, learning to smile like a sweet child. Is about being able to put a smile on someone else’s face. “A smile from the soul is a spiritual relaxation” - Baird Spalding Boosting is not about hatred, anger, punishment, gossip, drama, blaming, dogma, superstitions, fear, doubt, revenge, criticism. These are the opposite of Boosting. Time to let go these low vibrations, animosity, resentment, shifting your consciousness, becoming aware and happy and grateful for your life. Boosting involves praying: to your higher self, God, Christ within, Universal Mind Substance, whatever you resonate with, whatever higher power is always there for you. When one prays/ boosts for others he/she experiences great health, well-being, happiness, abundance.
Boosting is the ability to visualize and imagine. Boosting is helping in shifting the low level conversation between higher selves. Our higher selves are communicating continuously. Likeminded people “think” at the same vibratory level.
Boosting is awareness. Awareness grows exponentially and if we mange to stay in higher frequencies we will notice only beautiful things around us. Boosting is uplifting. When we are being uplifted, others around us are lifted up. Boosting is conscious as well as unconscious. Spending time boosting, with more practice becomes second nature. Few of us boost while we sleep. It’s a 24/7 process, it’s a way of life others will like to call it. Boosting is something that everyone can do. Boosting is about being creative. Creative minds know and understand abundance, limited minds know lack, insecurity, scarcity. Boosting is self respect and respect for others.
Boosting is about complimenting others instead of criticizing them. Compliments build relationships, criticism kill relationships. The world will be a better place without “critics“. “Constructive criticism”, “the right amount of anger” etc, this sort of double talk statements only create confusion.
Boosting is about learning and knowing about spiritual concepts APPLYING them. What good is to have powerful knowledge if you never apply it? Boosting is about meditation. Meditating is about calming your mind keeping debris out of body(s). Boosting is about powerful affirmations. Affirm what you want and then receive, “knowing” that you’ll receive.
Boosting is about abundance. Keep God’s abundance in your mind and bless it. Boosting is about loving and respecting the environment, mother Earth, animal kingdom, mineral kingdom, vegetable kingdom, ocean world. Boosting is about loving God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, all your mind. (the masters of the far east knew the importance of this prayer) Boosting is about faith. When your faith becomes “knowing” your boosting is successful. Boosting is about gratitude. Be grateful for everything in your life and good will come your way. Boosting is about intuition and inspiration. Psychic abilities increase tremendously if one does the correct boosting. Boosting is about creating and co-creating. Create from the invisible and bring it to visible realms. Boosting is about harmony. When we are in harmony with each other we feel good, happy. When our bodies are in harmony we are healthy, feeling good. Individual boosting is powerful, Group boosting is extremely powerful!!! Working together we raise individual vibration as well as planet’s vibration to a higher consciousness, to beauty, harmony, perfection. Group boosting involves holding the same mental picture, the same thought, the same frequency, the same goal, our higher selves being in resonance, communicating with each other telepathically.
Boosting is about peace. Internal peace, as well as external peace. Internal peace is achieved by meditating, quieting our inner selves. External peace is achieved by being nice to each other, being aware and recognize provocations, attacks, without responding to them. We don’t have to prove no one that we are right, satisfying our EGO, instead learn to be humble. Responding to provocation we lower our vibrations fighting them at a lower level. By staying in a higher field of frequency we don’t get bombarded with attacks, because we don’t let them invade our space, this way we manage to take bigger and faster steps in order to grow spiritually. How we would want the whole planet know about the power of boosting!!! Imagine the masses awakening!! What a great reunion!!! We are getting there, I am very optimistic about this! Thank you great teachers for enlightening us, thank you wonderful spirits from the “invisible world” who work with us permanently, thank you dear angels, thank you dear souls, hearts and minds who gather in unity to boost with us, thank you Mother Earth, Thank you God! Happy boosting! Lilly

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lemurian Connections Insight

Lemurian Crystals should be part of our lives.
I say that because I had an amazing, mind blowing set of 3 day meditations, while I experienced astral travel, projection and more…

I don’t know if this Lemurian connection has to do anything with the new batch of gemstone elixirs or clairvoyance, clairaudience orgone pendants I am creating or I was just simply ready to receive these messages, whatever it is I am so so grateful for this experience. Something strong like an invisible force pulled me to one of my many “cookie jars“ (gemstones and crystals). I opened the drawer and there it was: the magnificent, mystical, yet humble, wise record keeper, healed itself double terminated LEMURIAN crystal.
If you’d asked me if I have any recollection of this crystal I would say I don’t think so. It might just manifested itself into my “gem -cookie jar”. For a few good minutes I kept looking at, being absolutely mesmerized by it. It started to vibrate strongly in my hands inviting me to meditate with it. Energy was outwardly I would say, unbelievable high, crystal vibrating continuously during the whole time. Connection was FAST! I meditated before with Lemus but didn’t get much of impression except once which was more of a healing experience

First thing I saw was “people“: it seemed like a big family, because they all looked alike: long oval faces, white hair, pale skin, blue eyes, slim, no smiles, no frowns, just very neutral faces. By now the information started to flow really fast. I got that information was downloading into my “computer” (brain). I got “WE ALL HAVE ACCOUNTS OPENED IN THE ETHERIC MATTER”. They can all be accessed in the akashic records. The information was also downloaded into my etheric account. I would also have to meditate for three days in a row to get personal information as well as information that might help others.

Lemurians made it very clear that we should learn from their experiences and not make the same mistakes again. Not sure what they meant, but the info was so fast , I couldn’t really ask why or how or when etc. Next I was shown a source of pure crystal clear water used for longevity. Fruit trees with very heavenly smell, were shown next, the energy of the trees was very strong. They alos explained they experienced pain and sufferings themselves but different from what we experience. Next, right in front of me there was a majestic pyramid made out of crystal. The importance of this pyramid was that it was slightly smaller then Giza pyramid, and the secret lays in the dimensions and what’s inside. Right in the middle of the pyramid there was a very bright light I could not look at, if I would have to describe the feeling, is like you try to look at the sun and cannot keep your eyes at it, was brighter than that. The bright light was the “SEED OF LIFE” , which in fact is what some people call Christ consciousness. The words I heard were very powerful vibrations: “REMEMBER the seed of life cannot be destroyed.” Taking a look closer inside the pyramid I saw something like “thoughts” I don’t know how to explain because it seemed more energy then physical matter. These “thoughts” were in fact resembling all religions, nations, believes: they were etheric imprints of all traditions, religions, nations, believes and so on. The pyramid was also located at the “womb of creation”. The meditation was complete for the first day. After I finished I took a closer look at the crystal and I could actually see the pyramid on one of crystals faces. The impressions I had were so strong that I continued meditating with the Lemu crystal the second day.

Second day
This time before I even went to grab my lemurian crystal I felt the strong connection. Same thing the second day: I went out really fast: this time I went right inside the pyramid transported by what it’s called “rays of creation” they looked like W’s or V’s to me. I found myself this time right in front of the “seed of life”. Words cannot explain the feelings: however to describe in earthy words was amazingly strong vibration, body shaken by the strong energy, tears rolling down my cheeks, and Finally I saw it: “ The SEED OF LIFE : that which cannot be destroyed”. It looked like an Egg, pulsating. The color was again outwardly, I got it was a combination of all colors, but if I would describe, it looked white translucent opal, with different shades which were changing. The energy of that seed of life charged me up instantaneously. Then I got the pyramids are all over the world and many people are attracted by their subtle energy but they don’t know why. It is because in each pyramid there exists invisible seed of life. Their energy is very soothing and healing. I have also got that there are more pyramids underwater yet to be discovered, in shallow waters. Then I was reminded of the Mexico and Machiupiciu pyramids and their great powers. The crystal pyramid I have shown exists in another dimension and can be seen by a few people. So the benefits of pyramids can be experienced by people in the physical dimension and by great healers in other dimensions. Next I got this info very clear: “remember you are a healer you should share this with others” so here it is: The information revealed is a very simple technique for healing: I get to connect to my soul and take people inside the Crystal pyramid, repeating continuously: ”I love you”... very easy technique. Try to connect yourself with the pyramid and while inside keep repeating the easy mantra “I love you” in any language you resonate with. For people who cannot connect to the crystal pyramid, any pyramid would work, just sit under, right in the middle, and focus right in the middle of it and inch or two off the ground, where the invisible seed of life exists. “Become one with the seed of life, breath, relax, be at peace, let the energy of the seed do the work”. There is the “magical” point of energy where the invisible seed of life resides in the ethereal world. Keep repeating the “I love you” mantra, until you are “healed”. It supposes to be very powerful healing energy. I was asked to get inside and see for myself: my body was floating right above the ground, it was such a WOW feeling!

I then got some more information, and when some of you are ready I will share it privately. Then my inquisitive mind asked about “illuminati symbolism pyramids”. I was told the dark side cannot highjack the energy of the pyramid, they only use the top which is not the main point of energy. The negative thoughts and illness are released through the top of the pyramid. And then I got it again” Remember the seed of life is always protected, it cannot be destroyed.” Then I was asked to stop the meditation.

The last day of my 3 days of meditation.
First I got some personal information that blew my mind, and told that we call “miracles” only things that we cannot understand, which in fact are simple things. I traveled upwards so fast that my brain perceived “light speed”. I was looking above mountains again floating in the air. What a COOL feeling!!! Ohhh it cannot be described! Anyway from above I was looking at the whole Earth “rebirthing” itself if that’s the word. To describe in simple words, what I saw was the Earth like a blanket slowly rolling over, in a very rhythmic movement, it was fast but at the same time controlled. Then I was traveling down same speed and saw a very powerful masculine presence underground quite invisible, I should say I felt it more then saw it. It gave me chills, not bad ones though. The whole meditation I was pulled up and down to basically be shown the entities or souls above and below Earth. Then I heard and completely understood the magical words: “ As above so beyond”
They told me that these above and below Earth spirits, souls or entities work together with Earth spirits (humans) to KEEP THE PLANET ALIVE. So I was reminded again that the seed of life cannot be destroyed, anything else can. So I think there is more then it meets the eye, all sort of souls are working together to keep the planet “alive“. I was then reminded to spread the word “not to make the same mistakes Lemurians did“.

The journey into Lemurian world has just started, I think I was shown just a glimpse. Will do some more “left brain” research, along with more Lemurian crystals meditations. So Please join me. I also strongly encourage everyone to get at least one Lemurian crystal and experiment with it. I think they have strong wise messages for us. I have quite a few of them and play with them from time to time. Yasmine has a nice authentic Lemurian Seed crystals collection, check them out they are very beautiful and feel very strong. “As above so below”… Lilly

Basic Grounding

Grounding technique is simple and profound to help you "ground" your energy field and aura. The charkas in the soles of the feet absorb energy from Mother Earth. Feet charkas and base of the spine (root chakra) help us to stay grounded and earthed. When you send energy ( boost) or practice healing it is essential that the body energies are grounded and earthed to create a complete circuit for healing and boosting energies. If sitting, your legs should not be crossed with feet flat on the floor.
Make sure your feet are touching the floor/earth at all times. This brings the spiritual into the physical and earth negative energies into the ground for transmutation. A good visualization is to imagine a cord from the base of the spine going deep inside the earth and/or visualize roots from your feet spreading into the earth.

It is important to be back in your body and grounded after meditation or healing/boosting. Otherwise you can feel floaty and “not quite here”. Crystals help you to be back in your body, protecting your auric field. Brown, black and green stones ground, energize. Grounding crystals: Carnelian, Hematite, Boji stone, Smoky Quartz, Onyx, Amber, Green Fluorite.
Also wearing orgone generators (orgonite) can be very grounding, creating the feeling of belonging to this earth.

Feet chakras balancers (orgone) keep one grounded and connected to earth, and create a protective filed around feet that will block the intrusion of unwanted energies (entities) into ones energy filed. It also seems that once feet energy centers are unblocked, the root chakra (where kundalini shakti resides) that is associated with abundance, grounding, instinct, security, manifestation becomes balanced and stable.

The power of OM (AUM) in boosting

OM (AUM) the sacred syllable, the universal syllable, the basis of all sounds, containing all other sounds. Om is not a word, it is an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture, species. It is not only a mantra it is a prayer itself, a very powerful one. In one of our boosting sessions we tried to chant the sacred syllable OM while boosting for different things. The results and energy created was mind boggling. Chanting makes alter my state, don’t need any drugs or herbs to alter your state, just try chanting powerful mantras. OM is one of the most powerful mantras, not only that, it is considered the sacred syllable, the universal sound, the basis of all sounds. I
n fact Mike asked if it’s possible to have an OBE (out of body experience) while typing. Everything is possible!!

The benefits of OM chanting cannot be stress enough. It must be experienced because it cannot be described in words. This powerful mantra take you to the level of consciousness that transcends the limitations of the mind and the more people OM-ing together for a specific cause the more powerful. While I had the honor of “observing” one of my respected yoga teachers classes, during OM chanting I saw and felt the energy moving towards the sky, it was an absolute empowering experience. Chanting mantra with everyone makes you one with their very essence. The vibration that it creates makes you forget of the outside world and tune inwards getting to know your soul. OM covers the whole Universe.

OM is made up of A, U, M. When A and U are joined together, they become O, so that’s where OM sound comes from. It is also the most natural sound that even mute people can produce. Saints reached enlightenment through waves of OM. Chanting OM with faith, psychic channels open, chakras and meridians unblock, existence vibrates, healing happens on all levels, negativity transforms into positivism, illnesses are cured. In ancient times when OM practiced with faith, was known to regrow limbs!!! OM is within every word and within everything. So when we chant OM, we merge with all energy and all forms, from the micro cosmos to the universal. When combined with BOOSTING it is way powerful! Try it for yourself, but better if you want to get empowered get together with alike souls or come to our boosting sessions and see for yourself what POWER means. Empower yourself, empower others, empower the whole world. As more people come in mindfulness to send their collective energy to the world, the powers will increase exponentially.
Happy OMiiiiiiiiiing boosting ॐ Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~Lilly

Seraphinite ~ Higher Vibrational feminine qualities


Seraphinite is among the most powerful of stones for bringing into alignment the I AM column of the spinal cord. It is both centering and energizing at the same time, and its beautiful green shades show how well it is suited to the heart chakra.

Seraphinite stands alone as the premier healing stone of this age. It is the tool most suited to bringing the body into line with Light energy.

Seraphinite's energy is feminine in tone, and it can help one experience a greater awareness of the Divine Feminine.

It is found only in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia.

I found one amongst my gemstones that I have in a Bowl, It spoke to me today- "you need me I am seraphine" I picked it up and put it in my pyramid to charge with the giant lemurian seeds I have, when I picked it up again I could feel t was nicely buzzing in my hand -happy! I held it to the light and saw a complete rainbow on one of the sides, It looks like angel wings to me 'what a happy seraphine' -I thought, it smiled the only way it could--through me:)

More about this Special stone and its Time

Seraphinite is one of the Angel Crystals. The deep green of this stone is Chlorite which is extremely healing (sometimes seen in Clear Quartz Crystals). There are silver "fronds", like a fern has, throughout this crystal that flash the most brilliant color. It is not only a beautiful crystal but also a very special one energetically.

Seraphinite encourages contact with the highest order of angels during meditation. Placed on the Crown Chakra, it will align all the Chakras in the body. Used over the Heart Chakra, it provides protection as well as allows you to send out the unconditional love that is there. Seraphinite helps you to see your life clearly and provides an accurate understanding of what your life actually is as well as what needs to be done to change things to provide you with peace and happiness. Seraphinite's healing properties will be best utilized if you wear or carry this crystal.

The renewal of life. Green is the color of physical healing, and seraphinite's color, so dark it's almost black, adds the element of grounding.

The color silver is almost white, which symbolizes spirit, the flow of nonphysical energy. Thus, in seraphinite we see the idea of a physical entity infused with the light of spirit.

This is in many ways the essence of healing. At its most fundamental level, it consists of infusing the being with vibrational energy.

Seraphinite is believed to cause old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away. This creates a space for new patterns of well-being to form. In order to meditate with seraphinite for this purpose,

I suggest looking with slightly unfocused eyes at the pattern in your stone, then closing your eyes and imagining the pattern dissolving. Then, turn the stone over and look at the pattern on the other side. See it as a pattern of healing and balance and imagine this pattern infusing your being.

Seraphinite, with its earthy green color, helps those who feel alienated from their physical bodies to appreciate the wonder of physical form. This active appreciation allows more light to infuse physicality.

Green is the traditional color of the heart chakra, but seraphinite can be placed on any part of the body where balance is needed. As you meditate with it, imagine silver light feathering its way through you and visualize your body in perfect health.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How fear affects ones life- Overcoming fears

One problem most of us have to face is FEAR - others would define it as “false evidence appearing real“. There are all sort of fears which affect our lives: fear of rejection, fear of loosing someone dear, fear of failure, fear of gaining weight, fear of aging, fear of unknown, obsessive fear of germs and/or illnesses, fear of heights, animals, enclosed places, etc. If fear is not dealt with it, can become obsessive and develop into debilitating disorders affecting our lives. How fear affects ones life

The first thing I do when I work with people is sensing the level of their fear with my psychic feelings. The “psychic feeling” reception area is located in the abdomen - solar plexus, the third chakra. Sometimes my abdomen is so shaky that I have to encourage people to take few deep breaths to release the anxiety they hold. Healing takes place when body is in a deep relaxed state. Once fears are dealt with, great improvements are being achieved. Fear could come from childhood: how many of us were scared to go to bed because of ghost, goblins, monsters? Fear is everywhere around: books, media, especially “news”. For example bedwetting as a child can be caused by being afraid of a parent, usually the father. Many people were afraid go to bed at night when they were children. Some reported being afraid of being abducted or afraid of having nightmares.

These fears are carried to this present time and affect their lives. Some of them have no clue that these fears have an impact on their life and health, most of the fears are deep rooted in subconscious levels. You might think that you have no fears or blockage because that doesn’t make any logical sense. What you think you believe is not exactly how your subconscious perceives. Conscious mind can make a difference between right and wrong, based on logic, however subconscious mind deals with feelings and emotions.

I remember having nightmares when I was in high school.
The math teacher was a funny guy but very severe. Every time he asked me to present math work in front of the class at the “blackboard” my mind went blank, not being able to focus. He used to kick me out of the classroom, shouting, calling me names etc, He used his dominant position to "take my power away", my solar plexus chakra being completely blocked at the time. I was among the kids who didn’t take criticism very well, being oversensitive. Most of the people do much better when they are praised. Anyway, despite that I was doing absolutely great at written tests , being able to focus on my work. These big fears haunted me later as an adult, it affected my life, I used to have nightmares, dreaming about being afraid of exams, being very stressed. Recently I worked on this particular fear pulling it out and changed it with love, working on forgiving my teacher.

One woman who was facing troubles in her marriage, asked for my help. I “saw” an attachment to a child who passed away. Fear of loosing her husband was hidden in one of her children’s death. She confirmed that one of her children passed away and her husband had a hard time coping with that. Fears are rooted deeply and emphatically in our belief systems, conscious or subconscious minds. Our brains are more sophisticated then computers and the faulty programming including fear are sometimes hard to be found and broken. These programs could be even carried from past lives, being handed to you from ancestors. Some might even fear God, although they have a hard time believing it. Deep in their subconscious they fear God. Could be that their ancestors believed that God punished them for being sinners and this fear was passed along through genes.

Overcoming fears
Have you ever sat down and talked to yourself or asked the Creator what are you afraid of? Very simple question!!! First thing to do is acknowledge and confront the fear. Second make a list of positive and negative feelings, then meditate, pray, do healing, psychic work to cut the ties to bad thoughts, pull the negative programming out and replace them with GOOD, loving thoughts. Ask God/higher self for answers. For example in a meditative state or prayer ask where are these fears coming from. If you do not get the answers immediately, pay attention to what thoughts you’ll have in the next few days. Ask to get answers while you are in a dream state.
See few tips: how to remember dreams if you cannot remember dreams.

Theta state
Going above yourself (meeting your higher self), getting into theta state - a very slow brain wave pattern, connects you to the Source/God. When we go to bed, right before we fall asleep we go into Theta state. Healings take place while in a deep relaxation state, that could be achieved when we go into theta. It is simple to achieve this state: close your eyes, breath deeply and gently and “think up” or see yourself up in the sky. While there, connect with God/Source/higher self by saying a prayer or simply “think” or mention God/source/higher self whatever works for you. My favourite one is “God the Creator of the Universe”. After you are connected, work on changing these fear believes with affirmations or whatever messages you get. Fears can be carried to present life from past lives affecting physical or emotional health. Check for that as well. Ask God/ Higher self/ Source to release any faulty programming or decisions in your DNA which are causing fear, replacing it with love commanding that all cells in your body communicate with each other in harmony.

Affirmations Prayer, affirmations, meditation, visualization should be accompanied by strong determination. Words have a vibration. Emotional healing involves affirmations. Sometimes I ask people who I help to repeat affirmations after me. What I noticed is the tonality of their voice being very low, without determination. When I ask them to add a little devotion into the affirmation, the energy level increases tremendously. Words are lifeless if the life force is not present. Try this: do your affirmations in front of a mirror. Add extra devotion, will, faith, passion and never forget a big smile. Notice an immediate increase in energy and how good you feel about yourself. At your place at work, next to your computer, next to your bed, on the fridge, write down your affirmations and repeat them with intensity and continuity. When work on affirmations make sure you do not focus on your fears, and make sure you don’t use negations like “don’t”, “I am not afraid” etc, as your subconscious mind does not understand negations, it only understands affirmations. Instead focus on the opposite: the cure for fear is love and bravery. For example: you want to replace the program “I fear God” with “God loves me”. Once you “hit” the root of the problem and work on changing that, you’ll have great results. Keep affirmations short, the simplest the affirmations the better the results. Try to be a positive “feeler” rather then being a positive “thinker”. Affirmations are more effective in the present tense rather then future tense. Choose affirmations which resonate with you. When I worked on my friend Polly I suggested this affirmation: “God is a healer”. She really loved this one but she changed the wording a little - “God heals everything” just because it resonates better with her. How to deal with “dark” energy Blockages, hooks, dark entities, implants are “real”, they exist, but it’s up to us to reject them or accept them. Don’t let them scare you. I usually ignore them, maybe not a smart word to use, perhaps “transparence” is a better word. I remember how I overcame my fears of dark entities: I made them small, so small that the naked eye could not even see them. One of my favorite methods is the “etheric shower” and I always clean myself of etheric debris while taking a shower where I command these dark energies out of my bodie(s) replace the void created with love and command all cells working in harmony. As God is the healer, implants and hooks can be dissolved, in other words everything is possible once the connection with the source is sincere and intense.
Dark entities, malevolent aliens, the dark side have a band of frequency like all organisms in the Universe. Their frequency can be annulled by the highest vibration in the Universe - Love. Some of these malevolent entities can even read our thoughts or take control over our dreams, keeping you in constant fear. That is the only way they can survive by feeding off fear. Do not let others (either malevolent entities or regular people) read your thoughts implementing fear in your mind. You can choose a favorite tone and play it in your mind or out loud, it will stop others read your mind. Pay attention when you broadcast negative thoughts, it will attract these “dark” energies, entities etc. Choose positive thoughts they will attract angels.
Take control over your dreams by praying before going to bed and visualizing yourself as a very strong man/woman being in control over your dreams, ask the source to protect you and make you strong. It is important to be very specific and the prayer/meditation/visualization be strong and intense, feel it in your heart. My heart center tingles when I achieve this level of intensity, for you might be different, you might see flashes, feel you are at peace, relaxed etc. LOVE overcomes fear The opposite of fear is perfect love. Remember always the LOVE frequency holds the highest frequency in the Universe which overcomes fear, depression, anxiety. The perfect love - “agape” is a divine understanding that everything is okay, which will basically destroy fear and judgment. Opposite “phileo” love which is a greek word for adoration, approval is always conditional and accompanied with loads of fear. An example of phileo love: when you do good to others (charity or such) just to satisfy your ego, or you “take care” of your ill father just because you are afraid to loose him - note the word “afraid”. The real Love, the perfect Love, “agape” is when your heart tingles and your face, body, heart smiles, when fear is not an issue anymore because you have a deep understanding of what LOVE means.
You achieve this perfect LOVE when you meet angels in other realms and see them crying because you suffer, when they make you understand your existence. This feeling is beyond words, one must feel the perfect love deep inside his/her very essence. One of the people I worked on felt very insipid, sad to me and I was not surprised to find out that he only started praying to God a couple of weeks before he asked for my help. While working on him, I saw his angels taking over my work, I was witnessing angel’s work. It was amazing to watch, in fact it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had while working with someone. I usually don’t get involved with people’s emotions I work with but this time this man’s heavenly companions made me cry. That is called LOVE. Sometimes it’s hard to love abductor or abusers. Hating them does not solve fear problems, will make them worse. If you cannot love “ them” try forgiving them, if that is too much try to release them into the Universe, letting them go. Make sure you thank the Source, God, higher self for helping you. By doing that your subconscious mind will understand what you just asked for. After you finish your prayer, meditation, psychic/healing work, forget about what you just did and let your subconscious mind work in the background, this way you detach from your emotions and let your mind and body heal doing the necessary changes. If miracles don’t happen immediately (sometimes they do- depends on the level of acceptance) then pay attention to your body, emotions in the next few days. In time the fear issues will be dissolved and you might find that your shoulder pain disappeared, no more neck or hip problems, no more fears or anxiety when you go out meeting people etc. You can grow spiritually even while you are in the presence of people who don’t have the same frequency as yours.

I “met” people who were overly sensitive, well I have to admit I was amongst this category. I even met people who spend more then 90% of their time inside their house, being afraid of going out. Paranoia doesn’t help. There is a lot of fear mongering on the internet, media, everywhere around us, specially related to the end of this planet. Lets admit, fear doesn’t do any good. We are here on this earth with a mission, to grow spiritually and assist others. It is not a coincidence that you are reading this: your frequency is higher then others. You do not need to be in a perfect “positive environment” to grow spiritually, in fact that’s a big challenge and that’s the beauty of it. That’s how you develop your “powers” how to learn to “swim in rough waters”, in other words face your fears, conquering them by filling your heart with love and share it with others. Once your frequency raised to a high level you’ll notice you will not be afraid of the unknown, this life is not that bad after all, in fact it is a wonderful adventure and experience. We all know that we create our own reality, and this thought is sweeping through the minds of millions!!! Yes millions! Things might appear to get worse but in fact they get better! Our positive emotions are added to the very center of mass consciousness and are available to others to tap into these emotions as they grow. Isn’t it beautiful to “know” that we can overcome our fears and at the end we’ll be able to transform the corporate greed and negative emotions into love and abundance? However, people have to change their own reality for better before they can assist in changing the world for better. Picture things getting better instead of seeing them getting worse. You will start to vibrate with the reality you want to live in, if you ever find yourself being afraid about environment, weather, wars, just imagine things turning out amazingly beautiful. By doing this you create a positive picture that will be available telepathically to others. This sort of work is done in thewomenwarriors boosting sessions. Remember: A positive thought cancels out hundred of negative thoughts! Lilly

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vaccination interfering with psychic abilities


Vaccines damage ones auric field, modify ones DNA and block psychic abilities we were all born with.

When I was a child, I was given a shot in one of my legs. I was the only one in my class who got dizzy and fainted. My body refused the foreign stuff it was injected in me. It not only torn my aura but I felt etherically abused.
My parents didn’t know any better. Most of the people don’t know the truth that vaccines are voluntary and not mandatory. The legal language (legalese) can be confusing if you don’t open your eyes wide and educate yourself.

A man I helped with energy work, brought his 8 year old daughter along for a healing session. I “knew” immediately she is sensitive and she can see AURA. Souls from similar tribes recognize each other immediately. We felt so attracted to each other.
I asked her what colors she could see around my head. She told me: mostly green and blue. I then asked her to look at other people's aura and tell us what colors she sees. She was seeing similar as myself.

My higher self knew she was not vaccinated but to prove to my unconscious mind and "Ego" that she wasn't vaccinated I asked her father if she has had any immunization. Of course the answer was NO! That explains why she sees auras.

Her father was shocked to see his daughter being so sensitive. I asked her if she talks about these things with people. Her reply was: "I am afraid people would think I am crazy”. How many sensitive kids are out there with psychic gifts that can share to the world but cannot because they are afraid of being ridiculed? What about parents never encouraging them to express themselves freely and work with their gifts? How many kids have so called "imaginary friends"?

Have you ever noticed a baby or a child looking through you or around you like he sees something you don't see around?

Psychic abilities are weakened by vaccination, they become dormant and when activated by life force they can be awakened. As the frequency of earth is changing the vaccine “spells” is breaking. Beautiful!

One day I was guided to do a past life regression on myself along with etheric work to cancel all vaccine vibration done to me without my consent or fully understanding. I relaxed deeply and asked to go back in time when I had first inoculation. To my amazement I didn’t see myself as a little gal, I saw a native Indian man who was ready to take a shot. I stopped the picture of him right before taking a shot and replaced it with “go home safe" (no vaccination taken place). After canceling the vaccines on this life I saw two more “past lives” and then I saw myself as a child. I replaced the vaccines with “go home safe".

Since I have cancelled the vibration of vaccines, opportunities have opened up for me to the highest psychic potential so far.

Also in my life I was challenged by the immigration authorities to get vaccinated and I refused politely

I had to demonstrate what my true moral and spiritual believes are. It wasn't easy, but there are ways out if you work with your warrior spirit and highest guidance. You become higher then the problem and succeed.

Hope that helps awaken a bit of warrior seed in you when you are faced with the vaccination challenge. Try the above method. Would love to hear about your successes.

PS: fluoride calcifies your third eye, again you can get rid of this problem and empower yourself.



More info on vaccines:

Donna and Ingri amazing warriors in the vaccination battle field:
The following is from this source: http://www.world-action.co.uk/vaccinate.html

"When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse, out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look but it was gone, I cannot put my finger on it now... the child is grown, the dream is gone, I have become comfortably numb." (Words by 'Pink Floyd')

"We were told that there was a great smallpox epidemic coming to the land and all the children must be vaccinated.
My grandfather used to say that the white man's vaccination makes you blind and if you are to look after the cattle you must not go to the trading store to get your vaccination.

"Inspectors used to come and check each child for signs of vaccination. Our grandmother used to give us great pain in order to save our spiritual eyes. Grains of maize would be heated up and pushed against the skin of the child, and so when the schools inspectors came he saw the blisters and assumed the child had been vaccinated…and I noticed that school children in mission schools who had been vaccinated for smallpox or measles could not see spiritual entities at all.

"A flying saucer would fly through the sky at great speed and be seen by many men and women but the children who had been vaccinated would see nothing and
I noticed this hundreds of times." ZULU CREDO MUTWA

also: detox vaccines from the pituitary gland and endocrine system: http://homeopathic-health.blogspot.com/2007/04/hepa-mek.html

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inter-relationship between The Chakras and The Twelve Houses

Issues of The 12 Houses

First House 1st & 3rd chakras:
Birthing and rebirthing the Self! Your identity, self-esteem, and awareness of your ego lay the groundwork for your life. How you conduct yourself with others, and whether you have the strength to make your way without needing to ask for permission, depends on how well you succeed at the many challenges that awaken your need to take charge of who you are.

Second House 2nd chakra: It represents what you hold most dear. In energy terms the second house represents the next stage in the formation of the self. "whats mine...what do I want out of life..what power is essential to my interacting with physical life?"
This house represents your appreciation for the physical nature of life-the objects of this earth that appeal to your ego and spirit, and what you need most to feel grounded in the world. This house most reflects which objects of energy you associate with earthly power: money, status, ownership, art, the capacity to control others, senuality, beauty.
These are the most seductive means through which spirit becomes attached to physical form. People often suffer great anguish because they believe that to be happy, they must possess a particular person, place or thing to be happy. And yet the ability to love unconditionally is antithetical to attachment.

Third House 3rd & 5th chakras:
Once you establish your values, you move into self-expression:how you present what you are and what you hold dear to the world. The symbolic link of siblings with communication, represents the natural process of specialization, of discovering your voice among fellow children.(all who aid your growth) This house reveals how you direct your energy into the world, how you put it into motion, and how you engage with the natural laws of magnetic attraction and cause and effect. You will want to become conscious of how you use your personal energy and power so that you become aware of your thoughts and deeds. Every thought, word, action, and deed is an expression of your power, and ultimitely only two genuine motivations stir the psyche: the empowerment or disempowerment of the self and others.

Fourth House 1st & 4th chakras:
(past and present home, biological and extended families)
In the dream state home is often associated with the true residence of the heart, or your deepest passion in life. Challenging aspect here is toxic memories. The challenge of the 4th house is to complete unfinished business of our childhood to establish healthy homes and healing your personal history.

Fifth House 6th chakra:
The archetype that resides in this house is the one that you should most rely on to make things happen. The shadow aspect of this house manifests as the expression of creative or sexual fire out of control, as in the misuse of sexual power or creativity for selfish or manipulative ends. The need to create is an essential aspect of consciousness and spirit. This is also the house of love and spontaneity, of abundance and opportunity.

Sixth House 2nd chakra: The focus on this house on occupation is survival-oriented, and the archetype that resides here influences how you seek out paths of security. The challenge of the sixth house is to balance work and health. An archetype might indicate unhealthy or destructive habits that do not serve your physical well-being. Or it might indicate how you negotiate your ethics and morals for the sake of financial and job security.

Seventh House 2nd & 4th chakras:
This house is prime territory for acts of betrayal, which often reveal the shadow aspects of relationships. T his house regulates issues of money (partnerships), values, and matters of the heart. We invest great energy in enjoying, maintaining, or recovering from our relationships, and in the process we learn about our motivations. One of the healthiest gifts we can give ourselves is to constantly monitor our reasons for being criticle and controlling. Maintain your core relationship to yourself and live according to the truth that the greatest gift you can give another is a healthy self-your own.

Eight House 2nd & 6th chakras:
Unlike the second house, which deals with personal ownership, the eight house rules your use of money in the public arena. The theme of inheritance in this house relates to your financial and legal concerns, your DNA, and your ancestral biological memory. Legal and financial matters involve both your intellect and your sense of values.Many of the contracts you have with other people come together because of money, sex, and power, and this house too carries the potential for betrayal and misunderstanding. The archetype matched to your eighth house is the one that is your guide into your fears, challenges, and strengths in dealing with money, inheritance, and sexuality. If you had a crisis about how important money is to you or about your resistance to having a full life, you would look at the second house, because those are issues of personal value.

Ninth House 7th chakra:
Shadow aspects inherent in this house relate to the challenge of managing your spiritual ego, often characterized by the archetype known as the Messianic complex. The spiritual awakening referred to as a 'dark night of the soul' resonates powerfully with the energetic profile of the ninth house.All depression arises out of feelings of disempowerment. Spiritual depression is likely to be triggered by an absorbtion in metaphysical issues than by material concerns. You may feel that youve reached a dead end and have been abandoned by God. If you determine that your depression is spiritual, one solution may be to surrender all your worldly fears and concerns to the Divine. "I allow GOD to make my investments according to a wisdom greater than my own." The soul's field of study is the nature of God, which does not yield to logical explaination.

Tenth House 5th & 7th chakras:
Your highest potential is what your Sacred Contract is prompting you to recognize and realize. Because this requires that you make a choice regarding your spiritual destiny. The archetype that resides in this house is your entryway into deciphering the choices open to you and the quality of your motivations. The shadow side of your highest potential is self-sabotage or lack of faith-fears of your own power and empowerment. The archetype in your tenth house is the indicator of how your unconscious organizes your thoughts when you are faced with choices that can lead you into fullfilling your potential. This archetype represents the symbolic language that you want to use to begin deciphering all that your highest potential holds.

Eleventh House 4th & 6th chakras:
Your view point about life in general is connected to the energy of this house. Those sentiments reflect how you see your sense of power operating within the social or global enviroment. Optimism or pessimism about the future of humanity is an extention of the spiritual energy of the eleventh house. The eleventh house rules how you relate your creativity to humanity. The archetype that resides within your eleventh house is symbolic of how you view the power of your spirit in relation to the whole of life and how we see our place in the world. The more aware you are of the power of your spirit, the less you have to travel physically, because you can send your thoughts and prayers to do the work for you.

Twelfth House: 6th & 7th chakras:
The energetic nature of this house pushes our underground images into our mind through every available portal: dreams, conversations, synchronistic encounters, any means that provide an opportunity to see a fragment of our contract in action. Your intuitive abilities are part of the energy of this house. Intuition is our primal sense. The archetype that resides in your twelfth house is your guide to the underground. The shadow side of the twelfth house can feel very much like a gothic chamber of horrors precisely because it is so closely linked to the numerous fragments of our psyche. Many of our addictions and compulsions are rooted in our deepest fears of being abandoned.

Houses: The 'Where' of astrology Houses:
Qualities of Planet/Sign Experienced, Expressed
1 Physical Appearance -- Persona
2 Issues of personal worth/Resourses -- property,possesions
3 Daily occurences, trips and Encounters, communication siblings-primary and secondary schooling
4 Domestic issues- Background/Roots -privately-subjective Fathers (sometimes Mothers) Influences character
5 Creative- Romantic- children- recreationally-spectulative-sexually- pastimes- entertainments 6 Work- service- Body/mind state (health) -collegues/employees methods
7 Relationships- partners influence/character-others-the public projection on another/others
8 Intimately-others resourses- investments, inheritence, business intensely- secretly- crisis (death) transformatively- The Occult
9 Foreign Places/people- Adventurously-religiously- Higher education philosophically- conceptually- Prophetically
10 Professionally- Publically- Authority- status- world stage- material world- Mothers (sometimes Fathers) influence/character
11 Friends- Groups- Ideals- Politically- social values- Teamwork
12 Vaguely- repressively- before birth (womb/karmic effect)- inwardly Meditation/retreat/confinement- behind the scenes- unconscious realm

Friday, May 1, 2009

How to remember dreams

Everyone dreams. Some people will not remember them, others don’t pay attention to their dreams. Paying attention to dreams it’s interesting as they contain significant info for us, providing insight about future.
Don’t remember dreams? Here are few tips: how to remember dreams.

Get plenty of rest, dream recalling involves a good night sleep as the period of sleep gets longer. A bath before you go to bed will help you getting relaxed and sleep well.
Keep a journal next to your bed and record every dream in detail, if necessary wake up in the middle of the night and write down every information you receive about your dream
Just before falling asleep when you feel drowsy and very relaxed, ask/tell yourself to remember you dream when you’ll wake up.
Sudden movements first thing you woke up will chase your dream away. Wake up naturally, if possible without an alarm clock. Avoid any movements and conversations. Best thing to do is to lie quite for few moments and let your mind process the information you receive . Review the dream with your eyes closed.
Cover you windows. I noticed that seeing the light when waking up will make you forget dreams. Make sure you write down your dreams as soon as you awake up. Happy dreaming!