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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Psychic Pollution

"I will carry my gods within me, swallow my divinity whole. The responsibily that clarity unveils...as I become the face of my soul."
Psychic Pollution Psychic pollution spread by the popular media in the form of newspapers, television and advertising is toxic and detrimental to our divinity. We are sensitive instruments and our vibrationary level/frequency is affected by our observations. Like a tuning fork we tend to vibrationally attune to the object/subject of our observations.
"News" is "some news", everyday at every minute everything that you could possibly think of then more is happening somewhere on this planet of ours. The news that is reported is little bits of usually negative stuff that we are publically told is newsworthy. We then observe, reinforce and strengthen by our observation and attention whatever the "news" happens to be. We are not usually told of all of the wonderful things that are happening every single second all over this planet too. It is our decision where our attention is focused. It makes a difference where our attention is focused, it makes a difference how we "vibrate". We hold the key to changing and helping to birth a new consciousness…the control panel lies within. Eliminate or reduce your exposure to TV, to the "News" to newspapers, to advertising, take a few steps outside of "the consensus reality" and then look again. When you are within it you are attuned to it. Step outside and realise a new world lies within each of us but we must detach from the "programming" as that keeps us only able to access certain levels of consciousness. Mass reality has a ceiling…get above that and there is a vastly different view. ....

14 Jan 2004 @ 04:41, by Joy Frequencies

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