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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiger Totem: Do you we have more that one animal spirit?

We have more than one animal spirit (totem) throughout life depending on what qualities we need to embrace and learn from the spirit of the animal at the time: mine keeps changing from dolphins to hummingbirds, to bighorn sheep to black panther etc.
In one of my psychic visions today I saw of a beautiful tiger that walked elegantly the path of life, one step in front of the other with his gorgeous paws so patiently.

Before having this vision I asked for guidance on a project I am currently working on. The qualities of the tiger totem are not just miraculously reassuring me on the work I do but also give me deep insight on how to approach my work. I tell you I had quite a few “aha” moments” after I pondered upon this vision/though. It seemed like the animal was present in my life for quite some time but only today I was able to see it so clearly because I showed my intentions to the Universe that I am clear in my thoughts and so ready to take action.

Tiger Animal Spirit has to do with inner sight, clairvoyance, healing gifts, generosity, passion, devotion, strength, courage, being in the NOW, elegance, patience, protection, will power, focus, and confidence. They show us how to see into the mystical world.

They also heal very quickly and are great healers. That makes perfect sense as after my hike accident I recovered miraculously fast, thank God. Animal spirits come into our life as an upgrade and update on a current timeline.

Tiger is associated with the lunar energy, in particular New Moon. New Moon is associated with New beginnings, new adventures. It has been said that if a tiger animal shows up in your life, new adventures come your way.

Pay attention to what animal keeps recurring into your life and ask its spirit for guidance.

Lilly Natures Blessings

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is Mercury Retrograde and How to deal with its energies...

Mercury the planet that represents communication: time to contemplate your feelings and emotions observe your moods and pick up where you left old projects. Not a great idea to start something new but focus on completing old projects and tasks. Great time to connect with the source and look deep within.
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