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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inter-relationship between The Chakras and The Twelve Houses

Issues of The 12 Houses

First House 1st & 3rd chakras:
Birthing and rebirthing the Self! Your identity, self-esteem, and awareness of your ego lay the groundwork for your life. How you conduct yourself with others, and whether you have the strength to make your way without needing to ask for permission, depends on how well you succeed at the many challenges that awaken your need to take charge of who you are.

Second House 2nd chakra: It represents what you hold most dear. In energy terms the second house represents the next stage in the formation of the self. "whats mine...what do I want out of life..what power is essential to my interacting with physical life?"
This house represents your appreciation for the physical nature of life-the objects of this earth that appeal to your ego and spirit, and what you need most to feel grounded in the world. This house most reflects which objects of energy you associate with earthly power: money, status, ownership, art, the capacity to control others, senuality, beauty.
These are the most seductive means through which spirit becomes attached to physical form. People often suffer great anguish because they believe that to be happy, they must possess a particular person, place or thing to be happy. And yet the ability to love unconditionally is antithetical to attachment.

Third House 3rd & 5th chakras:
Once you establish your values, you move into self-expression:how you present what you are and what you hold dear to the world. The symbolic link of siblings with communication, represents the natural process of specialization, of discovering your voice among fellow children.(all who aid your growth) This house reveals how you direct your energy into the world, how you put it into motion, and how you engage with the natural laws of magnetic attraction and cause and effect. You will want to become conscious of how you use your personal energy and power so that you become aware of your thoughts and deeds. Every thought, word, action, and deed is an expression of your power, and ultimitely only two genuine motivations stir the psyche: the empowerment or disempowerment of the self and others.

Fourth House 1st & 4th chakras:
(past and present home, biological and extended families)
In the dream state home is often associated with the true residence of the heart, or your deepest passion in life. Challenging aspect here is toxic memories. The challenge of the 4th house is to complete unfinished business of our childhood to establish healthy homes and healing your personal history.

Fifth House 6th chakra:
The archetype that resides in this house is the one that you should most rely on to make things happen. The shadow aspect of this house manifests as the expression of creative or sexual fire out of control, as in the misuse of sexual power or creativity for selfish or manipulative ends. The need to create is an essential aspect of consciousness and spirit. This is also the house of love and spontaneity, of abundance and opportunity.

Sixth House 2nd chakra: The focus on this house on occupation is survival-oriented, and the archetype that resides here influences how you seek out paths of security. The challenge of the sixth house is to balance work and health. An archetype might indicate unhealthy or destructive habits that do not serve your physical well-being. Or it might indicate how you negotiate your ethics and morals for the sake of financial and job security.

Seventh House 2nd & 4th chakras:
This house is prime territory for acts of betrayal, which often reveal the shadow aspects of relationships. T his house regulates issues of money (partnerships), values, and matters of the heart. We invest great energy in enjoying, maintaining, or recovering from our relationships, and in the process we learn about our motivations. One of the healthiest gifts we can give ourselves is to constantly monitor our reasons for being criticle and controlling. Maintain your core relationship to yourself and live according to the truth that the greatest gift you can give another is a healthy self-your own.

Eight House 2nd & 6th chakras:
Unlike the second house, which deals with personal ownership, the eight house rules your use of money in the public arena. The theme of inheritance in this house relates to your financial and legal concerns, your DNA, and your ancestral biological memory. Legal and financial matters involve both your intellect and your sense of values.Many of the contracts you have with other people come together because of money, sex, and power, and this house too carries the potential for betrayal and misunderstanding. The archetype matched to your eighth house is the one that is your guide into your fears, challenges, and strengths in dealing with money, inheritance, and sexuality. If you had a crisis about how important money is to you or about your resistance to having a full life, you would look at the second house, because those are issues of personal value.

Ninth House 7th chakra:
Shadow aspects inherent in this house relate to the challenge of managing your spiritual ego, often characterized by the archetype known as the Messianic complex. The spiritual awakening referred to as a 'dark night of the soul' resonates powerfully with the energetic profile of the ninth house.All depression arises out of feelings of disempowerment. Spiritual depression is likely to be triggered by an absorbtion in metaphysical issues than by material concerns. You may feel that youve reached a dead end and have been abandoned by God. If you determine that your depression is spiritual, one solution may be to surrender all your worldly fears and concerns to the Divine. "I allow GOD to make my investments according to a wisdom greater than my own." The soul's field of study is the nature of God, which does not yield to logical explaination.

Tenth House 5th & 7th chakras:
Your highest potential is what your Sacred Contract is prompting you to recognize and realize. Because this requires that you make a choice regarding your spiritual destiny. The archetype that resides in this house is your entryway into deciphering the choices open to you and the quality of your motivations. The shadow side of your highest potential is self-sabotage or lack of faith-fears of your own power and empowerment. The archetype in your tenth house is the indicator of how your unconscious organizes your thoughts when you are faced with choices that can lead you into fullfilling your potential. This archetype represents the symbolic language that you want to use to begin deciphering all that your highest potential holds.

Eleventh House 4th & 6th chakras:
Your view point about life in general is connected to the energy of this house. Those sentiments reflect how you see your sense of power operating within the social or global enviroment. Optimism or pessimism about the future of humanity is an extention of the spiritual energy of the eleventh house. The eleventh house rules how you relate your creativity to humanity. The archetype that resides within your eleventh house is symbolic of how you view the power of your spirit in relation to the whole of life and how we see our place in the world. The more aware you are of the power of your spirit, the less you have to travel physically, because you can send your thoughts and prayers to do the work for you.

Twelfth House: 6th & 7th chakras:
The energetic nature of this house pushes our underground images into our mind through every available portal: dreams, conversations, synchronistic encounters, any means that provide an opportunity to see a fragment of our contract in action. Your intuitive abilities are part of the energy of this house. Intuition is our primal sense. The archetype that resides in your twelfth house is your guide to the underground. The shadow side of the twelfth house can feel very much like a gothic chamber of horrors precisely because it is so closely linked to the numerous fragments of our psyche. Many of our addictions and compulsions are rooted in our deepest fears of being abandoned.

Houses: The 'Where' of astrology Houses:
Qualities of Planet/Sign Experienced, Expressed
1 Physical Appearance -- Persona
2 Issues of personal worth/Resourses -- property,possesions
3 Daily occurences, trips and Encounters, communication siblings-primary and secondary schooling
4 Domestic issues- Background/Roots -privately-subjective Fathers (sometimes Mothers) Influences character
5 Creative- Romantic- children- recreationally-spectulative-sexually- pastimes- entertainments 6 Work- service- Body/mind state (health) -collegues/employees methods
7 Relationships- partners influence/character-others-the public projection on another/others
8 Intimately-others resourses- investments, inheritence, business intensely- secretly- crisis (death) transformatively- The Occult
9 Foreign Places/people- Adventurously-religiously- Higher education philosophically- conceptually- Prophetically
10 Professionally- Publically- Authority- status- world stage- material world- Mothers (sometimes Fathers) influence/character
11 Friends- Groups- Ideals- Politically- social values- Teamwork
12 Vaguely- repressively- before birth (womb/karmic effect)- inwardly Meditation/retreat/confinement- behind the scenes- unconscious realm

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