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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Intense Times: - Go into The void to find peace"

"Hello Lilly,
I'm wondering if you could give me some insight into the energies of the recent
full moon eclipse.
I was grateful you were doing a moon meditation as I feel assisted by that. For this full moon, I went to the ocean and let the waves wash over me. I asked for all old beliefs, energies, programs to be washed away and released all cords with those who are not at my frequency. I even called on Neptune and Archangel Michael and the Magdalene energy to assist me. I felt completely void or numb following this experience, as though my heart had shut down. Everything seemed to come to a complete standstill. Last night, during a meditation, I finally was able to bring or restore light to my chakras and especially my heart.

Can you offer some insight into the energy you felt during this eclipse. I'm also aware that it was aligned with the Galactic Center making the energies very powerful.
Thank you for any insights you can offer. Personally, I'm hoping it helps me break through the current limbo I feel with regard to finding employment and a place to live.

with gratitude,
Lisa J
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your nice words and feedback. I am so glad to hear you work with the power of waves and the ocean for releasing emotional cleansing.
They have tremendous powers in washing away negative patterns or believe systems that do not serve your highest level of excellence.

As I promised, on June 15, I have sent out the (eclipse) moon transmission. The energies were absolutely INTENSE. I have felt and psychically saw many people tuning into the moon transmission’s energies that night and most of us got a very good cleanse in the “form of shaking the body of stagnant energy” and also received extra gifts.
I personally received 3 gifts that continue to help me in my spiritual evolution.

Yes, during the transmission there was a very powerful point of stillness which I call “the Void” where everything in the universe stood still.
I have experienced my first void when I was around 5 years of age. I was working on homework projects and my mind was drifting away until I landed into the vast ocean of nothingness. That’s the first time when I remember experiencing complete stillness. I was not aware of my body, of myself, I was just one with what is. I was going into those trance states until something like 'my mother calling me for dinner' would interrupt me from floating into and with the void. As a kid I have never questioned it, all I remember is that I enjoyed it fully, I was fascinated by it as I would feel good and very light.

The void can be intimidating for the first time we experience it, because we are programmed with mental chatter and it is very hard to witness the vastness of nothingness. Be an observer of nothingness an surrender to it, without being afraid. You are not dying, you are transforming: you grow, expand, evolve. But if you are lucky enough to reach that point of zero balance, great opportunities come your way, powerful manifesting and personal powers, plus opening your heart and mind to new levels of pure awareness. The void can be experienced during meditation when you can let go of the mental chatter.

Whatever you do don’t panic, you have been upgraded beautifully to new levels. Many people would love to find stillness of their mind, as it is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Take it easy and breath deeply. The void will help you unwind emotional thoughts, negative patterns, allowing for abundance, healing and beauty.
You are obviously very sensitive that you have sensed this kind of energy, not many people can feel it. That is an amazing gift you have, harness the power of it with positive emotions and thinking. I suggest you keep this kind of energy in (for yourself) for a week or two until the energies that you have been upgraded to settle and ground into your energy centers and then you can share your experiences with others. You probably have the ability to make a difference in others people’s lives in the near future.


How to float with the void, how to be one with the VOID...

Please understand: it is not intended as an escapism method, it is intended to find peace within.
It takes a few minutes of meditation. It actually requires dedication to seat in meditation, training your mind to find peace. Expect no magic silver bullet.
We came into this world to experiment and grow. So if you want peace, meditate. The void will come, and when it comes is total bliss.
The anxiety disappears, the madness goes away, and life starts to actually make sense. Add a prayer/intention before starting meditating and then let it go.

What I usually suggest to people I work with is to just stay with what comes to mind and just observe the thoughts. When thoughts start taking over, tell yourself: "This is the time for myself, I choose to let go now. I will deal with the thoughts (whatever thoughts come) later after I finish this meditation".

So what happens the mind will understand that you will go back to your thoughts (supportive or unsupportive) later. You will notice after the meditation is over if your thoughts were unsupportive you will disregard them, even laugh at them, because meditation helps you get rid of fake imagined thoughts that will probably never happen in reality. When everything is peace you will feel, see be part of the void.
To help you get there, imagine complete darkness and try to open your eyes in the total darkness or empty space, observe the darkness and stay with it, breath into it. Just be there, don't try to reconstruct the darkness, just let it happen with you being part of it.

And when that happens, you will know your essence, I promise you will feel GOOD!!!

During the last moon transmission three centers were awakened after we have gone through a complete process of emotional cleansing including pain and suffering cleansing that was done this time in a complete different way, more balanced I should say. The three centers that were awakened were the crown chakra, the heart and the root (base of the spine). There energy of energy vortexes cleaning was opening from the ground spiraling and cleansing all the way through the crown and then from above the same way all the way down into the earth. It usually starts from above and go deep into the ground, this time started from the earth opening into the universe then from above like a spiral of energy going deep into the earth. Very intense energy and clear visual.

At the end of the transmission that lasted over 30 minutes energy was total bliss, I wanted to be in this high vibrational state forever. I am very really grateful for the tremendous power of the moon energy, I really am!!!

Insight received during June Full Moon transmission:

"The power of life resides in the power of the mind, power of the heart, power of your roots"

"Use your inborn gift of laughter more and more every day"

"Angels are with you always"

Next Moon Transmission: July 1st, 2011, 5:30 am PDT

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Eclipses: Intense Time: - 9 ways to deal with eclipses' intense energy"

Emotional time!!!

Feeling intense, weird, ungrounded, emotional? Well you are not alone… It is very important to know what is happening in the universe and stay aligned with what is instead of fighting it, for your sanity.

This summer is intense. There is an unusual pattern of 3 eclipses in a row this summer: first one on June 1st Solar Eclipse (New Moon), second June 15 lunar eclipse (Full Moon) and third Solar Eclipse on July 1st ( New Moon).

The eclipse on June 15 will be one of the darkest eclipses EVER!

Eclipses can affect us on many levels, in particular our dark (shadow) side. They were often perceived by many cultures as omens: symbols of fear and obliteration.Energy can be very intense during those eclipses. The energy can effect us before the eclipse actually happens as far as a month or even more before. However those eclipses show a turning point in our lives.

Eclipses bring to the surface unresolved issues that are stack in emotional body, physical body ( tissue) even from past lives. Eclipses could be a good thing though. Once we comprehend that energy is just energy and that we should surrender to it, ground and do more internal work, we have a deeper understanding of our essence.


I will be offering a full moon transmission on June 15 at 9:00 pm PDT so be ready for releases: (set some intentions around those releases). If you are not awake at this time set intentions before you go to bed.


What to do during those intense eclipses:

1. Practice surrender to what is (surrender doe not mean you give it up, surrender means you have the ability to understand and let go of what doesn’t serve you)

2. Practice let go (get rid of unsupported thoughts, events, habits, even people that do not serve your highest level of excellence). It is time for you to grow, expand and evolve.

3. Earth, ground yourself: touch the earth with your bare feet to get rid of stress accumulated on a daily basis that depletes the body (reasons you get so tired). Trees and pets are also very grounding.

If you own the amazing earthing feet chakra balancers wear them every night during those times for deep support and grounding. About two weeks before an eclipse and a few days after it the energies are strangely amplified with scattered focus and unexpected happenings in particular during lunar (full moon) eclipses. If you don’t own a pair of feet chakra balancers I strongly suggest get them: you will thank me for that I promise.

4. Understand these times emotions might run high, the sense of discernment being distorted. Don’t buy into fear, instead stay centered to your own core. However something important as spiritual, healing, evolutionary development completion of projects, clear messages, significant changes, etc might come out of it: it can remove something from your life that doesn’t work and replace it with something more suitable for you.

5. Be aware of things getting escalated on Ego levels. During those times ego activation comes in. If not aware of it you can be in very deep pain. When you sense your ego is trying to be in control, BREATH deeply focusing on long inhales and short burst of exhales.

6. Reduce exposure to risk: be extra cautious of any risky activities including physical or new ideas (like risky investment possibilities) during this time.

7. Detox your physical body as well as subtle bodies: lots of good water, diet detox
Here is a great 2 days diet detox from Ayurveda:

8. Calming elixirs: I like the blue lotus Lily elixir during intense full moon

9. Meditate: Eclipses, New Moons, Full Moons are very powerful times to meditate. I personally get so much insight and messages from my guidance during those times.


Last moon transmission June 1st, 2011 (Solar Eclipse and New moon) was short yet very powerful bath of blessings There was some gray matter around auras, we immediately got cleansing from our guides… there were a few angels (women) and more helpers arrived to assist.

Looking forward to the next powerful Full moon transmission.