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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The power of OM (AUM) in boosting

OM (AUM) the sacred syllable, the universal syllable, the basis of all sounds, containing all other sounds. Om is not a word, it is an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture, species. It is not only a mantra it is a prayer itself, a very powerful one. In one of our boosting sessions we tried to chant the sacred syllable OM while boosting for different things. The results and energy created was mind boggling. Chanting makes alter my state, don’t need any drugs or herbs to alter your state, just try chanting powerful mantras. OM is one of the most powerful mantras, not only that, it is considered the sacred syllable, the universal sound, the basis of all sounds. I
n fact Mike asked if it’s possible to have an OBE (out of body experience) while typing. Everything is possible!!

The benefits of OM chanting cannot be stress enough. It must be experienced because it cannot be described in words. This powerful mantra take you to the level of consciousness that transcends the limitations of the mind and the more people OM-ing together for a specific cause the more powerful. While I had the honor of “observing” one of my respected yoga teachers classes, during OM chanting I saw and felt the energy moving towards the sky, it was an absolute empowering experience. Chanting mantra with everyone makes you one with their very essence. The vibration that it creates makes you forget of the outside world and tune inwards getting to know your soul. OM covers the whole Universe.

OM is made up of A, U, M. When A and U are joined together, they become O, so that’s where OM sound comes from. It is also the most natural sound that even mute people can produce. Saints reached enlightenment through waves of OM. Chanting OM with faith, psychic channels open, chakras and meridians unblock, existence vibrates, healing happens on all levels, negativity transforms into positivism, illnesses are cured. In ancient times when OM practiced with faith, was known to regrow limbs!!! OM is within every word and within everything. So when we chant OM, we merge with all energy and all forms, from the micro cosmos to the universal. When combined with BOOSTING it is way powerful! Try it for yourself, but better if you want to get empowered get together with alike souls or come to our boosting sessions and see for yourself what POWER means. Empower yourself, empower others, empower the whole world. As more people come in mindfulness to send their collective energy to the world, the powers will increase exponentially.
Happy OMiiiiiiiiiing boosting ॐ Om Shanti Shanti Shanti ~Lilly


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  3. I never knew this about OM...thanks