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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sliders: People Who Cause Strange Electrical Phenomena

Many people do not realize their super charged energy can cause electronic and electric appliances interferences. I am one of those people. Sometimes really weird things happen when I am super excited, charged, even super happy, or while asleep or when in the presence of people with high energies.
Let me tell you, it can be frustrating,  so it is good practice to get centered, grounded, breath deeply, say a prayer and make peace with these energies, so your energies won’t act up and cause electronic interferences.
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Sliders: People Who Cause Strange Electrical Phenomena

Despite the name, SLIders phenomena are not limited to street lights only. Often folks who share your "ability" can't wear watches; they will stop working within a couple of days, regardless of how many new batteries are put in them. They also affect other electrical appliances such as headlights and alternators in automotive vehicles, lights/light bulbs and computers. Light bulbs may blow every time a "SLIder" touches a lamp or a light switch. Computers may freeze up or experience other problems. CD players may change tracks suddenly whenever a SLIder is near. Magnetic phenomena may also manifest. For example, SLIders may be unable to use credit cards because the cards become unreadable after they've been carried on their person. Your irregular EKG is probably your energy causing the equipment to malfunction.

Those who share these experiences are usually relieved to hear that they are not alone. Most spent years questioning what was happening, until eventually they were convinced that something unusual was going on. Like you, all independently report that high emotion plays a key role in such experiences. When they are upset, angry or simply very excited, the phenomena really kick in.

Super-charged bioenergy fields (auras) seem to be the cause. The human nervous system is chemical and electrical in nature. (Neurotransmitters are electrical impulses). When we are emotionally wound up, our nervous systems light up like a busy switchboard. While in most people this does not affect street lights, etc., in people who already have very high energy, getting revved up can boost them to a level where they actually affect electrical systems around them in noticeable ways. Many electrical appliances are easily affected or damaged by sparks of high voltage electricity. We might say that high energy people who are revved up send off "sparks" that trip or blow fuses.

As for what causes this, the theories vary. On the down to earth side of the spectrum, theorists suggest that these phenomena are entirely explainable in bioenergetic terms, though why some people seem to have higher energy than others, no one knows. As I see it, everything is related, so it's impossible to explain anything on a purely physical level.

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything that appears to be solid is in fact almost entirely empty space with patterns of energy running through it. Our bodies vibrate at a frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, which is the same frequency as the Earth's electromagnetic field. Should our frequency become abnormally high or low, unusual things might begin to happen such as what you describe.

This shift in frequency could have a number of different causes. Many who have had near death experiences report SLIder phenomena ever after. Other SLIders have been struck by lightning or suffered a major electrical shock at some point in the past. Still others claim to have had UFO or alien experiences. Some theorists claim that humans who have lived on other planets in previous lives will be born on Earth with different energy and abilities, including what you're describing here. For more information, search the 'net for "star seed," "Indigo children," or "Indigo adults." In any case, it appears that something alters SLIders' energetic frequencies, thus causing unusual electrical phenomena.

It's important to note that electrical phenomena following the death of a loved one or following attempts at communication with loved ones in Spirit are often efforts by spirits to get our attention. Just as our own energy can affect electrical systems, so can the energy of spirits. In fact, working with non-physical energy/electricity is the easiest way for them to affect physical reality. Not all anomalous electrical manifestations are SLIder situations.

At the same time, many "electric people" also report a high degree of psychic ability or related experiences. This only makes sense, since "high energy" means "high vibration," which is the foundation of psychic development. These people not only "transmit" their own energy to other electrical systems, they also "receive" energy from them. They are very sensitive to high energy environments and situations, often painfully so. For example, they may "feel" discomfort if a fluorescent light is on anywhere in the house. As Vick Noble explains it in Shakti Woman, "Whereas it seems that the skin is the boundary of the person in 'normal' reality, when that same person opens psychically, the boundary expands. The person feels herself extending out beyond the body, taking up more space, feeling things in an extrasensory way. What we took for granted as a kind of density in the physical realm is suddenly called into question on every level."

I believe that spiritual "awakening" is the development of heightened awareness of all that is already there. Most people are sleepwalking through life, filtering out all but the most obvious stimuli. When we awaken, we become more aware not only of dense physical reality, but also the subtler energetic reality underlying (and creating) the physical. As we begin to move into this higher level of awareness, we become energetically supercharged and sensitive. In traditional spiritual terms, this might be called a "kundalini experience." (There's another good search term for you). Many who experience a surge in kundalini include electrical phenomena in their list of "symptoms."

As we are ever evolving on an upward spiral, it's a good idea to learn how to work with your high energy. Since this phenomenon is closely tied to high emotion, one way to try to control it is to simply be calm. Before you go to the chiropractor, spend some time in meditation or yoga cultivating inner peace. If you worry that the machine won't work again, you'll only get emotionally revved up and produce the same experience again.

There are many gifts in having a high vibration. I encourage you to research further, and to explore how you might use your "electric personality" in helpful, positive ways.

- Julia
We suggest some things to help with this intense transition:

~Peace and relaxation orgone pendant which is effective for relaxing in ordinary as well as unusually stressful situations, promoting harmony and tranquility.
~ blue lotus lily elixir
~deep breathing
~ grounding and centering, connecting to Earth (feet chakra balancers orgone pieces will not only help with grounding but offer protection)
~ yoga
~ meditation


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  1. I am male but I just want to share my experience as a SLIder. I affect only street lamps and it happens quite often. The light of street lamps usually shut off then turn on. I am also good at making psi balls in my hands. I love my abilities but I can tell you anybody has this ability. It is dormant in most people but with practice and awareness of oneself then these occurances can manifest. PSI energy balls are really fun to create. All the best to you! Haron D.

  2. thank you Jaron, may your path unfolds pleasantly...
    Psychic Sisters

  3. Thank you for this article... It has allowed me to put several terms, realities & so forth together, i.e., slider, electrical personality, indigo, realization of life... all things that over my life I've run it to in one way or another - now, for me, I now realize that these things/terms are all one & it's me... incredible.

  4. Thanks, this was very helpful. I have been told that I'm from another planet. I appreciate the helpful search suggestions. I'm learning so much! I wish I had learned this years ago! It feels like I'm living magically!

    1. how strange, i also identify as a SLIder and we are both called Mimi...

  5. my granddaughter turns lights on and off when she is sleeping. also when i set the channel on her tv to watch in another room when she is sleeping, she turns the tv channel to the music channel. i tyhought some one in tghe house was playing games. till i realized this only happened when when she was sleeping

  6. I was in a hotel room in nepal.. I had just been offered special k with some palestinian/australian travellers and being an ex drug addict I freaked out and ran back to my room. I was shaking for some reason, the feeling I had was very bizarre.. I put my head phones on at put on a chilli peppers playlist and listened to the whole one hot minute album and some of the by the way album and the whole time there was a red light on the fan switch that was flashing exactly to the beat of the music. I swear this was actually happening and it was somehow really comforting and i kept on squeezing my eyes and pinching myself to make sure I had not lost the plot or was seeing things.

  7. For years now the street lights going out has been happening to me. But recently I have been piecing wired electrical occurrences together..I thought am I crazy? It seems when I get upset or saddened or get to a really low point I have noticed anywhere I am anything I touch I fry a circuit. Any car I have driven I have replaced dozens of headlights gotten pulled over multiple times for having a light out or both out. In addition check engine lights seem to come on and off no matter what I am driving..even a brand new rental car. Any gps, cell charger that I plug into a car blows the fuse so much so I keep a box of fuses. I can't seem to keep a gps or cell phone because they just die or won't charge, or battery life goes out before it should.a couple days ago my boyfriend broke up with me. I was at his house hurt and sad when right before I got my things to leave the electricity all throught the house tv-lights everything went of and turned back on. I was driving to my house after and got pulled over...cop comes to my window and my left headlight was out now I had just left been 3 miles down the road...I had gotten gas right before my boyfriend had broken up with me that night and no my lights were all fine. After that I thought these all tie in together somehow, I didn't no if anything existed.

    1. The same happens to me when Im in deep thought or very upset about something and thinking about it. I've read about SLI on other sites on the web the common thing that I've come to notice is that most are thinking deeply about someting, angry or upset.

  8. Grounding is the most important thing one can do to keep sane while dealing with this Strange Electrical Phenomena. Walk barefoot, spend time in the nature and do grounding meditation. Also Feet chakra balancers (orgone) are the best grounding tools.

    They have multiple functionality; they are best grounding spiritual tools, offer protection while sleeping, detox and much more...

    Be safe.
    Psychic Sisters

  9. What do you do when the "normal for us" street lights going out, turns into HUGE power outages, silos blowing up and electical systems totally fail when in a large church or corporation? I have been aware for a long time about these electical disturbances, but recently, I have been bullied and forced to move. I was tramatized and still am. Even the local law has been looking at me as a cause. I'm sure they are seeking answers I am seeking. We had a huge storm move in and I was at the laundry mat. Every move I made co-insided with the strong lightening and thunder. I was amazed. I have always thought it came from God. OR that it's God was of showing me I'm in sync with the spiritual. No one was hurt during this storm.

    1. Hello,
      My good friend passed Thanksgiving night and I got the call in the AM and at the same time the transformer blew and telephone pole caught fire in front of my apartment. I belive it was my friend she was so vibrant and only 35 years old. What's your opinion???

  10. sorry your friend has passed away...
    It could be your energy reacting to the sad news or your friends energy in the spirit form, or both your friends and your energy combined that created such a strong amount of energy...

  11. I have been wanting to research this for years. I am a property manager and work on an online software app that we do all of our financial and record keeping on. I have always had continual shut downs freeze-ups and always problems with every cellular device I've owned. I always rationalized that they were offline or out of zone.
    It wasn't until I was going thru a divorce and extremely stressed when I began to realize that, if I was particularly stressed I could shut down any computer within seconds of walking into Urgicare, the hospital, Walmart, the post office etc. I've noticed that my bedroom light flickers when I walk in (I thought it was a short)and things in general never go smoothly - there is always something strange and totally unexpected that happens. My employers I feel and Idon't blame them, could never understand what is always the problem (maybe I'm trying to get out of work)when technical issues arise almost every day. I feel more comfortable if no electricity is on and I absolutely must walk in the woods to feel normal. I remember cleaning out my grandmother's house after she had died and trying to let the entity go through my friend's circle. I had been feeling physical touches while I was working in the house and wanted to set them free and tell them I love them and it's OK. That coincided with the time of my separation. Following that I would meet my grandmother in my dreams for months after until she told me she really had to go this time. I've never been religious and doubted spirits. But I am a science major and realize that everything is electrical. It's just so hard sometimes because I have the ability to know how people feel to my core. It would have been easier to live my life in bliss so I wouldn't be so distracted by these occurances. I don't know what to do with them...

  12. Thank you so much for this article. I have had the same problem with three computers. The screen goes white and the computers stopped working. I would leave them alone for a couple months and they would work again only to shortly after die again. I took all of them to different computer repair shops and no one had any idea what was wrong with them, they had said they never saw anything like it before. I can't wear watches and when I get stressed, which is most of the time since I have anxiety problems, I tend to shock everything I touch. My boyfriend recently bought a brand new television and sometimes when I walk into the room it will just shut off and then the logo on the bottom that lights up starts blinking. It is so nice to know that I am not alone!

  13. I feel like I have finally connected with the "right" website! I stop regular watches within 15 minutes, when overly excited I zap machines such as computers, copiers, etc. I have been know to literally shock people when I touch them from being excited to see them. My mother had this same eletricity flow and now I have passed it down to one of my grand daughters. Along with my being and intuitive I'm finding that my grand daughter is also showing that she too has this gift. I have read some of the articles and you are very correct in that you have to learn how to block the people who feed off of our energy, and if we don't know how to block it they will literally drain all of your energy. Once again this is a fantastic site and I know I fit in perfectly, Namaste.

  14. How to I channel it and use it towards something useful and helpful.

  15. I cause light bulbs to flicker almost all the time and they usually burn out or explode within a month or so of changing them. My computer freezes up a lot. My pets seem to go wild whenever I am stressed or upset about something. I was born with psychic abilities, seeing deceased loved ones, being contacted by others I didn't know. But it has only been in the past 2 years that I have been able to manipulate electricity. I'm not exactly sure what caused it but it can be extremely difficult to live with but I hope I can channel it soon so its not so obvious.

  16. Any tips to control my interference with electronic appliances. Even when I don't feel strong emotions, wierd things happen. I had to come back to this site twice because something is happening to my phone. It is really disturbing my life. The DVD player freezes everytime I'm near,it and I even freeze electronics in stores! HELP!!!!!!!

  17. Hi,
    I NEED help. I can't control my SLIder energy. I needed to come back to this site 3 times because mu phone keeps malfunctioning. It even happens when I am at ease. Any advice?

  18. 57 with the electric personality... Be calm, Be positive and Reach!

  19. I know a few people like this including myself. I never knew the name for it. Luckily my husband is electric element and grounds me well, even the tech or electronics I touch. It can get expensive. My main element is water and water is great at creating current. I have way to many experiences to note here, witnessed by many people as well.

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  21. I am so happy to find this article. I've just gone through 5 watches in 2 weeks, 1 computer mouse, 1 keyboard, my computer hard drive (twice!) my Serius portable radio. My friend told me I am a SLIder so I found you while searching. I have the streetlight thing going all the time, and light bulbs, for years!! I am so happy to see I am not alone. Yes, I also feel oddly connected more than others and somewhat psychic, also I feel a type of pain sometimes when I am around people with negative energy or something going on, they make my skin crawl.

  22. I am getting shocked when I turn light switchs off and on. This also happens with doorknobs. I can't touch a pot on the stove anymore without feeling electricity flow through my fingers. A bit worried about this. I am a psychic.

  23. I was struck by lightening when I was seven years old, ever since then I have noticed not only the street lights but I can SENSE the subtle things and ANTICIPATE them before they happen. If a mood changes in a person I know before they know, if someone dies, I will see a vision (angel-like being with flaming sword and wings, expanding auras around the soon-to-be-deceased, A man once drowned less than 300 yards from me and I got anxious and began to look for a drowning person at the time he drowned, and no one KNEW he drowned at that time until days later).
    At first I couldn't touch electronic devices, but after a while I learned I could control it by controlling me; and now I can work intimately with them, diagnosing issues and fixing them without so much as a bat of an eye. I've had to learn to shut down entire parts of my personality: anger, love, animosity, desire. I almost feel like a machine, I can recall vasts amounts of memories, thoughts, dates, locations, what was on a person's shirt, a hair that happened to fall from their head when they turn to move. My thought processes are very structured and highly ordered, when something obtains my attention it never stays there for long and just gets shuffled to another area of my thoughts until needed again; at which point it's as though it just happened.
    I could go on forever, but I'm glad I ran into this page, it makes me realize that I'm not fully alone out there. There are others who have the same issues at varying and, from what the article shows, unique variations.

  24. But sometimes it would be nice to know how to turn it off. If you only knew the list of electrical items I have had to replace. Ugh. Not to mention the cluster headaches. Its not all sunshine and rainbows.

  25. Thank you so much for this. I have felt like I was alone & there was something wrong with me. My experience includes lights flickering on and off, clocks & watches breaking,(I have to buy a new clock twice a year usually) computers freezing, I've had 14 cars in 18yrs b/c the electrical system dies,(it always starts w/electric window next to me), remote controls malfunction, even when I plug things in, the outlet blows a circuit. It effects my life b/c my kids don't want me around their things or in their rooms b/c they don't want their things broken.(they are 18 & 21) I appreciate knowing it's not just me. Thank you again.

  26. I have also heard the star people stories and sons of God offspring, etc. I have but for God and family felt alone many times due to the things I can do. I can disrupt computers, t.v. satellite connections when my boyfriend ignored me, used to move objects when upset, am as my family are too, a Seer, past, present and future, affect a lot of electronics and all that you talk of. It is very alone a lot of the time being as we are. God bless you all. Also have had two death experiences, but for Jesus would be dead now. Thanks for being.

  27. I don't know when it started happening but ever since I was a child if there was an electrical outlet on the left side of my bed I would burn out what ever was plugged into it while I was sleeping. It could take a few days or even weeks but brand new lamps would just stop working. After the 10th lamp I stopped asking for a new one and started using candles. Now 15 years later my phone chargers in the left side of the bed keep burning out when I sleep. It is getting irritating.

    1. Stay away from electronics as much as you can specially while you sleep. Charge phone in another room and unplug any electronics in the room you sleep. Feet chakra balancers will help you ground and restore your energy field while you sleep.

  28. Thank you, I stumbled upon!! I am an electric person, and since I can remember i was never able to wear a watch, that was the first thing. Then affecting electrical things, and computer, my radio starts by itself, I turn it off and I can still hear it playing, no kidding ! strange. recent things are not so much fun, I can hear the wi-fi routers and the sound is piercing in my head, for 3 years now, I am so bothered by cell-towers and the new technology, and your article is helping me bring it all together, and by the way, my work --- I do energy work, I work on people, and I am so tired now. please advise if you have any. i have tried gadgets and they dont work, i get headached when i go to my property cause there is a cell tower next door, is there a hat i can wear. thanks.

    1. Dear Antonymous (April 14th),
      A lot of us empathic sensitive to energy people feel overwhelmed and react to EMF. Orgone has been proven to help counteract the negative effects of emf, radiation and negatives.
      What I have created (it was a profound insight from Spirit) is the product called Feet Chakra Balancers that help keep us safe while we sleep when we are most vulnerable to any form of attack (psychic, pollution, dark side etc). They also help restore our balance and ground us. Here you can find more info about these miraculous tools for empaths.


      Also for any other radiation issues this pendant Radiation Deflector Orgone Pendant) will help keep the aura clean. http://natures-blessings.org/RadiationDeflectorOrgonePendant.htm

      Many Blessings,

  29. holy crap!!! ive actually been able to control this energy for about a brief period of time,when im in so much stress ive been able to actually move things. i was once at a hypnotist show and he was asking people for volunteers, i wanted to try it but i have a very keen sensory for people watching me , even if i have my eyes closed....well anyways i was trying to force myself not to sense that people were looking at me and thats when a stadium light directly above me just crumbeled and started falling directly toward me, thank god it was connected with wires because it would have been fatal!!! I can also listen to electronics at its active state...its like a weird little buzz that i can hear coming from phones, cells, cameras, ect ect. ONLY when they are on. There was a time were i had a coworker play really annoying music that i hated....and he would sing it on purpose to me because he knew it annoyed me, and i could sense on myself that some type of electricity was building up inside me, (yes anger) but strangely i kinda felt like goosebumps. it would slowly build up towards my head...and when i was ready, i would look at the radio and aim to shut it down. it would work instantly. like if i shot it with a gun or something. but then the device would just restart. Its weird! its kinda like a 6th sense. i can detect alot of stuff before something happens, :o!!!

  30. Hi my name is Julia too. Well i believe i had this phenomena. Even when i brush my hair i get sparks and static and light bulbs blow and things act up however mine isn't that strong. However i shock myself to much. However i think its fun.

  31. Hi, I'm Mimi. I can't believe I actually found a theory behind the phenomena I have been experiencing all my life.

    I can't keep a phone for longer than a year.
    My iPods go crazy when I listen to them for over an hour.
    I'm constantly getting static shocks.
    I get through more lightbulbs than anyone in my house.
    I have never been able to wear a wristwatch.
    Plugs seem so spark when I connect something to the mains.
    WIFI boxes seem to die whenever I go near them.
    Other kinds of signal also seem to fail, but often I am the only person who can get mobile phone reception when I go hiking.
    I get very nervous and hyped up when I'm in crowds or am around other energetic people.

    I experience high degrees of synchronicity in my daily life, and I get de ja vu all the time. About every two months one of my dreams seem to come true (thankfully I do not often have nightmares). I have a resting tremor, which I wonder is relevant. My mother is also terrible with technology and watches, and absolutely terrified of lightning...

    I used dismiss these incidents but now I wonder if there's something more to it...

    1. More things to add;
      My computer's (a mac book) surface feels like it burns my skin if it touches anything but the palm of my hands.
      I've predicted two peoples deaths. Not consciously but just felt very nautious and reflective about life and death in the hours leading up to it. The first time was my grandfather, the second time was a friend of my brothers. After the second time I threw up because I was so scared that it had happened again.
      I can often predict the weather, it has always amazed the family and friends I go hiking and camping with. Especially, I get severe headaches before a storm.
      Sometimes, if I ask someone a question, I will know the answer straight away before they say it.
      I can easily pick up on moods, and 90% of the time I will know if someone will be special to me upon the minute of meeting them.
      Don't know if any of this is related, but I thought I would put it out there...

    2. Totally relate to you - my Macbook once started sparking and smoking and the chord was singed. All of my phones, cords, charges and car cig lighters are pretty much done after a few months in my possession. Apple products way better than PC and Androids though. Also, i definitely tune into what people are saying or feeling even via text. I started doing intuitive medicine/ energy medicine so now I get paid to use this gift.

    3. Mimi!! you sound like my twin. We have virtually all the same types of things that happen with our SLIder energy. My phones are the biggest issue. As a kid my stepdad used to go nuts about all the light bulbs we went through. And the more high tech household appliances get...uh oh. :) Please do reach out somehow. I'm bicoastal - living in NYC and LA.

  32. Hi, I'm relatively new at trying to figure this out. I ride my bike at sunset/night time. I noticed some street lights would go on & off. Seemed normal so I thought. But then I thought about the rest of my life. The fact that I've gone thru 3 Samsung Galaxy phone's in one year and now I'm onto a 4th phone a Motorola Ultra that I just called Verizon on to turn in b/c it keeps shutting on & off and the battery keeps dying. I assumed something's wrong with all the phone's in the world. Also, my Lexus, the CD player always breaks so now I just let it stay broken. The car charger in my vehicle went out. The alternator & battery has been replaced twice since 2012. My home was built in 2006 and I blew all my outside outlets. My lightbulbs in my house are replaced monthly. My SOLAR LIGHTING is expensive.. why is my solar lighting involved? And something else to add... I use to work in a sleep lab.. no wonder a lot of our equipment took went out nightly LOLOL!!!! I am thankful to read that I'm just ENERGETIC! I do love Jesus and will pray for peace and def look into this more.

  33. Wow, I too am glad to know I'm not alone. I was electrocuted while working at a fast food restaurant and over the years have been extremely sensitive to static shock (I'm like a magnet for it and it's very painful). It was also after the electrocution that I started being able to feel/see and communicate with spirits, though I never noticed the connection until now. Street lights used to go out (not spark) when I was near and I joked that I did it, but I always really thought it was coincidence. We also had to stop using a baby monitor in our house because of so much electrical interference on it (though I think that was from the spirit who liked to visit and stand by our baby's crib). Recently I also freeze any electrical device I touch and many of our light switches have shorted out & multi-year bulbs also burn out within weeks. In the last month, the electrical problem has been getting worse and I've started having memory/confusion problems as well. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a connection so I decided to research and that's how I ran across your site.

  34. I really need help. I am so frustrated not being able to fully understand or control what's going on with me. Since I was a little girl my dad has jokingly called me an energy vampire because I would suck the life out of electronics. It seemed to settle down alot in my 20's and rarely happened. But for the last two years since my daughter was born my energy level has been crazy! Everytime I get upset or angry or mad or stressed or sad or Any type of negative feeling, whatever near me is bound to either turn off or act weird. Lights blow out. Outlets wont work. Clocks stop ticking. tv wont turn on or goes to black. The cable box with freeze. I touch the laptop and it turns black. My microwave would just beep when id walk near it and the light would go on and off. Then it just started beeping F3 over and over. When I looked online it said power surge. So I get a new microwave and get in an argument with my fiance and the same day the light in the fridge turns off. Put a new light in, wont work. He puts it in and it worked. But not for long..
    I'm so frustrated with this. I've read about all I could find online about this, and there is no current study going on, or any type of scientific explanation. As much as I try to calm myself and stay "centered" I still can't seem to control what's happening. I've brought it up with my doctor.lol I'm surprised he didn't refer me to a shrink! Cause he looked at me lime I was crazy.
    I need help. I'm tired of breaking things without trying.

  35. I didnt know such a thing as this existed. I have been going insane over my ability and didnt know whether i needed to speak to a dr. Or a priest?! Off and on since i was little ive been drawn to static and regular electricity, including lightning. But ive noticed in the last 6-8 weeks, everytime i get angry, sad or frustrated if i touch something metal (doorknob or drawer) there are sparks. Also when i go to turn on or off a light switch i blow the lights out. Ive also noticed when this happens my body temperature shoots up to 102-104, its happened 5 times in the last 6 weeks. It really scares me, am i overthinking this? Is their a way i can learn to control it or make it go away?? I feel like a freak of nature and i have to hide this secret from people.

  36. I am 14 years old my first experience was at school I was at detention and then got so pissed off and the only light bulb at the top of me was sparkling or twitching....then I got so excited talking to friend who I haven't talked to in a while the other light bulb between us was doing that too...the next day I was at my class then got so happy and it happen again....then I remembered when I get sleep paralyzes it happens too.... And when I enter in a class the light bulb does that again...believe me or not! I don't care I just want to know why is this happening to certain people?! And not to others?

  37. Why does this happens?!?!?
    Is it because we are stilling its energy or do we just brake the electricity?!?!

  38. I am 70 years old and have been a SLIder most (if not all) of my life. Three years ago, my husband and I were driving across the state to my father's funeral, listening to the CD player. Suddenly. there was a terrible blaring sound from the speaker. We had to stop the car and find and pull the fuse. The amplifier had blown.

    At the time of his death, my brother was wearing our father's Rolex watch. A few hours later he reallzed the watch wad running at double time. Being an engineer, he calculated back and discovered it had started running fast at the exact time our father had died.

  39. Your article has been truly a God send, explaining a very bothersome problem. ? I HATE labels but sometimes they are necessary to convey one’s meaning. I am:
    Psychic (sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding).
    Empath and animal empath (a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional, mental or physical experience of a person, place or animal - think of it as a built in "lie detector") A psychic empath (sometimes called a Sensitive) takes on other people's feelings of pain or pleasure, actually feeling the emotions of others. For a psychic empathy healer it is an ability that can help in relating the symptoms and cause of a client's ailment. However many empaths would rather not have this sensitivity as they can experience life as an emotional roller coaster when in the midst of emotionally high people. Any public or crowded place can be quite traumatic for me. I highly avoid funerals! (This ability, by far, has been the hardest one to cope with).
    Channeling (when a separate intelligence enters the mind and or body of the psychic and then uses that body/mind to communicate messages directly to the audience),
    Clairempathy (is to be able to feel emotions from beyond natural realms)
    Clairvoyant (able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception),
    Clairaudience (the psychic ability to hear things that are inaudible)
    Claircognizant (Clear recognition. Claircognizance is similar to Clairgnosis, as in having a sense of clear knowing) Clairgnosis: is Clear Knowing. You may not see, smell, or feel intuitively but some of us "just know"
    Clairscentient (being able to smell aroma beyond physical levels)
    Divine Intervention (Spontaneous spiritual visions that can guide and direct the seer)
    Electromagnetic hypersensitivite (electrical sensitivity; intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields)
    Electric or Slider (someone who’s own energy can cause electronic and electric interferences, causing unusual electrical phenomena)
    Lucid Dreaming (controlling actions and outcomes during dreams, The ability to wake up inside a dream and experience an alternate reality),
    Oracle (A person who divines the future)
    Photographic Psychometry (Psychic sense of touch, intuitive impressions and information by holding or otherwise connecting with the photograph of an object or person)
    Prophetic dreams (can be more of a curse than a gift.)
    Precognition (Knowledge or awareness of the future, obtained through extra sensory perceptions)
    Reiki (when healing energy is channeled through a psychic or spiritual medium. Also known as Energetic Healing. A psychic ability to clear, repair and balance the body's energy systems by seeing and manipulating the aura.)
    Soul guide or retriever (Removing unwanted ghosts or entities)
    Telepathy (means distant-feeling. Using extra sensory perception for communication between minds over distance or though any barrier obstructing recognition from normal sight, speech or reading body language)
    And before anyone asks, NO, I DO NOT take money for helping anyone when I’m asked. Although I don’t judge anyone who does, but I feel in my Soul that I was blessed with my abilities. The growth of my Soul and doing what I was meant to do is my main objective.

  40. Hi,

    Could anybody tell me if this sounds odd as I'm starting to feel scared. Any feedback would be greatly received.

    I have always felt quite spiritual and last Sep 2014 I plucked up the courage to get a psychic reading - it was amazing and I connected with my Nan. I then choose to have another reading in Dec 2014 where I connected with my Grandad and Father. During this time I have started to connect with my angles (I have 3) and have purchased healing crystals and tried a little meditation. In a nut shell since my first reading everything has gone crazy.

    - Smoke alarm have gone off
    - Lights have blown
    - Power cuts
    - Our phone line was cut for 3 weeks
    - My husbands eReader broke
    - Our heating system broke on New years eve and is still broken
    - The radiator thermostats also keep blowing and have needed to be replaced.
    - The vacuum cleaner broke
    - My sons iPad completely died for no reason - it's in the bin
    - My old laptop booted up at exactly 3am when it wasn't on at the wall and I had shut it down.
    - Our internet connect doesn't work properly yet our service provider says it's fine (keeps disconnecting)
    - My 2 children seem to have constant coughs and colds since Christmas
    - Headaches and a terrible migraine that effected me for days
    - My en'suite bath sprang a leak and it soaked the hallway
    - My new laptop has some issues - sometimes I cannot open my files and it's riddle with viruses even though I have antivirus software installed.
    - Our Sky box constantly crashes and needs to be rebooted.
    - Went into 2 separate shops yesterday and both tills were not working properly and the sales lady said it was odd.
    - Seen orbs - esp. in photos and videos.
    - Incredibly lucid detailed dreams which I have been recording for a year now.

    The list goes on and on - I have live in my house for 10 years which was a new build and I know the history of the land so do not understand why paranormal activity would be happening now. I am struggling to understand why so many things can brake in such a short space of time. PLEASE can anyone shed any light on what is happening to me? I'm starting to feel scared and now wonder if the problem is me.

    Thanks for listening :)