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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Empowering with the Creative Principle

How do Empowerments work?

We Are midst of some very powerful Feminine energies, with the full moon nights and days, amplified by the energies of a Lunar eclipse.
What can be done during these creative times? Any kind of empowerment you choose! The list is endless, but anything you choose to be involved in or aligned with should be vibrationally connected, it will be charged and powered up manyfold with the added bonus of a mine of the creative feminine principle!

Lilly and I both choose these special days out of the entire year to create and put to work any kind of spiritual feat, we mentally and spiritually prepare by keeping our energies high especially high vibrational during the days before leading up to what we consider a 'Sacred undertaking' finding 'others' to assist your work also empowers it, you can invite anyone astrally to participate, from the astral and angelic realms, even before the thought is completed - all that is needed is ready and in alignment with the cosmic forces driving it. We as humans just have to imagine, intend and create but always in gratitude with the source.

The energies of late have been ushered in and with the Lunar eclipse and heart energies of february along with it the support we need to be able to 'hold' the new energies in our own new spaces, a flood of feminine energies that are waiting for us to imprint it into etheric matter, the earth is 'birthing' in abundance our true 'organic' needs, in an almost miraculous magickal way, as we unite together in these energies more and more - the more we tune into the Universal Energetic Heart - NOW is time to create new realities more then ever before, realities that support the higher good of the planet of Humanity, lets tune in our thoughts to the higher realms, because whatever resides in the consciousness will be expanded and projected far reaching, especially light thoughts, they travel far and wide! what we are experiencing in other realms is a mass moving ahead in the cosmic arenas and many densely vibrating factors of the linear are falling away leaving us feeling 'spacey' and ungrounded.

Align yourself with celestial forces instead, re-evaluate the concept of 'work' we need not necessarily get involved 'physically' to make things happen, in fact since we have switched gears vibrationally, it will not serve us to hang on to the dense ways of going about our day and running our lives, it will only bring us further out of balance with universal harmony, hitting the wrong chords and 'missing' things.

What will happen if we all start to align? We will all be in 'Tune' with the Cosmic Melody and our resonance will be clear and strong! Why empower ourselves? The Earth is full of sacred magickal forces, blessings and 'Gifts' they have been hidden in the earth to serve our evolution and condition for eons, whenever they are most needed- there are times when empowerments were not needed and only few in land had access of the knowledge, whenever evolution moved slowly and in accord with its destiny. The past thousands of years we have been existing in lower vibrational energies and linear consciousness. These metaphysical treasures and secrets knowledges have been hidden to us until a time when they will be needed once again, but more then ever before, this is because of our raising vibrations in accordance with universal activity.

Many of these Guarded mysteries are being revealed to those who have made a soul choice to serve and support the raising of universal consciousness. The more we connect to the wisdom and those who possess it, the more we 'receive' of it, when we then choose to 'share' what we recieve, this in itself is an empowerment and should be welcomed as such. Tune into the Power! Send out those Life giving thoughts! Become a braodcasting antenna for Love and abundance, set aside a few moments a few times a day to remind ourselves that we are part of a holographic universe! We can reach anywhere we want to, how far are our own limitations, miracles happen because it is inline with cosmic forces, the more in alignment the faster it happens- The key: Don't just have faith-Have certainty!
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Bright Blessings to all enlightened Warriors, yasmine

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