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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feet Chakra Balancing

Ungrounded? Unearthed? Please raise your hands!

Well…Feet are the most vulnerable part of our body that have roots into the earth.

All energy comes from the Source and not from own being.

Not only they keep us grounded and connected to earth, but they create a protective filed around feet that will block the intrusion of unwanted energies (entities) into our energy filed. It also seems that once we unblock feet energy centers we can work on balancing the root chakra (where kundalini shakti resides) that is associated with abundance, grounding, instinct, security, manifestation, stability…

Usually women that are sensitive/empaths deal with a lot of ungrounding issues and the answer to this is of course earthing.

The flow of energy passes from chakra to chakra and the foot chakra is an important center because we draw energy from Earth into our chakra system. Feet chakras are not only the main centers of vitality and grounding they are also centers of detoxification as energy travels from upper chakras to lower chakras and then down into the earth where energy is being recycled. An imbalanced (blocked) foot chakra will affect people negatively, will become portals of psychic attacks, in particular earthbound spirits.

Eastern meditators and yogis spend a lot of time sitting, allowing them a greater connection with the Earth through their root (base of spine) chakra. What about westerners? Unless we meditate a lot or walk barefoot in the nature it’s hard to ground ourselves. Daily I go to my backyard and spend some time bare foot honoring the Earth and salute the sun. Feels very good but it seems is not enough…

So, during one of my high spirited meditations the Eureka! moment happened: Happy FEET CHAKRA BALANCERS (orgone)!!! I literarily felt the energy tingling so powerfully in my feet, swirling up my legs and root chakra, buzzing my whole body. The information kept coming so that’s how I came up with these toys.

It took me about three weeks to make and play with them and all I can tell is WOW! The results are just GREAT!!!

In fact when I write this I have just removed them from my socks after a good night sleep. My feet feel so unbelievable light and happy!!! I feel so light in my body and even if the sky is covered today I feel great!! They are not only tools of grounding they are amazing connectors to the sun ~ solar energy and crown chakra, they balance the entire system. Even more, they are great detoxifiers, I literarily feel the toxins being pulled out even after removing them, I am truly excited about these toys! They are also great up lifters, they put me a giggly mood. Once I put them on I started to giggle and not only my soles of the feet started tingling but my crown tingled as well… Happy feet, happy crown! Yay!

Some people I worked with, had had entities attaching through their feet chakras. I have also seen that ungrounded feet chakras can become portals of entrance for unwanted entities. Those entities can cause all sorts of issues from emotional to physical pain.

Another great ghost buster is water! Robert Bruce mentions that “earthbounds cannot cross running water, because running water generates an EM field that repels them. Also, the grounding involved with water (electrical grounding) demanifests entities.”

Check out our feet chakra balancers (orgone)

Testimonials for feet chakra balancers!!!
They are my favourite toys so far! Not only unbelievable detoxing toys (going bathroom like a real yogi ) amazing grounders, perfect for healing hands - healers --as they amp up the healing energy in the hands and hand chakras, awesome energy powerhouse, mother earth connectors, psychic defenders, real warriors, perfect lovers and I can go on forever! I believe they also help pulling heavy metals out of body, (including chemtrail poison) help loosing weight...
They work on subtle levels as well as physical level, subtle meaning they work on alleviating and cleansing karmic burden, detox deeper subtle levels, as well as past lives...
I do not sleep without them... (perfect lovers.. tell you ) seriouslly these toys are BIG!!!!

Just take a look at the testimonials:


Dear Lovely Lilly
Those orgones pack a serious root-down punch! I did as you suggested and placed them under my feet for about twenty minutes, but first I held them in my hands and noticed some mid-level temperature shifts and a comforting sense of being pulled in the 'right' direction. Root down! When I closed my eyes, while they were under the soles of my feet, I got an interesting visual of the gemstones swirling within the the orgone. I had so much fun with that! XX


The first night, I simply placed them under my feet for about twenty minutes while I read and meditated. It wasn't a particularly focused meditation, but I received a beautiful vision of the gemstones swirling within the orgone. The next morning, I was amazed by my bowel movement! It was similar to experiences I've had with strong cleanses. I felt an increase in energy and joy.

I've slept with them in my socks for two night now and will do so for the next 21 days, as you suggested. The biggest shift I've noticed in this short time, is the response I'm getting from people I interact with. They look at me like I just fell off a shooting star. I love that! Being me is becoming a much richer and more well rounded experience.

I got the package oh I love them. My husband was so sick so I put them in some socks and sent him to bed with some elixirs and he was feeling much better after a few hours rest, he likes them alot, very powerful! I could feel the energy build up in my hands more and more as I held them and then it went up my arm and heart then up to the crown and hands - everything vibrating. It was great I knew that was the feeling before I got them thats why I was so anxious to get them what a life saver these little art discs are, and so small how did you manage to get them so neat, even the water and the matrix is so clear even though its small WOW is all I can say. I am amazed how much more power the orgone has period! X X

Lilly, I usually rub my hands together to activate my hand chakras but when I hold the balancers it seems to activate my hands chakras (much better than rubbing) and thats totally awesome for healers! Not only activate them but is grounding so it is like preparation for giving healing! So although they are sold as feet chakra balancers they are also hand chakra balancers/activators!
It seems holding them in left and right hand they work together and much better than one. Same as with on your feet! If you look at a diagram of the acupressure points our hands (corresponding with the organs of the body) they are also on the bottoms of our feet. So I think these feet chakra balancers somehow work with these to enhance our overall health! Definitely something going on when I hold them!
It seems holding them in left and right hand they work together and much better than one. Same as with on your feet! If you look at a diagram of the acupressure points our hands (corresponding with the organs of the body) they are also on the bottoms of our feet. So I think these feet chakra balancers somehow work with these to enhance our overall health! Definitely something going on when I hold them!

Our nanny is not in the best of health but last night (12:30AM) she was humming around literally filled with energy and thinking about cleaning. She will not use your pieces (fet chakra balancers) when its time for bed, otherwise she can't get to bed!!! :>

Lilly! I am going to buy the soft fabric that athletes use to wrap their legs and wrap your feet chakra balancer with. It would be useful to try that Lilly and spread the information. Not everyone may think of it (unless they are an athlete or ex-athlete).
If you dont have long socks (or are worried about FCBs falling out on your long hikes or runs) you can use a foam pre-wrap which is very soft and cheap and comfortable! Then wrap once or twice with althetic tape so it definitely wont come off during exercise! And no one would notice or question. This doesnt take long and is a nice comfy feeling (and dont have to worry at all about FCBs falling out!) http://nwmedicalsolutions.com/pd_athletic_tape_pre-wrap.cfm
Hi Lilly, I got them yesterday (Tuesday just like you said). Interesting thing happened when i first opened it up. I put one in my hand and my hand had pulsing feeling to it. I removed it and it went away. Put it back in my hand and my hand was pulsing again. Crazy! While doing homework i put my feet on them and i noticed that the top part of my feet became red a little discomfort was felt as well; most likely a detox affect. I also wore them last night...and woke up with some red spots on my body( like acne; my body is normally clear of acne). I'm not feeling the light feeling that you talk about but i certainly believe it is detoxing me. Overall, I'm very pleased with them. X.X

...more Testimonials


  1. all of our energy centers correlate to our feet. even our organs have a point on the feet. foot massage places may be able to inform you of the specifics.

  2. There is no doubt in that the chakra balancing art is an ancient art which is developed with the time and now it has reached in its current form. There are only 7 chakras in the old times and now those 7 are increased to 12.