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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Implants: Location- Problems- Solutions

What type of implants?
-physical implants
-etheric implants - (found in auric layers)

Why implants?
-mainly to block ones abilities (psychic)
-interfere with the flow of energy in the body as well as aura
-manipulation/control purposes
-surveillance, tracking
-throw one off balance, disabling one physically and mentally
-create weird behavior, anxiety, fear, depression, anger
-deplete the immune system
-develop illnesses, terminal diseases, heart attacks
-develop mutation of cells resulting in disease
I would like to share my experience with implants after working (remote view) and neutralize them on quite a few people as well as symptoms and problems those implants create. After the implants were neutralized, the symptoms diminished or disappeared. Some implants are easy to remote view and neutralize, some are not so easy. Some are stubborn, some are not. Some are easy to find some are “invisible“. Some implants will travel around the body. Some are poisonous, some are not. Many implants are hidden in the meridians.
One particular woman had all nine points of heart meridian implanted. Those particular implants looked like very thin and tiny needles placed in these meridian points. They were meant to interfere with the flow of energy and block the heart chakra, damaging her heart. People who are most probably implanted are people who work(ed) for any government, military, psychics and their families, healers, gifters, boosters, prayer warriors.
I worked on an ex-FBI agent and found a big nasty implant-bug in the chest area who split in two parts immediately after I started working on him. This bug was pulsating in his chest and he could feel/hear strong beats. The bug/implant was supposed to receive signals from “harmonics” - elf weapons and create a heart attack. It was also poisonous, as soon as I started to work on it, it split in two and moved. It was disabled in less then 10 minutes. Another man had an “invisible” implant, it was hard to be remote viewed and it was movable. It took a while until it was neutralized. Many people I worked on had implants in their ears and head area. Some reported ringing in the ears. Right before the implants were neutralized, (during the work) the ringing was above normal for few seconds/minutes and after few days it started to diminish. I noticed that the ears implants will create problems in the heart, pericardium meridian and the circulatory system in general.
Sometimes ear candeling helps to get rid of these implants. Many spa salons offer these services or you can buy those candles at any health food store. Ear candling is centuries old. A cylinder candle is gently placed in the ear and lit in the opposite end to create a slow vacuum with no discomfort. Old ear wax, toxins and implants are removed, which helps to relieve pressure and inner ear blockage. It is a safe, simple, and relaxing remedy for many ailments, including sinus pressure, migraines, chronic earaches, TMJ, ringing in your ears (tinnitus), and even stress. Ear candling cleanses the aura, subtle bodies, sharpening of mental functioning, vision, hearing, smell, taste and color perception, helping with spiritual opening and emotional clearing.

A liver cleanse will help getting rid of liver and gallblader implants. Most of the people I worked on had their third eye chakra blocked. After the session most of them reported an “awakening”- “weird” and “nice” feelings, (astral travel, OBE’s (out of bodies experiences), becoming aware of their surroundings, started to “see” “things“, colors, in other words had their third eye opened. Many people I worked on had their feet charkas blocked, feet being full of toxins and etheric toxins. It is important to ground yourself as much as you can. This way you remove the toxins accumulated. Most places where I found implants/cords/blockages in people and the problems they are creating: -middle of the feet ( feet charkas) - not able to stay grounded, blocking connection with mother earth, feeling depleted , exhausted, depression; blockages created by implants in particular feet areas create blockages in corresponding organs -knees - blocking the desire to move forward; - root chakra - interference with circulatory system, fear of sexuality; -spleen and liver - blocking the ability to detoxify; - solar plexus chakra - creating fear, stress, tension, blocking creativity; -heart - creating heart problems, blocking LOVE; - neck and shoulders - inducing stress and paranoia, emotions, fear of letting go, block the ability of express feelings; - gums , teeth - blockages in particular gum/teeth areas inducing blockages in organs related to those areas (see the teeth meridians chart); - ears - inside and above ears blocking hearing and the clairaudient abilities; - nose and nasal passages - blocking the 3rd eye; -temples - inducing tension, stress, paranoia; - third eye - blocking the clairvision ability; - crown chakra - blocking communication with God, higher self, higher and angelic realms, inducing depression; -heart meridians - inducing heart problems and fear of love; -hands and fingers- creating lack of confidence, insecurity.

Locating, disabling and removing implants
Some implants will leave marks, so watch for unexplainable cuts, bruises, spots. Neodymium - strong earth magnets usually disable some of those implants, but not all types. Removing implants its not a very complicate technique, but it is necessarily to locate the implants first. Use your intuition or any other ability to locate those implants. People who are clairvoyant will see them with their mind’s eye, feelers will feel them, intuitive will “just know” where they are, clairaudients will hear the locations. Dowse, use muscle testing whatever method you know and works for you. Draw your body on a piece of paper and dowse over the drawing asking which places in your body you have implants and how many. After locating them go into a deep state of relaxation or meditation using your mind power to disable those implants. Send energy to those implants (always from the heart), boost, pray over them, visualize them disabled, neutralized. Use any healing method you know. Try it, how do you know it doesn’t work if you don’t try it? Believe in it!! Clear them on a daily basis. Take etheric showers and command those implants to melt away in the ground, Mother earth will transform them into fertile soil. Another method: With feet grounded, go up, above your space and command your higher self that those implants/hooks, cords, nasty bugs, entities which don’t belong to your body or aura, be disabled into God’s/Universe’s space; see them neutralized, melted. Don’t be afraid to use the word “command”, its is very effective, it will make your subconscious mind have no doubts in what it should do. It’s important to visualize them being melted, disabled. Take your time, as much as you need, focus, concentrate, have patience. Come back to your space and thank yourself/God. This way you will let the subconscious know that the job is done. Use reassuring wording to end this process like “Amen”, “So be it”, or “It is done”. Take an etheric shower, shake your hands and your body loose so you will be back into your space. After disabling implants drink plenty of water, it will clean your body and will remove the toxins. Hope this info helps.

Removing implants services:

Implant Orgone Neutralizer is a great tool that not only neutralize implants, it also heals the area affected.

A good way to establish a strong protection around your energetic field is to sign the cancelation of evil contracts created by man.  Here is the contract:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother Earth celebration

Mother Earth's day is everyday.

EARTH DAY, APRIL 22nd, 2009

Happy spring everyone!!! This time of the year is powerful for rejuvenation, renewal and healing. Listen to your heart’s intelligence, stay close to the Source, and be close to Mother Earth, the sustainer of all life. Earth Day 2009 falls on Wednesday, April 22. It is a special day to learn about our planet. Set an intention to celebrate Mother Earth today by doing something respectful and compassionate for her. Let’s join others in raising the vibration of our dear planet connecting with her wisdom, by sending healing energy, praying, boosting, dancing for Mother Earth.
A great way to connect with Mother Earth is through Earth star chakra which is located underground, bellow the feet. Bring your awareness there every time you need emotional stability and grounding. Connecting, bonding to Mother Earth or Nature, the feminine principle, help us grow, heal, and prosper. The element of Earth is associated with introspection, seeing and receiving answers from within. Intuition enhances by being in the nature, walking on Mother Earth. Qualities of Earth are nurturing, stability, grounding, solidity, manifestation. We are part of the whole and yet unique. Everything we do connect to everyone else and has an effect on everyone else, including Mother Earth, plants, minerals, animals. Share this Earth with each other and all her creatures as we are ONE.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Merging with higher self - meditation

Prepare for your mediation as usual: sitting quietly and comfortable, adjusting your posture if necessary, swaying from side to side, closing eyes, relaxing whole body, breathing naturally. Do this until you feel calm, peaceful and focused. Breath deeply three times into your upper chest. Then breath deeply into your abdomen three times. Breath again into your upper chest three times. You might want to adjust your position again, making sure your neck and back of your head are comfortable, your spine is straight. This will help opening your heart chakra more, creating fluidity in your subtle bodies, emotional body in particular. You are ready to merge with your higher self. Visualize/see your higher self far away from you, slowly moving towards you. I usually see my higher self looking exactly like me or like a little beautiful flash of energy. Visualize or let your intuition see/feel whatever comes to you. See the higher self coming towards you until it merges with you. Feel the cells, atoms, molecules of the higher self merging with you. I usually feel the merging very strong, my whole body tingles, my heart center in particular and feel a tremendous love and peace. Greet your higher self thanking for assisting/merging with you. Now you and higher self are one. Again adjust your posture, sitting comfortable, breath deeply few times. It is time to ask your higher self and you questions about future or past, any messages, important decisions you have to take, etc. After you finish asking questions, getting messages, thank your higher self and see your higher self going back where it came from. This mediation technique is very powerful and will help you to connect with your higher self. I like to use this technique or tapping into intuition technique when I need to make certain decisions or ask questions about future or past. The answers I get are in form of words, phrases, images, thoughts…

EMPATHY... Know it and control it ~ Part2

Among healers the sharing of energy is referred to as cording. This cord represents life support tubing energetically connecting two individuals together.
Empaths can be too easily sucked into emotional energies. They can unknowingly absorb others' pains. Those 'borrowed" emotional pains get trapped inside their own bodies and psyches. When that happens the emotional fluxes throughout the Universe become compounded, much like a destructive fire that grows out of control.
These absorbed emotional energies can manifest in a variety of negative ways for the empathic person: crying jags, sadness, desperation, confusion, grief, and so on. Around your physical body, there is a layer of your aura that is devoted to your interface with your environment. Its shape and condition indicate your relationship to your world. People who are empaths often have a "thin skin" in relation to their shield body. When it has holes in it, we are more easily influenced by our environment. Visualize a shield of energy around your physical body. See is as radiant and complete.

Empaths are often outwardly kind and caring. They usually get the benefit of everyone thinking that they are almost saintly sometimes. It is easy to get attached to being the "nice guy." It is not easy dealing with people's negative emotions, but care taking others does not ultimately serve them or you.

Develop Your Throat Chakra
Sometimes an empath will know what they need to say or do to make good boundaries, but have a hard time following through in expressing it.
The throat chakra is the center for the expression of personal truth. Through the opening of the throat chakra, we open ourselves to expressing our true needs and feelings, as well as expressing the creative force as it moves through us.

Develop Your Root Chakra
The root chakra helps us to deal with being fully in the world. When the root chakra is open, we are fully grounded and present with whatever is coming our way. When it is not open, we can be disassociative, fearful, and have difficulty staying present with what is going on. Opening and healing the root chakra helps us to release the fears that keep us from our highest manifestation within form.
 Some healing stones that might be helpful are: obsidian, boji stones, hematite.  When I go out in the crowds and need more protection I wear my powerful orgone protection pendant.

Clearing Regularly
Whether you are having difficulty with your empathic abilities or not, it is a good idea to ''clean'' yourself regularly to release other people's energy and influence from your energy body. Clearing methods are showering, bathing and spending time in solitude.

A good way to establish a strong protection around your energetic field is to sign the cancelation of evil contracts created by man. Here is the contract:

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More on Empathy psychic sense:

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Protection Orgone Pendant

EMPATHY... Know it and control it ~ Part1

Empathy is a psychic ability, one of the most ancient healing arts, one of the most heightened form of clairsentience.

Everyone is a natural empath.

When we cry at a movie that's just simple an empathic response. The media is using advertising thru music and images to create empathic responses in those who watch TV. This is actually manipulation and if we are not aware of it, we suffer.

We are healers, just because we simply heal ourselves. As a healer you deal with people’s pain and illnesses, mental, emotional problems, dark entities, cords, implants and so on. But if we are unaware of our ability it can create problems to us.

Empathic people need to pay attention to and honor what they feel. Picking someone’s aches or pains  or sensing dark energy  its normal to an empath but it is usually just a passing phase and should not persist.

You should not absorb someone’s pain or let yourself corded, letting their distress be the source of your pain and stress. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether the feelings you are picking are yours or someone else energy.

Empathy is one of the most difficult abilities to control. If you don’t know how to control this ability you become depleted of energy and your immune system will become weakened, and eventually you’ll become ill.

You need to get acquainted with your abilities, honor and acknowledge them. As a healer or intuitive/sensitive you need to know how to clean your aura on a regular basis, clean your chakras and learn how to protect yourself.

A good way to establish a strong protection around your energetic field is to sign the "Cancellation of evil contracts" created by man.  People have notice instant relief after working on signing the damaging contracts.  Here is the contract:

I personally wear a high vibrational orgone pendant that keeps my aura intact and free of others energies, protect against "bad vibes", "psychic attacks" and "emotional pollution". 
I rarely go out without it otherwise I get depleted. Also many people have reported after using this protection amulet, their energy field became clean and attacked stopped.

May you always be protected,
Lilly Natures Blessings

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Empathy- Part 2-- http://psychicwomenwarriors.blogspot.com/2009/04/empathy-know-it-and-control-it-part2.html

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Empathy response

This is a typical empathy response and the experience this woman had was very funny. --------

Hi Lilly: I had an interesting experience Wednesday night. I was driving directly behind a drunk driver on a two-lane, winding mountain road. He was veering into the other lane, and going slowly, holding up a whole line of traffic behind me.
I was nervous that he would have a head-on collision with on-coming traffic. I decided to try boosting him and prayed for him, asking for protection for all drivers on the road as well as him. All went well, he seemed to gain control of his driving, and after about 15 minutes, I turned off the road and he continued on. Then the strangest thing happened.
When I pulled up to my house, as I got out of my car, it was impossible for me to walk straight, try as hard as I might. I was horribly dizzy for at least 5 minutes, and couldn't walk a straight line if you paid me! Now I think I performed the boost incorrectly, and inadvertently made an energetic exchange with this drunken man, rather than processed as a pure channel. I certainly would not have been able to pass the standard DUI "walk the line" test. I don't drink any alcohol, nor take any drugs, nor can I think of any reason that would cause this, nor has it ever happened before. Funny, I was fine until I got out of my car. Any comments on this? I guess I need instructions in proper boosting techniques! LOL Thanks, Kyra ----------------------------------

Hi Kyra,
Your experience was funny indeed, you put smile on my face but I am glad you made it home safe though. What happened as you correctly assumed was that you got your mental and emotional energy into the mix with the drunken man. This is a very good sample of an empathic response. You are a natural empath and you picked up that man’s drunken state. This is a funny situation but in the future you need to acknowledge the power of your empathy, learn about it and work with it not against it.

This can be a very strong tool to use as a healer. Healing is about compassion and love. I am saying this because boosting and praying makes you a healer. However knowing how to work with your empathy is important because you don’t want to take another’s problem, pain or distress. That would solve the problem for them but that’s not true healing. Healing means that the transfer of energy is done in harmony without making anyone sick or distressed. I am very strong empath myself and learned my lessons the hard way. When I work on people and pick up pain, implants, nasty entities, bugs, bad energies, trouble areas I feel sick, sometimes really sick, depends on how bad the energy is.
But that doesn’t usually last long, its just a passing phase, that’s because I immediately work on the implant/bug/entity/cord sending it into the ground or into God’s space, seeing it neutralized and then I direct healing energy where it is needed. After I finish working I drink a glass of water and/or wash my hands and take an etheric shower as I don’t want to carry someone else’s energies. This way you break the connection between you and the one you exchanged the energy. As healers we need to be always healthy so we can help others and not suffer taking their pains or discomfort. I hope that helps, have fun and good luck with your boosting/healing. Lilly

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Practicing Psychic Protection has been taught for thousands of years. In today's modern world psychic protection has never been more important. Anyone who works with the public everyday can benefit from this knowledge, especially those in the caring professions, therapists, councillors and salespeople. It is of vital importance for anyone pursuing a spiritual path or psychic development. Psychic protection can make all the difference to developing ones gifts safely!

Some may believe during their spiritual training that their "guides" and "guardian angel" will protect them. This is not always the case. Psychic protection should always be your own responsibility. On some occasions they may indeed provide protection but they do not do so all of the time. There may be instances where they a not permitted to intervene and must allow things to happen. The individual concerned is upon their own path and good and bad experiences must be embraced together. Each experience teaches the soul a very valuable lesson and paves the way towards enlightenment. Psychic Attack can come in many forms. This is usually the result of a weakened auric field which allows negative energy to penetrate the bodies defences. Insecurity, guilt, blame, fear, indecisiveness, stress, negative habits and thoughts, alcohol, drugs, emotional upset can all take their toll on the aura.

The seven main energy centres of the body (chakras) can become congested preventing the normal flow of the life force through the body. (This can also be affected by geopathic stress) As well as manifesting illnesses this also makes it all the more easier for spirits and entities to make attachments and form a parasitic relationship with the host. This can leave the person feeling extremely exhausted, often suffering from aches and pains and also headaches. Discarnate entities (earthbound spirits) can be attracted to the living through a desire to experience the things they enjoyed whilst alive. If their will is strong they can overshadow the personality of the living individual. This may involve simply entering the auric field or an attempt to enter the body. Some that have experienced this "know" that they are "not" themselves. It is not just unseen forces that can be harmful. People can be equally as dangerous, often this is unconscious on their part. Feeling jealous, angry and hateful towards someone or gossiping are all forms of psychic attack. Some people may leave you feeling drained and depressed. This is because they are either unconsciously drawing from your energy or are deliberately wishing to take it. Anyone who is demanding, selfish and extremely negative can deplete your energy. In most instances they are not even aware that it is taking place as they are so wrapped up in their own emotions and problems. One must understand that these people need help and healing and it is best to imagine sending them love and light and to hope that they themselves realize how to change things in their own life. It is best to limit your contact with people like this.

Another good way of protection yourself from energy "vampires" is to fold your arms across your solar plexus and cross your ankles. This prevents them from drawing upon your energy as it seals off your auric field. There are many forms of psychic attack but you should never feel afraid as there are equally as many ways to protect yourself. Remember, forewarned is forearmed! Forms of Psychic Attack can entail A heavy weight upon the chest. Entity attachments Spirit attachments Negative people Black magic Nervousness Sleeplessness Headaches Aches & Pains A run of so called "bad luck" Every other avenue must be explored before deciding that it is a "psychic attack."

Forms of Psychic Protection
There are several different ways but which ever way feels comfortable is the best You can visualize:
Putting on a cloak of protection
Being in a column of light
Being inside a glowing flame
Putting on a suit of armour
Creating a protective
Bubble Protection should be undertaken prior to any of the following: Meditation, yoga, healing, energy work like Boosting ,Grounding yourself and closing down after each of these activities is also vital. You can imagine yourself being grounded by visualizing roots growing out of the bottom of your feet into the earth.
"Closing down" entails closing all your chakras. To do this simply imagine each chakra as a flower and let each petal fold in towards the centre until it covered over. It is also beneficial to practice psychic protection each morning on waking, every evening before going to sleep (for protection whilst on the astral plane) and when coming into contact with negative people who can vampire your energy. It only takes a minute and it gets easier to visualize each time. Thoughts are very powerful! Thoughts have energy! Always remember it is your intention, if your intention is strong then so will be your protection. Firstly imagine white light pouring down from above like a cleansing wash pouring over your body. Then visualize an electric blue bubble of light rising up from under your feet. Imagine this sealing your auric field. Fill the bubble with blue or white light. Some people also create a second bubble of violet coloured light. It is also a good idea to visualize emerald green light pouring down through your body from above. Green is the colour of balance and Healing and this will help to balance your etheric bodies. This green light flows into the earth through your hands and feet. Then you must ask the earth to transmute any negative energy. There are several different ways, this is just an example.

The unique orgone creations by natures-blessings are energy generators and broadcasters that assist you with healing, strengthening auric field, protecting from psychic attacks, negative energy and entites, energy vampires, dark spells and much more...
It reduces and/or blocks the effects of electromagnetic pollution and stress, increasing psychic and mental abilities, focus and concentration.

Building a Protection Part 2 - Empaths...

Protection is needed from negative energies, though forms and entities, psychic attacks, spells, psychic vampires, from dangerous situations.  In many healing sessions that dealt with any form of psychic or negative attacks, I have noticed many people suffering from a mild form of paranoia which is based of course on fear. Acknowledging this fear of demons, reptiles etc will drive you mad.
Fearing psychic attack will create in fact more damage then the actual attack.

Try to ignore the attacker or source of attack, as much as you can. Do your best. It helps a lot.  If it's hard to ignore the attacker then it’s time to respond by boosting the attacker/source.
Send the energy back were it came from.

It is very important for the energy sensitive people to maintain high energy levels. And  if you read this, you probably experience exhaustion when going out in the crowds, you must be a sesitive.   Sensitive people’s chakras are a little more opened then average people's chakras. There are many people out there who are very low in energy and they will unconsciously absorb from your charged aura, draining your energy.  You must take control over the situation and give away the energy when you want and to whom you want. More then that you should became a channel of energy, allowing the energy flowing thru you to the hungry energy people, if you consider they deserve it, otherwise your reserves will be depleted. Part of your protection involves clearing your aura and chakras (energy centers) regularly, taking etheric showers or baths meditating, keeping yourself grounded, cutting cords, removing implants, bugs and dark entities, dealing with negative feelings, fear, anxiety.

Many people are empaths (picking up others feelings) a wonderful ability but can harm you if you don’t know how to use in positive ways. Filtering the energy is usually a better protection tool then a shield. When using a shield, the beneficial energies might not reach your aura, so be wise in choosing your protection. I prefer a filter so I can select the energies. But when doing “not so pleasant work” of course a shield would be more appropriate and after the work is finished an etheric shower is necessary, as well as washing your hands physically, breaking the connection with the one you worked on. Use protective stones. Clean your crystals and stones before using them.

Use ORGONE for protection! It is one of the best if not the best protection spiritual tool.

 Choose your birth stones as they are very protective. One of the best stones for protection is black tourmaline, you can wear it on your left hand or above heart chakra. Charged water is an amazing protector. It increases the power of orgone creations by approximately 5 times and if you pray over the water it increases the powers by 14-15 times.
 Water does miracles indeed, but it has to be pure without the sprit of greed. Spray your house and outside your house with this water.

Solar plexus always must be protected!!! The solar plexus chakra is the main point of entry of negative thoughts and energy.  Being sensitive or empath you are someone’s target emotions and negative thoughts and you absorb them like a sponge.  Solar plexus pendant is a very powerful amulet to keep your solar plexus in balance and your aura intact  Try visualizing a ball of gold light covering your solar plexus or just simply cover your solar with one of your palms. 

Also you have to deal with the harmful energies by giving expression to them via throat chakra. That can be done by singing or whistling in order to release the pressure avoiding damaging words. Another good technique is surrounding yourself with a sphere of protection. Breath in golden light and surround yourself with this golden light. Gold is the color of protection, it allows positive vibrations into your aura and strengthens the auric field. Use it before going to bed along with a prayer for protection. Use affirmations as healing and protective tools, they are simple and effective. Ask your heart to find the right wording for your affirmations, thanking your heart after you receive them. It helps if you keep repeating them, if you say them out loud they will be more powerful.

Prayer is a very powerful protective tool, use it in combinations with any other technique or tool you like.

It is not fair to get depleted, there must be an exchange of energy always when you interact with someone. You give energy, and in return you receive energy. 
 The meridians of the body terminate at the toes and fingers. Crossing feet and hands, you close the whole body energy circuit. Cross your feet at the ankles and fold your arms acrossed your solar plexus when you feel your energy is “stolen” from you. Another trick is look into someone’s left eye rather then right eye. The right eye is the sender of mental energies and if you look at it you can be more easily influenced. Another one is do not face someone who can influence you mentally or emotionally, the solar plexus is the main point of entry, if you face someone better cover your solar plexus.

Here are some very powerful protection tools that you might want to consider:

*feet chakra balancers - they will keep you protected during the night (most of the attacks happen during the night time). Entities penentrate through feet chakras (I have seen that many times in people I have worked with).  You became more vulnerable during night time and the feet chakra balancers will keep your feet protected and also sleep very well. They also have multiple functionality, they detox and keeps you in a high vibration. Very POWERFUL tools one should have!

* protection pendant will keep your aura protected and "etheric parasites" away from you

* protection set for gridding your house/environment , so you build the wall of protection against harmful unseed energies, blocking intrusive vibrations 

Stay protected, stay healthy, stay in high vibes,

Building a Protection Part1

Protecting oneself from psychic attack and negative energies is as important as cleansing and balancing ones chakras for general wellness.
This is a simple and effective way to protect your family your home and yourself from sources of attacks such as radionics and negative intentions coming your way. Invoke GOD to bless and assist you in doing this First stand up with legs spread slightly apart toes slightly pointing inwards.
Begin by grounding yourself to the center of the earth. Bring focus to and breathe in light from your crown, then bring it to your heart, send it to your soul star 18 in above your crown, doing this will allow your soul to decide where to send the energy most effectively. While visualizing this keep sending the energy this way to the soul star. Doing this will expand the size of your aura, and allow better energy flow when building protection.
With intent....... Visualize a bubble being formed around your home, family, pets, and transport. See the bubble with mirrors around it deflecting anything that doesn't resemble the vibration in the space. Allow it send out your energy, but not allow any harmful energies in your bubble space. Allow for any other energies to enter and become blue light/life force. This will allow healing energies from others only to enter if it has an equal or higher vibration, then your own space. visualize yourself and anyone else who leaves the bubble form a new, independant bubble around themself which protects in the same way. Intend your bubble to permenantly protect you from anything you may feel is a source of attacks, ie. making mention of this will focus the intent and ensure a powerful protective barrier against your enemies.


Vibrational Imprints
Each time we touch or exsist in close proximity to an object, our bodies because of the fact that they radiate energies, will leave a vibrational imprint behind. These Imprints that are made up of either positively charged or negative energies from emotions impressions, memories and experiences, that then become part of the history of the object. Much like us, it has a story and when you tune in to it, you will be able to read the subtle messages, this is called Psychometry.

Psychometry is the natural art of reading an object's history in regard to the people and events it has encountered. When you hold an object, that has memories attached, it can make you 'feel' connected to the moment it experienced and make you feel the energies of what it is associated with. In the same way, you could walk in a House in which a terrible event has happened, and it feels cold and silent. I believe that all Humans possess such Psychometric abilities, but we may not offcourse be well tuned to them. All objects vibrate at various yet specific frequencies, and psychometry requires that we 'tune in' to those frequencies. It would be advisable to begin practising or 'tuning' into these abilities by using objects to begin with that have been in close proximity to their owner. For example, a piece of jewellary, maybe even with a gemstone in, since Gems hold the energy so well, one is actually able to 'feel' the mood of the person who owns it. The information you recieve from the object via Psychometry, usually has to do with it's owner and may be related to a place, a feeling, or mood, or an event that happened. Emotions tend to be easier to sense.
A good way to excersize this ability, is to as always, find a quiet space where you are able to focus and relax. Sit with your palms facing upwards, and have a friend put in your submissive or recieving hand, this is usually the left hand, an object that is a valued, ie. 'loved' possession. Let your mind clear, so that you are open to recieve any impressions from it. And then relate what your feelings, thoughts, sensations, were. what you heard or maybe saw whilst holding it. By holding an object in your hand or putting it to your forehead, you can sense an object's history and experience the emotions, sounds, tastes, smells, or images that have left their impressions behind. Psychometry is usually performed on a small object intimately connected to its owner, it is just as possible to experience the historical imprints left behind in an enclosed space, such as a car or house. Once you have experienced the energies, you are able to then clear it of any memories or experiences, and also learn from the wealth of information stored within._________________