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Friday, June 25, 2010

Dealing with the challenges of this year… Grand Cross!

Dear friends,

How is your internal/external world? Rocking? This year in particular in a truly interesting year, it is the year of element fire that transforms and transcends, with very intense summer!!!

June 26, 2010-- powerful full moon eclipse- astrologically, one of the most powerful eclipses in over 500 years!!!

This Eclipse shows a powerful Grand Cross configuration that can be a sign of great challenge. It will influence everyone's lives for the following six months. Align with this configuration, instead of opposing it. We are all going thru a major shift that started to be noticeable early this year for most of us and subtle noticed by only a few since 2008. Ancient prophets predicted these times of radical change, and astrologers have been very interested in this for a long time. Depending on the state of mind we can perceive these transformations as catastrophic or as new beginning of a new and better era for humanity, where a major shift in consciousness is happening.

If your world is shaking, you are not alone! The last past months, most of the people I know have experienced some sort of major transformation on different levels: injuries, divorces, losses of any kind etc.

My Internal world is rocking right now and external life seems pretty challenging. As I am approaching my travel dates to my Peru journey, the obstacles I am facing are big! I am surrendering to life’s challenges as they come and do more internal work to purge and cleanse for the years to come. Ayahuasca the medicine plant that transformed my life last year in Peru is testing me on the very deepest levels of my being right now and I am silently accepting the test with humbleness and patience.
The messages that I keep getting are: “do inner work” and “choose wisely”.

Is going through the pain of being human, part of the learning process of it? Maybe! Life is challenging, just be brave! And when you had too much on your plate just ask for help. Align with that Cosmic intelligence! …
“Do inner work” and “choose wisely”.

Don't sit in fear - get out and walk. Move it out. I mean really MOVE! You will be surprised what will happen to you!

What area of your body is weak? Meditate on it and strengthen it.

Today I did healing work on two very different people both having their solar plexus area weak. Fear resides in the solar plexus! I am not saying to achieve “six pack abs” too much of a core work can get one out of balance. Solar plexus is where our power resides, if it’s weak will invite fear in. If it’s tense it invites stress. Work it out with intelligence!

Also make a habit to scan your body and notice what area is weak or tense. Is your jaw tense right now? Is it? No really? Then soften your face, see how good it feels! If an area of your body or subtly body is week or tense, invite your breath into that area. Breath is yours, honor it, USE it! It is FREE after all. The “three part breathing” is one of the most powerful breathing techniques.

If you do not meditate, find time for it, start practicing yoga if you haven’t done so, it’s one of the most powerful gifts you can give to yourself.

MEDITATE AND MOVE! MOVE AND MEDITATE! Move the stagnant energy and meditate on internal peace! If things go crazy stay in the flow, accept and surrender to life!

Smile! Genuinely! You might be surprised what a smile does to your brain!

Instead of focusing to the "bad" in any form that happens, look for the gift or blessing in it.

Slow eating is one of the biggest meditations on this Earth” ~ Yogi Bajan.

Enjoy your journey,

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Solar Eclipse and New Moon July 2010 in Peru

Next New Moon, July 11, 2010 is also a powerful solar eclipse- imagine double new Moon energy - doubling the intention and POWER! An eclipse seems to stop time and speak directly to our soul!

The beginning of our Peru sacred journey starts miraculously on July 11, 2010 - the solar eclipse and new moon! We’ll be trekking the Peru mountains with the shamans, spending time in the nature to set powerful intentions and do our offerings to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) ending with a powerful despacho! It will be intense, in fact the whole journey will be intense! No wonder why I was called this time of the year for my second round of Ayahuasca experience!

Since I came from Peru last November, I have been experiencing a tremendous transformation with more doors opening for me. Working with the medicine plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro is not easy, however they taught me to go deeper into my own self and clear more that no longer served me, I learned that being humble makes one more powerful, I learned to let go of fake ego, creating my own success differently bringing more peace and joy into my life. I now understand what is important and priority in my life, detach from others drama with wisdom and compassion, focusing more on spiritual maturity and integrity.

The entire Peru journey is a firm commitment: to the medicine plant‘s teaching, commitment to self and own spiritual path. It is not an entertaining journey although the beauty of the mountains and pristine nature can make one drift away!

Experiencing Ayahuasca makes one see clear deep into the spirit world which is not a far away dimension-- it is right here, only if we could see it clear. Ayahuasca is a spiritual vehicle. It opens the eyes and ears to see and hear the spirit in much depth. I have myself experienced increased telepathic communication, allowing me to see beyond time and space and deeper wisdom and intuition after working with the plant, all in time. It made me more aware of my surroundings and align deeper with Mother Earth.

Ayahuasca gives us information, she is a master teacher, a tough one, she is not suited for everyone -- only for that are willing to go deeper and work on themselves at very deep levels. The shamans that we will be working with are authentic and hold sacred space for us in a very loving way. The icaros - songs are the language that the shamans and the plants speak --allowing the plant to penetrate deeper to our very own essence, keeping us supported during the ceremony. After a few months coming back form Peru, I have noticed that the plant have changed me in ways that I didn’t expect, I could hear the icaros in my mind and smell the plant knowing that the plant kept working on me in very subtle miraculous ways.

I didn’t know why I was so mesmerized by Stings’s “desert Rose” song. I found out that he went to the Amazonian jungle himself to work with the shamans and ayahuasca. Since his ayahuasca sessions, Sting has helped save a good portion of the rainforest, the size of Switzerland. The plant probably called on him to help save the plants.

I was invited to a breath work immersion that really works in perfect harmony with Ayahuasca, later to find out the breath facilitators were also experiencing the powers of the plant.

Successful work with Ayahuasca requires will, self control and focus. The plants speak in many different ways. Often they work subtly and slowly in “plant time”, sometimes miraculously fast.

If you are called to Peru by the medicine plant and the spirit of the Apus (Mountains) THINK and ACT NOW!