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Friday, April 17, 2009

Merging with higher self - meditation

Prepare for your mediation as usual: sitting quietly and comfortable, adjusting your posture if necessary, swaying from side to side, closing eyes, relaxing whole body, breathing naturally. Do this until you feel calm, peaceful and focused. Breath deeply three times into your upper chest. Then breath deeply into your abdomen three times. Breath again into your upper chest three times. You might want to adjust your position again, making sure your neck and back of your head are comfortable, your spine is straight. This will help opening your heart chakra more, creating fluidity in your subtle bodies, emotional body in particular. You are ready to merge with your higher self. Visualize/see your higher self far away from you, slowly moving towards you. I usually see my higher self looking exactly like me or like a little beautiful flash of energy. Visualize or let your intuition see/feel whatever comes to you. See the higher self coming towards you until it merges with you. Feel the cells, atoms, molecules of the higher self merging with you. I usually feel the merging very strong, my whole body tingles, my heart center in particular and feel a tremendous love and peace. Greet your higher self thanking for assisting/merging with you. Now you and higher self are one. Again adjust your posture, sitting comfortable, breath deeply few times. It is time to ask your higher self and you questions about future or past, any messages, important decisions you have to take, etc. After you finish asking questions, getting messages, thank your higher self and see your higher self going back where it came from. This mediation technique is very powerful and will help you to connect with your higher self. I like to use this technique or tapping into intuition technique when I need to make certain decisions or ask questions about future or past. The answers I get are in form of words, phrases, images, thoughts…

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