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Saturday, May 23, 2009

How fear affects ones life- Overcoming fears

One problem most of us have to face is FEAR - others would define it as “false evidence appearing real“. There are all sort of fears which affect our lives: fear of rejection, fear of loosing someone dear, fear of failure, fear of gaining weight, fear of aging, fear of unknown, obsessive fear of germs and/or illnesses, fear of heights, animals, enclosed places, etc. If fear is not dealt with it, can become obsessive and develop into debilitating disorders affecting our lives. How fear affects ones life

The first thing I do when I work with people is sensing the level of their fear with my psychic feelings. The “psychic feeling” reception area is located in the abdomen - solar plexus, the third chakra. Sometimes my abdomen is so shaky that I have to encourage people to take few deep breaths to release the anxiety they hold. Healing takes place when body is in a deep relaxed state. Once fears are dealt with, great improvements are being achieved. Fear could come from childhood: how many of us were scared to go to bed because of ghost, goblins, monsters? Fear is everywhere around: books, media, especially “news”. For example bedwetting as a child can be caused by being afraid of a parent, usually the father. Many people were afraid go to bed at night when they were children. Some reported being afraid of being abducted or afraid of having nightmares.

These fears are carried to this present time and affect their lives. Some of them have no clue that these fears have an impact on their life and health, most of the fears are deep rooted in subconscious levels. You might think that you have no fears or blockage because that doesn’t make any logical sense. What you think you believe is not exactly how your subconscious perceives. Conscious mind can make a difference between right and wrong, based on logic, however subconscious mind deals with feelings and emotions.

I remember having nightmares when I was in high school.
The math teacher was a funny guy but very severe. Every time he asked me to present math work in front of the class at the “blackboard” my mind went blank, not being able to focus. He used to kick me out of the classroom, shouting, calling me names etc, He used his dominant position to "take my power away", my solar plexus chakra being completely blocked at the time. I was among the kids who didn’t take criticism very well, being oversensitive. Most of the people do much better when they are praised. Anyway, despite that I was doing absolutely great at written tests , being able to focus on my work. These big fears haunted me later as an adult, it affected my life, I used to have nightmares, dreaming about being afraid of exams, being very stressed. Recently I worked on this particular fear pulling it out and changed it with love, working on forgiving my teacher.

One woman who was facing troubles in her marriage, asked for my help. I “saw” an attachment to a child who passed away. Fear of loosing her husband was hidden in one of her children’s death. She confirmed that one of her children passed away and her husband had a hard time coping with that. Fears are rooted deeply and emphatically in our belief systems, conscious or subconscious minds. Our brains are more sophisticated then computers and the faulty programming including fear are sometimes hard to be found and broken. These programs could be even carried from past lives, being handed to you from ancestors. Some might even fear God, although they have a hard time believing it. Deep in their subconscious they fear God. Could be that their ancestors believed that God punished them for being sinners and this fear was passed along through genes.

Overcoming fears
Have you ever sat down and talked to yourself or asked the Creator what are you afraid of? Very simple question!!! First thing to do is acknowledge and confront the fear. Second make a list of positive and negative feelings, then meditate, pray, do healing, psychic work to cut the ties to bad thoughts, pull the negative programming out and replace them with GOOD, loving thoughts. Ask God/higher self for answers. For example in a meditative state or prayer ask where are these fears coming from. If you do not get the answers immediately, pay attention to what thoughts you’ll have in the next few days. Ask to get answers while you are in a dream state.
See few tips: how to remember dreams if you cannot remember dreams.

Theta state
Going above yourself (meeting your higher self), getting into theta state - a very slow brain wave pattern, connects you to the Source/God. When we go to bed, right before we fall asleep we go into Theta state. Healings take place while in a deep relaxation state, that could be achieved when we go into theta. It is simple to achieve this state: close your eyes, breath deeply and gently and “think up” or see yourself up in the sky. While there, connect with God/Source/higher self by saying a prayer or simply “think” or mention God/source/higher self whatever works for you. My favourite one is “God the Creator of the Universe”. After you are connected, work on changing these fear believes with affirmations or whatever messages you get. Fears can be carried to present life from past lives affecting physical or emotional health. Check for that as well. Ask God/ Higher self/ Source to release any faulty programming or decisions in your DNA which are causing fear, replacing it with love commanding that all cells in your body communicate with each other in harmony.

Affirmations Prayer, affirmations, meditation, visualization should be accompanied by strong determination. Words have a vibration. Emotional healing involves affirmations. Sometimes I ask people who I help to repeat affirmations after me. What I noticed is the tonality of their voice being very low, without determination. When I ask them to add a little devotion into the affirmation, the energy level increases tremendously. Words are lifeless if the life force is not present. Try this: do your affirmations in front of a mirror. Add extra devotion, will, faith, passion and never forget a big smile. Notice an immediate increase in energy and how good you feel about yourself. At your place at work, next to your computer, next to your bed, on the fridge, write down your affirmations and repeat them with intensity and continuity. When work on affirmations make sure you do not focus on your fears, and make sure you don’t use negations like “don’t”, “I am not afraid” etc, as your subconscious mind does not understand negations, it only understands affirmations. Instead focus on the opposite: the cure for fear is love and bravery. For example: you want to replace the program “I fear God” with “God loves me”. Once you “hit” the root of the problem and work on changing that, you’ll have great results. Keep affirmations short, the simplest the affirmations the better the results. Try to be a positive “feeler” rather then being a positive “thinker”. Affirmations are more effective in the present tense rather then future tense. Choose affirmations which resonate with you. When I worked on my friend Polly I suggested this affirmation: “God is a healer”. She really loved this one but she changed the wording a little - “God heals everything” just because it resonates better with her. How to deal with “dark” energy Blockages, hooks, dark entities, implants are “real”, they exist, but it’s up to us to reject them or accept them. Don’t let them scare you. I usually ignore them, maybe not a smart word to use, perhaps “transparence” is a better word. I remember how I overcame my fears of dark entities: I made them small, so small that the naked eye could not even see them. One of my favorite methods is the “etheric shower” and I always clean myself of etheric debris while taking a shower where I command these dark energies out of my bodie(s) replace the void created with love and command all cells working in harmony. As God is the healer, implants and hooks can be dissolved, in other words everything is possible once the connection with the source is sincere and intense.
Dark entities, malevolent aliens, the dark side have a band of frequency like all organisms in the Universe. Their frequency can be annulled by the highest vibration in the Universe - Love. Some of these malevolent entities can even read our thoughts or take control over our dreams, keeping you in constant fear. That is the only way they can survive by feeding off fear. Do not let others (either malevolent entities or regular people) read your thoughts implementing fear in your mind. You can choose a favorite tone and play it in your mind or out loud, it will stop others read your mind. Pay attention when you broadcast negative thoughts, it will attract these “dark” energies, entities etc. Choose positive thoughts they will attract angels.
Take control over your dreams by praying before going to bed and visualizing yourself as a very strong man/woman being in control over your dreams, ask the source to protect you and make you strong. It is important to be very specific and the prayer/meditation/visualization be strong and intense, feel it in your heart. My heart center tingles when I achieve this level of intensity, for you might be different, you might see flashes, feel you are at peace, relaxed etc. LOVE overcomes fear The opposite of fear is perfect love. Remember always the LOVE frequency holds the highest frequency in the Universe which overcomes fear, depression, anxiety. The perfect love - “agape” is a divine understanding that everything is okay, which will basically destroy fear and judgment. Opposite “phileo” love which is a greek word for adoration, approval is always conditional and accompanied with loads of fear. An example of phileo love: when you do good to others (charity or such) just to satisfy your ego, or you “take care” of your ill father just because you are afraid to loose him - note the word “afraid”. The real Love, the perfect Love, “agape” is when your heart tingles and your face, body, heart smiles, when fear is not an issue anymore because you have a deep understanding of what LOVE means.
You achieve this perfect LOVE when you meet angels in other realms and see them crying because you suffer, when they make you understand your existence. This feeling is beyond words, one must feel the perfect love deep inside his/her very essence. One of the people I worked on felt very insipid, sad to me and I was not surprised to find out that he only started praying to God a couple of weeks before he asked for my help. While working on him, I saw his angels taking over my work, I was witnessing angel’s work. It was amazing to watch, in fact it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had while working with someone. I usually don’t get involved with people’s emotions I work with but this time this man’s heavenly companions made me cry. That is called LOVE. Sometimes it’s hard to love abductor or abusers. Hating them does not solve fear problems, will make them worse. If you cannot love “ them” try forgiving them, if that is too much try to release them into the Universe, letting them go. Make sure you thank the Source, God, higher self for helping you. By doing that your subconscious mind will understand what you just asked for. After you finish your prayer, meditation, psychic/healing work, forget about what you just did and let your subconscious mind work in the background, this way you detach from your emotions and let your mind and body heal doing the necessary changes. If miracles don’t happen immediately (sometimes they do- depends on the level of acceptance) then pay attention to your body, emotions in the next few days. In time the fear issues will be dissolved and you might find that your shoulder pain disappeared, no more neck or hip problems, no more fears or anxiety when you go out meeting people etc. You can grow spiritually even while you are in the presence of people who don’t have the same frequency as yours.

I “met” people who were overly sensitive, well I have to admit I was amongst this category. I even met people who spend more then 90% of their time inside their house, being afraid of going out. Paranoia doesn’t help. There is a lot of fear mongering on the internet, media, everywhere around us, specially related to the end of this planet. Lets admit, fear doesn’t do any good. We are here on this earth with a mission, to grow spiritually and assist others. It is not a coincidence that you are reading this: your frequency is higher then others. You do not need to be in a perfect “positive environment” to grow spiritually, in fact that’s a big challenge and that’s the beauty of it. That’s how you develop your “powers” how to learn to “swim in rough waters”, in other words face your fears, conquering them by filling your heart with love and share it with others. Once your frequency raised to a high level you’ll notice you will not be afraid of the unknown, this life is not that bad after all, in fact it is a wonderful adventure and experience. We all know that we create our own reality, and this thought is sweeping through the minds of millions!!! Yes millions! Things might appear to get worse but in fact they get better! Our positive emotions are added to the very center of mass consciousness and are available to others to tap into these emotions as they grow. Isn’t it beautiful to “know” that we can overcome our fears and at the end we’ll be able to transform the corporate greed and negative emotions into love and abundance? However, people have to change their own reality for better before they can assist in changing the world for better. Picture things getting better instead of seeing them getting worse. You will start to vibrate with the reality you want to live in, if you ever find yourself being afraid about environment, weather, wars, just imagine things turning out amazingly beautiful. By doing this you create a positive picture that will be available telepathically to others. This sort of work is done in thewomenwarriors boosting sessions. Remember: A positive thought cancels out hundred of negative thoughts! Lilly

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