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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Practicing Psychic Protection has been taught for thousands of years. In today's modern world psychic protection has never been more important. Anyone who works with the public everyday can benefit from this knowledge, especially those in the caring professions, therapists, councillors and salespeople. It is of vital importance for anyone pursuing a spiritual path or psychic development. Psychic protection can make all the difference to developing ones gifts safely!

Some may believe during their spiritual training that their "guides" and "guardian angel" will protect them. This is not always the case. Psychic protection should always be your own responsibility. On some occasions they may indeed provide protection but they do not do so all of the time. There may be instances where they a not permitted to intervene and must allow things to happen. The individual concerned is upon their own path and good and bad experiences must be embraced together. Each experience teaches the soul a very valuable lesson and paves the way towards enlightenment. Psychic Attack can come in many forms. This is usually the result of a weakened auric field which allows negative energy to penetrate the bodies defences. Insecurity, guilt, blame, fear, indecisiveness, stress, negative habits and thoughts, alcohol, drugs, emotional upset can all take their toll on the aura.

The seven main energy centres of the body (chakras) can become congested preventing the normal flow of the life force through the body. (This can also be affected by geopathic stress) As well as manifesting illnesses this also makes it all the more easier for spirits and entities to make attachments and form a parasitic relationship with the host. This can leave the person feeling extremely exhausted, often suffering from aches and pains and also headaches. Discarnate entities (earthbound spirits) can be attracted to the living through a desire to experience the things they enjoyed whilst alive. If their will is strong they can overshadow the personality of the living individual. This may involve simply entering the auric field or an attempt to enter the body. Some that have experienced this "know" that they are "not" themselves. It is not just unseen forces that can be harmful. People can be equally as dangerous, often this is unconscious on their part. Feeling jealous, angry and hateful towards someone or gossiping are all forms of psychic attack. Some people may leave you feeling drained and depressed. This is because they are either unconsciously drawing from your energy or are deliberately wishing to take it. Anyone who is demanding, selfish and extremely negative can deplete your energy. In most instances they are not even aware that it is taking place as they are so wrapped up in their own emotions and problems. One must understand that these people need help and healing and it is best to imagine sending them love and light and to hope that they themselves realize how to change things in their own life. It is best to limit your contact with people like this.

Another good way of protection yourself from energy "vampires" is to fold your arms across your solar plexus and cross your ankles. This prevents them from drawing upon your energy as it seals off your auric field. There are many forms of psychic attack but you should never feel afraid as there are equally as many ways to protect yourself. Remember, forewarned is forearmed! Forms of Psychic Attack can entail A heavy weight upon the chest. Entity attachments Spirit attachments Negative people Black magic Nervousness Sleeplessness Headaches Aches & Pains A run of so called "bad luck" Every other avenue must be explored before deciding that it is a "psychic attack."

Forms of Psychic Protection
There are several different ways but which ever way feels comfortable is the best You can visualize:
Putting on a cloak of protection
Being in a column of light
Being inside a glowing flame
Putting on a suit of armour
Creating a protective
Bubble Protection should be undertaken prior to any of the following: Meditation, yoga, healing, energy work like Boosting ,Grounding yourself and closing down after each of these activities is also vital. You can imagine yourself being grounded by visualizing roots growing out of the bottom of your feet into the earth.
"Closing down" entails closing all your chakras. To do this simply imagine each chakra as a flower and let each petal fold in towards the centre until it covered over. It is also beneficial to practice psychic protection each morning on waking, every evening before going to sleep (for protection whilst on the astral plane) and when coming into contact with negative people who can vampire your energy. It only takes a minute and it gets easier to visualize each time. Thoughts are very powerful! Thoughts have energy! Always remember it is your intention, if your intention is strong then so will be your protection. Firstly imagine white light pouring down from above like a cleansing wash pouring over your body. Then visualize an electric blue bubble of light rising up from under your feet. Imagine this sealing your auric field. Fill the bubble with blue or white light. Some people also create a second bubble of violet coloured light. It is also a good idea to visualize emerald green light pouring down through your body from above. Green is the colour of balance and Healing and this will help to balance your etheric bodies. This green light flows into the earth through your hands and feet. Then you must ask the earth to transmute any negative energy. There are several different ways, this is just an example.

The unique orgone creations by natures-blessings are energy generators and broadcasters that assist you with healing, strengthening auric field, protecting from psychic attacks, negative energy and entites, energy vampires, dark spells and much more...
It reduces and/or blocks the effects of electromagnetic pollution and stress, increasing psychic and mental abilities, focus and concentration.

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