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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dragons Blood elixir

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Journey to the edge of new consciousness with Dragons Blood elixir

Our new Dragons blood elixir is a very mystical potion designed to awaken many raw cosmic powers and forces hidden within, an unusual and very unique component has been added that has been taken from the spirit realms and captured in the essence and body of this powerful elixir of Raw vital life force.

The properties transfered into the elixir are connected to the Majestic Dragon Totem and awaken and transfer the following virtues:

Leadership, magical enchantment, vitality, mastery, insight, divine illumination, protection from outside evil forces from all directions, grounded energy, fulfillment of potential, inspiration, longevity, personal happiness, spiritual abundance, infinite wisdom, luminous beauty, majesty, indomitable spirit and strength, invisibility, power of transformation and metaphysical knowledge, youthfulness.

These is a secret alchemical combination that has evolved in several phases with the addition of various powerful sacred medicinal and entheo-genic plants and flowers, as well as blue and indigo cosmic rays, This elixir has been empowered by draconian intelligences is not for the light hearted!

Dragons Blood elixir 25ml bottle $44US

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peru Sacred Journey into the spiritual world


~ Shamans ~ Ayahuasca and San Pedro journeys ~ Machu Picchu ~ Yoga ~ Healing ~

Since my last trip to Peru in 2009, my life changed beautifully, a lot of good powerful magical things happened in my life. Peru sacred journey this year shook and healed even more deeper layers of my being. I have learned so much about myself from the wisdom and knowledge of the master teacher medicine plants Ayahausca and San Pedro. Machu Picchu never looked so beautiful and radiating after a lot of cleansing being done internally as well as externally…

Here is how our journey unfolded…

The preparation for this trip (purification through diet, meditation yoga and intentions) started about a month before our trip.
I have asked the mother plant Ayahuasca - soul of the vine - what I was supposed to do to make the best out of this journey. Her answer was very simple: “keep it spiritual” and she showed me numerous visions of 4 people working together!
I was real curious about this 4 number as quite a few people wanted to come along, and the more people would express their wish to come the more the plant would show me the same '4 people vision'. Four of us ended up working together: the shaman couple (Nia and Erin) and my friend Mara.

Mara and I first met for the first time in the nature during a hike. She climbed one side of the same mountain while I was climbing the other side meeting right at the top.
She has been having dreams about Peru, medicine plants and lamas for quite some time and when she found out about Peru trip she was IN fast! There were quite a few tough obstacles for Mara and I prior to our trip and later we found out the shamans had quite a hard time as well.

The shamans that I was blessed to work with for two years now are beautiful inside out, educated, modern authentic Andean shamans of Peru. They complete each other perfectly. Their work is about healing, love, balance and equanimity using teacher plants: Mother Ayahuasca (female) and Grandfather San Pedro (male). It is a blessing indeed to work with such genuine shamans that fulfill their responsibilities required on this planet at this time.
They have also been themselves put through different tests throughout the years and passed them successfully!

The medicine plants have put the 4 of us through a big TEST! Why the plant showed me number 4 was to find out about later! The past year I kept seeing the numbers: 4, 44, and specially 444 everywhere!
4th of July I completed 4 peaks (hike) in one day at mount Charleston, started with 5 people and 4 of us completed it! So another powerful 444 number!

We noticed the entire Peru trip, number 4 was everywhere, hotel rooms, bus ticket numbers, train numbers and so on.

We started the journey on July 11 - a very powerful day -- New Moon and Solar Eclipse with an amazing powerful despacho - an Andean ritual to honor the elements, Father Sun, Mother Earth and the Great Spirit of Light and Wisdom. During the despacho few drops of holy rain poured from the sky, a very magic sign of auspiciousness.
The place where despacho was held is located in one of the most powerful places on earth, it’s a PORTAL to another dimension! The shamans made sure we all stayed together because this place is highly charged energetically and there were cases of people being teleported to a different place in space and time. The whole period we were on this journey was supposed to be very challenging according to astrology: however it transformed into a huge blessing and EMPOWERMENT for all of us! The more challenging the more powerful the outcome!

Heaven meets the Earth ~ Sacred Valley Retreat

The retreat where most of our experience took place is a mystic blessed place where Heaven meets the Earth: home of different birds including humming birds, a multitude of wild flowers, surrounded by sacred mountains that hold a multitude of wise ancient spirits.

This retreat center supports an orphanage by providing food, education, clothing, medical support for the kids. The orphanage was the dream and creation of a truly amazing, powerful, inspirational woman Lady K that passed away this past year.
Since her transition no healer came to work there, no Ayahuasca ceremonies were ever held until the 4 of us showed up and did a lot of cleansing work.

We started slowly to demystify the “obstacles that tried to prevent all of us from working there” when we have heard Lady K’s story from his best friend Kathy who is now in charge with the retreat. Mara and I immediately felt Lady K’s presence everywhere around, specially the first night we arrived. The teepee that Mara and I shared was Lady’s K home and we didn’t even know it.
The whole night the entire teepee was surrounded by fairy tale lights in spite of the fact that it was New Moon and outside was completely dark.

During the first night I woke up by some presence in the room and when I opened my eyes I saw a woman that I first though was Mara going to the bathroom, but then I saw this woman opening and closing the door with very delicate and gentle movements like a multidimensional dance. Nonetheless was beautiful to watch, very angelic. I realized Mara was sleeping in her bed. I pinched myself, closed and opened my eyes a few times to see if I was dreaming. I was completely wide awake, and the mystical lady was Lady K showing me a portal between worlds. I am still shaken by the experience as I write this. Fairy tales lights were present the whole night and the nights after.

Next day when I shared my experience with Mara, she mentioned seeing those lights and feeling the presence of Lady K as well. Mara and I both concluded that Lady K was one of the many reasons we were there.

We felt Lady K left this dimension being heart broken. She loved the orphan children so dearly and it was hard for her to leave them behind.

The whole place she built is a piece of phenomenal art, it’s indeed the place between heaven and earth very high energetically. The powerful yoga temple, the dining place, Teepees and even the bathroom are decorated very detailed with sophistication grace and love. You can tell how much she enjoyed creating this heavenly place.

AYAHUASCA ~ gateway to the spirit world ~ the “Channel to the Invisible World"

The use of the medicine plant ayahuasca is gaining awareness and acceptance throughout the world. By the end of our work the shamans and myself got a VERY IMPORTANT message from the teacher plant: ayahuasca wants to stay in Peru for NOW, her work being done in Peru through authentic native shamans.  
Ayahuasca simply will allow the shaman (or the one that takes the plant) to enter other dimensions where communication with the spirit of the plant, healing, extrasensory perception, wisdom and sacred knowledge are being transmitted.  

Ayahuasca sacred ceremonies

The first Ayahuasca ceremony was not easy at all for either one of us. Since Lady K left this dimension there were no healers/shamans wanting to work here and the place needed a lot of cleansing work.
Last year the first night I have asked the plant to be gentle on me, so she did: the experience was all about “light and beauty“! However was not that powerful!
The power comes when you go deep into the darkness and start cleaning and pulling out toxic pollution: psychic, mental, physical, emotional garbage and such.
On the second ceremony last year I have asked the plant to give me what I was supposed to learn, so she did: it was intense work!

This year in my third ayahuasca ceremony I asked her for another upgrade: whatever I was supposed to learn, so she did.
I had all sort of intense feelings, “high definition” geometric patterns visuals pretty or less pretty, unsolved puzzles from the past relationships clearing out etc.
Dark side exists. There is love and light but there is also darkness… and by just denying, ignoring it, running away from it we only keep ourselves in illusion and could never tap into our full potentiality. The plant showed me the only way to grow is to face darkness that includes all sort of fears, working with it by accepting it and then release it!

Continuous process
Once you have worked with the plant she will keep upgrading you if you are willing to do the work. One will never go back to the beginning of the work: it’s a continuous process.
After last year’s work she made her presence to me numerous times teaching me different lessons. During a breathwork immersion few months back the plant upgraded me to a new level giving me very clear message: “you have done a lot of work on yourself, it’s time to let others do their own work”. This time during the first ceremony I got the same message on a much deeper level.

Icaros ~ Sacred Healing Chants
The shamans lead the ceremonies via Icaros - the Sacred healing chants that are either transferred to them through their ancestors or through the plant directly. Icaros are a very important during the ceremony - being interconnected with the visionary experiences. They are also used to help someone out of a negative experience or to assist with transition. Each and every Icaro was meant for a different test and different type of work.

Both nights the icaros were definitely leading the transition to the next test. The concepts that I knew before were deep embedded this time in my heart center and the whole ceremony for me was about being centered in my own being without allowing my energy being wasted on things that do not serve my highest purpose and spiritual growth.

The first night ceremony Nia felt very weak and she could hardly sing the icaros. The whole ceremony was very difficult for all of us. I was also very weak, but then again, a lot has been released that night.
The next day, I gifted Nia with an orgone protection pendant, she felt the power of the protector pendant while regaining her powers immediately. Her voice and icaros the second night were not only very powerful but also amazingly beautiful! At some point during the ceremony, Erin starting playing the flute instrument. Flute has been known to help entrain brainwaves. The sounds that Erin played was out of this world, mesmerizing tunes! The next day when we talked he said he can hardly play this instrument, he just started playing it recently, it was the plant guiding him.

Cleaning curses and negative patterns
During the first night ceremony I have seen and cleansed a “curse” from my mother - feminine side lineage. Women on my mother side were cursed with carrying others people problems/issues on their own shoulders. I have thrown up the curse and cleanse mentally as well as emotionally.

Erin saw me ethericaly struggling with the curse, came to me and helped me clear by using floral water on my head! Wow! that felt so unbelievable good!!! It felt like I have been releasing life times emotional dramas that did not belong to my space!
That night I have met with my departed father whom I didn’t have a chance of saying good bye. I have carried a lot of sadness in me since his passing and that night was a night of love, forgiveness and healing our relation. Being a healer I also carried a lot of sadness from others in my heart that manifested in physical pain lately, I could literarily feel a lot of pain before the journey and that night the plant cleansed me physically as well as emotionally, taking my pain away.

I was also shown death and the concept of death: which is another illusion: “the coffins” fall into a deep abyss while the spirit moves up in very happy and glittery colorful electric lights. So there is no death, its all illusion, it’s the death of the physical body. We are not only physical body we are beyond that.

We also cleansed as a group Lady’s K sadness. She was worried about the future of this place that might affect the orphanage and the kids.

I realized that part of our work was also to help restore and open the energy of this place again, as since she passed the place was closed energetically. This woman had put so much work and thought into everything around this place and the place is a real beauty -- Paradise in the Sacred Valley! You can feel at home and at peace, the mountains that surround this place are filled with powerful warrior spirits that you can see very clear. It is the perfect place for powerful spiritual work and this amazing warrior woman wanted to make sure the place will be open and be at peace!

The night after our first ceremony Mara and I could not sleep. I was very weak sighing all night long, releasing A LOT.
The whole night we were being surrounded by magical angelic lights that we cannot explain logically. After one night with no sleep I looked in the mirror and saw my face very clean, radiating happiness!

Second Ayahuasca Ceremony ~ more cleansings, MANY deep soul lessons
The entire second ceremony was a big TEST for me: pure organic WORK!
Before we started the ceremony a small rock fell on the floor out of nowhere. We were all kind of shocked because there was no way that rock could have landed there… Erin and I “inspected” the rock without finding a logical explanation. Later during the ceremony I got it.
The message was: “be strong like a rock”. The mountains that surround that place have protector spirits in them.

Apart from our individual work with the plant we were supposed to work as a group and release the stagnant energy of this place and the places where we came from. The previous night, in spite of the difficulties we had faced we cleansed not only internally but we were also successful in cleansing this place.

The work is INTERNAL, the light is Internal, everything is INSIDE
Only then one can connect to a deeper sense of true self. We keep searching for external what ever that might be: external happiness, joy, abundance… how many times you had similar thoughts with: “I will be happy if I reach enlightenment, or I am happy if he loves me, I am happy if I can help poor people, I am content if I can have that car, job, etc... Then what happens next after we achieve our goals? We keep searching for more and we are always “unsatisfied” because we always want more… Happiness and everything is inside: all the answers are inside! Technically we all know that we have to do internal work! Do we do it? Yes and NO! How many things do we know but in fact we do not know, we only know them in our minds, hearts say different! In the so called normal state, our “egoic” mind is in control.

The medicine plant teaches to function from the heart: allowing, accepting and observing the feelings of moodiness, anger, frustration etc- understanding them. She literarily showed me how to change the vibration of it by not reacting instead by being observant. Yes! I knew about practicing acceptance and observance but was it coming from a deep place of knowing and deeper understanding? The plant made me see with my inner eyes and feelings, without resistance or judgment. I felt very NEUTRAL. I was just an observer of my own life while surrendering to the visuals, emotions, feelings, fragrances, sounds and messages that kept parading in front of me and through me. I was like a spectator of my whole life unfolding in front of me. Then I truly and deeply understood my whole life, being connected to a deeper sense of my true self. It was not easy to surrender, I tell you. The plant helped me by showing me to stay in my integrity, being honest and true with myself. I totally understood surrender and the power of it.
Spiritual powers are achieved when we surrender!

Cleansing and taking care of inner space first in order to clean the outside.

During both sessions we cleanse our internal pollution that lead to cleansing the external pollution. The whole journey was about internal as well as external cleanse, healing and redemption. The whole ceremony I was waiting to see the light, the plant showed me the internal light in the heart. Only then I discovered the true light which is in the heart. Once we have that we can connect with the external light which is sum of internal lights of others’ hearts.

This is how the plant works - my experience:
She works on different levels: deep very deep.
She came first to my mind, testing my trust. She took me to the darkness, showing me this side of existence in many forms. If you stay with it and just be observant without resisting it’s easier.
Then she tests my heart, and emotional body triggering different emotions.
She then tests me mentally again: how do I react to different emotions teaching me to act from my higher super consciousness with wisdom and very deep understanding instead of reacting impulsively. If heart is genuine and you are ready for more, she takes you deeper for more healing and spiritual growth.
She fries the physical pollutions and toxins, as well as freeing psychic pollution of the mind and soul. It burns ego, negativity, psychological trauma, stubbornness, anxiety, fear etc (I could smell the frying toxins literarily.)
She is going deep inside each organ, blood, cells and cleanses EVERYTHING! (I could literarily feel and see where she was all the time inside my body cleansing continuously!)
After each cleanse she rewards with floral smell, healing, rejuvenating. (I could smell the frying yucky smell, followed by the floral smell.)
She works days after the actual ceremony:(As I am finishing this writing two weeks after, I can still smell some of those beautiful heavenly flowers)
Both, Mara and I could smell the same burning and then floral at the same time during and after the ceremonies ended.  

Balance feminine-masculine
Feminine Power holds important keys to our personal and planetary evolution. The plant reminded me that the work needs to be done not only on awakening the feminine but also on the masculine side, it’s simply about BALANCE. Working with Nia and Erin makes the experience magical and powerful as they integrate masculine and feminine merging the vibration in the heart in perfect balance and harmony. Also the journey always ends with San Pedro sacred plant ceremony which integrates the masculine energy into wholeness and completeness.

Detachment and Neutral Point of Wisdom
Was another big lesson for me. Again theoretically speaking I knew what detachment is, or my mind had an idea of what detachment means. Yes in theory we know that all the Roads lead to our HEART but when the mind takes over it’s hard to be in the heart. However the plant went right into my physical heart and untangled energetic cords absorbed even since childhood. She did the same with my energetic heart and later San Pedro plant continued the work on my heart. Ayahuasca took me back in time, very deep. Part of the lesson was to detach from others people feelings - anger, sadness, frustration instead of taking it all in. Again we all know it but when it comes to a challenge in life how do we act or react to that challenge? It is hard for energy sensitive people to stay centered without being tangled with others energies, so I was shown the concept of detaching in order to help others be responsible for their own energy, that’s when the sense of separation disappears, its very dualistic and could be confusing but when we detach with wisdom and let others learn their lessons, not only we become powerful, they also become powerful as well, and that’s when we become One ( the concept of “we are one“ !) Ahaaaaa!!!
Life unfolds in perfect mystical ways!

Another test passed and lesson learned: compassion. If you’d have asked me before if I was compassionate I would probably shout YES! Before the second ceremony Kathy asked me to draw a card from a tarot deck and my card was guess what? Compassion! The whole ceremony I have struggled to remember the word compassion and could not until I was ready for another opening. I wasn’t ready until I have found love in my heart! Are you kidding me? I am such a loving person and compassionate what else the plant could teach me, I thought? The plant showed me a very deep level of compassion and love. The love that resides in the center of human being. To me was a very tiny blue ball of light in my heart ready to be expanded into a big FIRE! It was glowing very gently and slowly in my heart center until it became like a central fire that was of tremendous energy! She told me to keep it alive always! The true compassion she was teaching me was to stay balanced and not give my energy away. That is true compassion, because by jumping into spoon feeding people thinking that this is help, I only allow them being to be non responsible and that is not compassion at all.

Love in the Darkness
Yes, after seeing my heart “on fire” being kept right in the center of my being the plant told me: “remember there is love everywhere even in the darkness
I then bursted into tears purging even more. Erin was also purging and clearing a lot of ancestors negativity, programming and curses (not a very beautiful visual). It was time for forgiveness and love for the ones in the darkness. LOVE was everywhere even in the darkness…

It is so easy to love our “darlings” but challenging loving the ones in the darkness. Very powerful lessons to learn! After each lesson I thought I was done and expected the shamans to end the ceremony. So after finding LOVE even in the darkness I thought I passed the test and we were done! So the shamans lit a candle and started talking to us. When they asked me how I felt, I shouted exhilarated: I feel LOVE, I love you, I love you all! I love everything! LOVE LOVE!! I was total Bliss!!! And was so happy that I have passed the big TEST!

Hmmmm: Not so soon as I thought! Erin blew the candle out and they started singing another icaro. It hit me automatically! NOW I GOT IT! I have found love even in the darkness but I had to keep it in my own heart, centered and give it when needed it and then return back to my center!

Again I was reminded that I have done a lot of work on myself and was supposed to let others do their own work. That was the true love, true compassion that the plant was trying to show me! I asked how in the world am I going to do that and how would I find words of compassion without being mean? How can I help someone without giving my love to them, as a healer? Give your love with wisdom and compassion and come back to your center, inner fire, then you will truly help and love someone in need. You cannot solve anyone’s issues, they need to follow their own path. Have I known of this before? Of course I did, my mind did! This time again I had a deeper understanding of the whole concept but it was coming from my heart instead of my mind. After I have found my inner fire, balance and center the ceremony has ended. I felt like I was reborn, so much understanding and a quantum leap to a new me. The shamans congratulated us for passing the BIG TEST! All of us in fact passed our tests! 

The next day Mara and I were going to Machu Picchu. The shamans asked us if we were willing to take a bag a coca leaves to offer to the temple and cleanse the energies around. They had the bag of coca leaves with them in many ayahuasca ceremonies being powerfully energized. They were waiting for the right time to gift the magical temple of Machu Picchu with those sacred leaves. Of course I said YES! Nia came to me and handed me the bag. I cannot tell you the powerful energy of those sacred leaves. I felt so humble and deeply honored.

Machu Picchu ~ place of power

This place is a must visit! Mara and I made offerings before entering the temple and it took us a while to actually enter the temple due to some energetic blocks. I made some special orgone gifts for this temple: 4 in total, of course!
I placed them in all 4 directions and on the last orgone offering Mara placed 4 coca leaves around it. We made a lot of coca leaves offerings to this place and cleansed the place deeper with our energy.

The places where we made offerings were shown to us by different animals. I kept asking where do I have to put the offerings and got that I needed to go deeper into the mountain, so I followed the directions. As Mara and I made our last orgone offering we immediately felt relief.We meditated and “talked”to the rocks and got out own powerful insights from them, they have tremendous energy.

What I have noticed was that every time a human being was passing by, the energy of the rock was shrinking (going inside) and after few seconds the energy was coming back. Then I had a vision of the entire place
during the night where the energy was amazingly powerful - radiating. Makes sense as people are not allowed to visit the place during the night. The energy of the place is not lost, is preserved and it is shown to people that have pure intentions. 

Grandfather San Pedro - "visionary plant" ceremony!
A very POWERFUL heart opening experience while trekking the old Inca mysterious sites.

San Pedro (Huachuma) is considered sacred and grows in the mountains of Andes being one of the oldest magical plants in South America. The spirit of San Pedro is tranquil and very friendly, considered a wise teacher and healer. It works especially in healing and balancing the fluids in the body and also emotions. The plant gives colorful visions and opens the heart and subconscious mind in a very gentle and loving ways where the sense of intuition, smell, psychic seeing are deeply yet gently enhanced, and unconscious complexes, negative behaviors and patterns that are deeply rooted can be dissolved. During our Huachuma journey, the shamans took us to recently discovered sacred temples not opened to the public (if they will ever be opened, we don’t know).
That place is one of the most powerful vortexes on Earth.

The plant has opened me in indescribable yet gentle ways to feel and take in the power of the vortex very deeply. This time the shamans prepared the plant very strongly - a special “treat” for the 4 of us. Last year was powerful, however this year was “nuclear power”! We usually trek all day long while the plant works on deeper subtle levels with the main focus on the heart energy center. This time I could feel both, ayahuasca working in tandem with San Pedro (yin/yang - balance) cleansing what was left to be cleansed and opening me up spiritually even more.

The shamans were also guided to take us to a very mysterious Earth Cave that is also an entrance to another dimension and it’s protected by the spirit of cannabis plant. It might sound very hippieish and/or weird but this is what has happened:

The cave holds such powers that my body started to shake before even entering the cave (I am very sensitive to energy, hence working with San Pedro it enhances my sensitivity and the same time making me more powerful).
Nia - who is very sensitive as well and I, had a hard time entering the cave, but she assured me that once will be inside we’ll feel much better, so I dragged myself very deep inside the cave. The coolness and the energy of it made me feel good immediately. Right in front of the cave there were two cannabis plants, a small one and a big one.
The climate of this place does not allow this kind of plants to grow here and it was so strange even for the shamans to find the plant there. It is the spirit of this sacred plant residing on this sacred place.

After Erin did some cleansing with Palo Santo wood and floral water I felt the connection of the spirit of cannabis calling. I got a very beautiful empowerment from it. While taking in the energy of the plant I got a very beautiful message from the plant. Later the shamans shared their insight with us. We all got that the plant should be respected, connecting to it telepathically, as it does much more then to be smoked. The shamans then shared with us that by smoking the plant the power of it is not in its purest form being considered a profanation while connecting with it thru the meditation makes it much more powerful and sacred. Only in very rare occasions or special sacred ceremonies lead by masters that know the plant, she can be used and maybe in the form of oil. Her powers were radiating throughout the whole cave. We left the cannabis spirit plant and Earth Cave with even more deeper understanding of the sacred plants.

Next, the entrance into the newly discovered temple was so strong that almost brought me to my knees.

I have made few attempts to go inside a small room of this temple but I was afraid I would faint. I asked permission to enter, I centered myself and went in. I don’t know if I stayed there 3 seconds or less, what I can tell it was very fast as it was way too strong for me-- was happy I managed to enter as I could take in the power of the temple that again upgraded me to a newer level.

We were all taking in as much energy as we could until the caretaker of this temple showed up. He was all sweaty and nervous about us being there. Deep unconsciously he knew that some powerful energy was being released… he is connected to the temple and his duty is to protect and care for it. As soon as I started to talk to him nicely (wondered where all this Spanish came from, as I do not speak the language) he immediately calmed down realizing that we are there for good reasons.… so we thanked him for his concern and we left to continue our journey…After an entire day of trekking powerful spots, including part of the famous Inka trail we ended our ceremony with a nice dinner of dark organic chocolate and dry organic fruits and nuts! They have never tested so good and so yummy!
Entrance of the Sacred Inkan Temple

See more pictures from our Peru journey

Four (4) everywhere, so why number 4?
Chakana - The Cross Symbol that is native Quechua symbolizes in Inca myth the Tree of Life - the World Tree. Our work was related to chakana power! The chakana symbol is found in the architectural designs on many buildings, temples and ancient monuments, such as at the temple of the condor in Machu Picchu. The Sacred number 4 represents the 4 winds, directions, elements, seasons, 4 parts in everything which grows from the Earth, and 4 aspects of humanity: mind, body, heart, spirit. Four is the 4th dimension -time which is illusion. Four is seen as the first solid number, discipline, hard work, manifestation, honesty, groundness, determination, wholeness; totality, harmony, completion. Also when the number sequence 4, 4, 4 etc appears repeatedly, it is an indication that one is surrounded by angels, that their help is nearby and all one needs to do is ASK.
The 4 of us were supposed to this advanced work and I am so grateful the plants brought us all together to complete sacred work.

Journey completion
It usually takes two more weeks of internal work for a deep integration, without sharing about the experience with anyone. Even before I have started this journey, during and after it, I was put through different plant tests: sincerity, integrity, humility, courage, authenticity. It was not easy, but well worth taking the tests and the entire journey! Spirit of the plants are very intelligent and wise teachers that have to be respected and not taken lightly. I've done a LOT of deep personal work, but this entire journey packed a tremendous personal spiritual growth unlike anything else I've ever experienced.

There was sadness that moved through and out of me. I released psychic and physical pollution, being upgraded to a new level, opened up for a great inflow of wisdom and very deep understanding. Those feelings have lasted for these past few weeks and are still present. Those two sacred plants we have worked with are considered one of the most important tools for self-knowledge and an option for humanity's spiritual development. The Power of the Andean Mountains (Apus) and the sacred locations we visited raised our vibrations tremendously.

In Love and appreciation,
~ Lilly


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Hiking is GROUNDING - The benefits of hiking

Hiking is GROUNDING - The benefits of hiking
~ Hiking connects you to Mother Earth, keeps you grounded, sane and centered ~


It relieves stress, is a great workout, you get to meet great people, making new friends and have a lot of fun!

Hiking is considered an active meditation, great for people that cannot quiet their minds. It has been known that who you are in this present moment is the result of five years of your own thinking. Do you want to change that to bring out the best of you? Then change your thoughts:feeling good is what makes have great thoughts.

No matter what you do - “FEEL GOOD“!
We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day. Can we monitor them? No way! The only way to take control over of our monkey mind “chatter” is to stay in the present.

Yoga and hiking keeps you in the PRESENT moment, in the NOW! When you hike you are totally THERE (in the NOW), because you have to focus on the next step in front of you. The nature has the power to keep you in the NOW: no complaining, no negative thoughts, no psychic pollution (mind chatter). I haven’t seen a miserable hiker during hiking yet!

The mountains have masculine energy and tremendous powers. Oceans have feminine energy, more subtle, more intuitive.
There is also a lot of cleansing and detoxing happening when you hike: the trees, the rocks, the earth cleanse all negativity in the mental and emotional body that reflect as pain and tension in the physical body. Being in the mountains you get empowered…

I try to be in the nature- hiking at least twice a week, it keeps me in the present moment, away from the stress and pollution of the large city. It recharges my batteries, keeping me sane and connected to Mother Earth.

Grounding is VERY IMPORTANT, if not the most important thing we can do for our health. Sensitive people, intuitives, healers, light workers and mostly women are not grounded because of the tendency of functioning more from the upper chakras… so GROUNDING is the answer!!!
When I do not hike I wear my feet chakra balancers -orgone keeping me grounding during the night when we become more vulnerable in our astral travels. Yoga is also important in keeping us grounded, in the body, present, balanced and healthy.

Las Vegas is more then casinos: it has beautiful powerful mountains around the valley and you can hike all year round: Red Rock - amazing beautiful mystic powerful place that holds a lots of secrets and Mount Charleston where there are few vortexes that I have sensed during hiking. The Mountains also have their own secrets and usually if you go on exploring less popular trails/hikes you can absorb more of the powers of the mountains.

If you want to hike in Las Vegas and the Southwest and really absorb the high energy of the mountains I suggest this GREAT online guide featuring the best hiking maps for trails and routes around Las Vegas and the Southwest.
Branch Whitney the famous “hiking guru and hiking authority of Las Vegas” found and documented hiking routes from easy family hikes to mountaineering routes that are not known to the public since 1995!!! You can see photos and videos of hikes before even downloading them! http://www.hikinglasvegas.com/
Stay connected with our Mother Earth - she takes care of us always!

Happy hiking,


Warm up the spine before meditating

Meditation is spiritual practice!

Tips on meditation!
It is not easy to meditate if your spine is not straight and you do not feel comfortable! Use props like blankets to elevate your hips so the spine elongates and neck is in alignment with your spine.
Next tip is warm up your spine (cerebrospinal fluid that warms up the cord) before meditating! Very Important!
These are three simple yet very powerful Yoga krias (techniques):
Start slow and gradually increase the pace with each exercise. Sit Cross legged spine long, neck in line with the spine. Breath deeply and relax into the movement.

1. Pelvis rotation
Sit cross-legged, spine long, holding to your knees rolling the pelvis, drawing big circles with the navel to open up the lower spine. (1-3 minutes) each direction.
2. Spinal flex
Place hands on the shins with an inhale round the spine forward, chest forward, head in line with the body with an exhale round the spine back. (1-3 minutes breathing deeply).
3. Spinal twist
Place the hands on the shoulders, fingers in front and thumbs in back. Elbows parallel to to the ground, arms swinging freely with the body. Inhale, twist to the left. Exhale, twist to the right. Twist your head to each side.

After warming up the spine sit quietly and meditate. Be present to the sensations in your body. Increase your awareness to include every part of your body and spine. If the mind wanders, gently observe your thoughts, let them go and then bring the awareness to you breath.

Why meditate?
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