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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Shift: Awaken into Awareness

Energy WavesLast night I had a lucid dream more of a ‘channeling’. In the past channeling has got a bad reputation, but people are more open and aware of this.

Let’s say channeling was more of message from intuition, guidance, higher self, although I was given information and saw myself writing it down in order to remember it when I wake up.

The whole message was about the shift that is happening. Apparently there are other interdimensional beings that want to assist us in knowing ourselves and the world better, communicating with us continuously via telepathy.  

So here it is:

The shift that is happening is affecting everyone on this planet as well as other planets. It’s a massive galactic shift.
Each and every Human on Planet Earth has “officially “completed the 4th dimensional transition.
Congratulations for the safe transformational shift.

Raising your personal vibrations helped others raise theirs. Honor yourself! Not everyone has felt the 3rd to 4th dimensional shift. Now as you are shifting to the 5th dimension and above, more humans have already started to feel the shift more profoundly.

You are vibrating at a higher level and speed. Some people might experience nausea, bloating, dizziness, some might feel exhausted at times alternating with sudden bursts of energy, strength and a desire to exercise more, do more, be more.

Some might feel anxiety, restlessness; some might feel like doing nothing at all. Some feel like they have lost their soul, some feel moments of sadness and depression alternating with bursts of unexplained happiness and joy.

Some women might experience irregular periods and symptoms pregnancy. You are ‘impregnated’ with new energies and your physical body is going through a very deep transformation. The energies come and go in massive energetic waves.

Other experiences:

Emotional drama surfacing
Feeling like you have lost your heart, your soul, your connection with self.
Felling attracted to people that you think are your soulmates
A desire for being more poetic, more artistic
A massive awakening: you notice people around you waking up to awareness…

It is not an easy process nevertheless but there is a great purpose and greatness beyond what feels weird and intense. You are not only transforming, you are also awaken into awareness.
Just be aware, be observant, and know what’s going on so you make the right decisions. Time to tune into your intuition and your heart.
As the entire planet is rebirthing, you are rebirthing into your new self. Honor your body for completing such a powerful task of shifting. Surrender to what is, go with the flow.

Sometimes “Less is More”.