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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Eclipses: Intense Time: - 9 ways to deal with eclipses' intense energy"

Emotional time!!!

Feeling intense, weird, ungrounded, emotional? Well you are not alone… It is very important to know what is happening in the universe and stay aligned with what is instead of fighting it, for your sanity.

This summer is intense. There is an unusual pattern of 3 eclipses in a row this summer: first one on June 1st Solar Eclipse (New Moon), second June 15 lunar eclipse (Full Moon) and third Solar Eclipse on July 1st ( New Moon).

The eclipse on June 15 will be one of the darkest eclipses EVER!

Eclipses can affect us on many levels, in particular our dark (shadow) side. They were often perceived by many cultures as omens: symbols of fear and obliteration.Energy can be very intense during those eclipses. The energy can effect us before the eclipse actually happens as far as a month or even more before. However those eclipses show a turning point in our lives.

Eclipses bring to the surface unresolved issues that are stack in emotional body, physical body ( tissue) even from past lives. Eclipses could be a good thing though. Once we comprehend that energy is just energy and that we should surrender to it, ground and do more internal work, we have a deeper understanding of our essence.


I will be offering a full moon transmission on June 15 at 9:00 pm PDT so be ready for releases: (set some intentions around those releases). If you are not awake at this time set intentions before you go to bed.


What to do during those intense eclipses:

1. Practice surrender to what is (surrender doe not mean you give it up, surrender means you have the ability to understand and let go of what doesn’t serve you)

2. Practice let go (get rid of unsupported thoughts, events, habits, even people that do not serve your highest level of excellence). It is time for you to grow, expand and evolve.

3. Earth, ground yourself: touch the earth with your bare feet to get rid of stress accumulated on a daily basis that depletes the body (reasons you get so tired). Trees and pets are also very grounding.

If you own the amazing earthing feet chakra balancers wear them every night during those times for deep support and grounding. About two weeks before an eclipse and a few days after it the energies are strangely amplified with scattered focus and unexpected happenings in particular during lunar (full moon) eclipses. If you don’t own a pair of feet chakra balancers I strongly suggest get them: you will thank me for that I promise.

4. Understand these times emotions might run high, the sense of discernment being distorted. Don’t buy into fear, instead stay centered to your own core. However something important as spiritual, healing, evolutionary development completion of projects, clear messages, significant changes, etc might come out of it: it can remove something from your life that doesn’t work and replace it with something more suitable for you.

5. Be aware of things getting escalated on Ego levels. During those times ego activation comes in. If not aware of it you can be in very deep pain. When you sense your ego is trying to be in control, BREATH deeply focusing on long inhales and short burst of exhales.

6. Reduce exposure to risk: be extra cautious of any risky activities including physical or new ideas (like risky investment possibilities) during this time.

7. Detox your physical body as well as subtle bodies: lots of good water, diet detox
Here is a great 2 days diet detox from Ayurveda:

8. Calming elixirs: I like the blue lotus Lily elixir during intense full moon

9. Meditate: Eclipses, New Moons, Full Moons are very powerful times to meditate. I personally get so much insight and messages from my guidance during those times.


Last moon transmission June 1st, 2011 (Solar Eclipse and New moon) was short yet very powerful bath of blessings There was some gray matter around auras, we immediately got cleansing from our guides… there were a few angels (women) and more helpers arrived to assist.

Looking forward to the next powerful Full moon transmission.



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