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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Intuition - development

Intuition - “Just knowing” - instantaneous knowing - the gift of prophetic knowing

Intuition is pure, it is connected with ones higher Guidance- greater spirituality. It is the most “volatile” and fleeting of the psychic abilities. It is the fastest of all psychic senses. Inuitives feel that the word is too slow for them, because their minds work fast. The impressions intuitive people get, arrive quickly and disappear quickly.

Best thing to do is to capture the first impression. Because intuition is the fastest sense it is the best one for scanning the future. It can be used to review and prevent upcoming situations, disasters. The future is always changing, it can be changed by your actions if the situation does not favor you. The instant information you receive by tapping into your intuition can help you solve problems, make better decisions, find quick answers, be at the right place at the right time.

Ways to develop your intuition
Meditate- this is the most effective way to develop your intuition. The more you meditate, the more you’ll increase your psychic abilities (intuition, clairvoyance etc). Take time to meditate and day dream, let your mind travel freely wherever it wants. Ask your intuition for the right answers. When you have tough decisions to make, and you feel you hit the wall it’s a good idea to ask your intuition for the right answer.
Sleeping on a problem is a good approach sometimes as you give time to your intuition to work in the background. You give your spirit a command to travel into other realms and find the solution while you carry on with your normal life. You will eventually know the answer to your problem. Intuition reception location - access intuition on command
The area where intuition is located is the top of the head, (crown charka), right between the two hemispheres of the brain, extending up towards the universe. When accessing intuition you direct your attention upwards. More precise, imagine a funnel extending outwards towards the universe. Relax, close your eyes and stay grounded before trying to access the intuition’s reception location. Shift your attention upward to your intuition reception location. While here start asking questions. Be opened to any impressions you get and never try too hard, never force your focus. Don’t censure yourself. Notice the impressions you get, the sensations. Most of the time the impressions you get are symbolic, take time to “digest” them, you’ll find the right answers. By tuning into this intuition area (“going up”) you don’t have to wait for psychic impressions to come to you, you simply access them on command. The upward thinking opens the doors to universal knowledge.

The intuition gemstones elixir help to open this psychic center.
Use gemstones and crystals to help you increase your intuition: Quartz crystals Herkimer diamonds (“stone of attunement” ) Amethyst ( violet amethysts- works profoundly on spiritual levels) Selenite ( access angelic consciousness) Moonstone (aids intuition and empathy) Lapis lazuli (opens the psychic centers of the mind) Celestite and angelite (help in contacting angelic and spiritual realms) Sodalite ( encourages intuitive perceptions) Smoky quartz (grounds intuition) Meditate, work/play with these gemstones, wear them, make orgone generators with these stones and crystals. I always add few of these gemstones and crystals in my gifting and intuition orgone creations. Use other methods, abilities (clairvoyance, psychic feeling) or tools (pendulum), as confirmations to what you already “know” by using your intuition. Communicate with your body, pay attention to it, talk to your spirit - be friend with your intuition, never ignore it or doubt it, exercise it, don’t let others make decisions for you - don’t give your powers away to any spiritual broker, the intuitive connection is only between you and God/higher self trust yourself, there are no such things as coincidences. Developing this ability you will eventually achieve unlimited potentials which are your birthright.

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