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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ceremonies of Purification for Mother Earth

When I see how much damage we do to our Earth and Sky with our pollution my heart cries.
That’s when I ask Mother Earth and Father Sky for forgiveness...
The vibrations increase immediately.

Even if our brothers and sisters are not awake, we can help by keeping our vibrations high. Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude are High Vibrations...

This video is about awakening by doing purification ceremonies For Mother Earth.


The message came from elder spirits that come to our help in these transitional times… Hope more will join these ceremonies of purification so we can help Mother Earth detoxify and stop this nonsense pollution that is destroying humanity.

in lak'ech
Lilly Natures Blessings

Monday, September 24, 2012

When Condor meets the Eagle there will be peace

condor and eagle Before I go to sleep I usually go into a trance where there is a lot of spiritual insight from the spirit world coming in.

A few years ago, one night before falling asleep I was into this kind of deep trance where I had a powerful vision.  
A big bird came to me and sat next to my head on the night stand.

I used to be very afraid of birds especially big winged ones: a phobia that I have carried through past lives. In spite of my fears I was so calm and very at peace, my spirit recognizing the wisdom of the bird’s spirit.

I asked the bird: “Are you my animal totem?”
The bird said “Yes: I am your protection animal totem. You also have more than one animal totem.” Then I asked: “What kind of bird are you? You look like a condor.” “She said: Yes I am a condor.” Then I asked: “But you also look like an eagle.” And he replied: “Yes, I am an eagle. “ And then I said: “What are you then?" “I am a condor and an eagle.”

I was a little confused at the time as the linear mind wants straight answers. But I felt at peace knowing that I just have to accept both in my heart as truth and recognize both birds as one bird or at least a merge, unification between the two.

Next day as I pondered upon my vision I got that this protection message was about recognizing the male (linear world, science, material, physical world) as well as the female (spiritual, intuition, art, poetry) and their balance.

When I have both I am protected. When I am off balance, I am not protected. Since that vision I keep seeing eagles and condors in my life that reminds me of balance and protection and stay true to my path. Today as I was browsing the internet I found this that made my heart burst into joyful tears having a huge “A-HA moment”!!!

"When the eagle of the North and the condor of the South fly together, the Earth will awaken." - Ancient Native American Prophecy

  These days I see a lot of people trashing and abusing mother Earth and it hurts me deeply. But the message that I get from her, the elders, and keepers of peace is to pray for forgiveness and not judge or hate them as the condor and eagle have to come and fly together to manifest Peace.

Lilly Natures Blessings    

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Shift: Awaken into Awareness

Energy WavesLast night I had a lucid dream more of a ‘channeling’. In the past channeling has got a bad reputation, but people are more open and aware of this.

Let’s say channeling was more of message from intuition, guidance, higher self, although I was given information and saw myself writing it down in order to remember it when I wake up.

The whole message was about the shift that is happening. Apparently there are other interdimensional beings that want to assist us in knowing ourselves and the world better, communicating with us continuously via telepathy.  

So here it is:

The shift that is happening is affecting everyone on this planet as well as other planets. It’s a massive galactic shift.
Each and every Human on Planet Earth has “officially “completed the 4th dimensional transition.
Congratulations for the safe transformational shift.

Raising your personal vibrations helped others raise theirs. Honor yourself! Not everyone has felt the 3rd to 4th dimensional shift. Now as you are shifting to the 5th dimension and above, more humans have already started to feel the shift more profoundly.

You are vibrating at a higher level and speed. Some people might experience nausea, bloating, dizziness, some might feel exhausted at times alternating with sudden bursts of energy, strength and a desire to exercise more, do more, be more.

Some might feel anxiety, restlessness; some might feel like doing nothing at all. Some feel like they have lost their soul, some feel moments of sadness and depression alternating with bursts of unexplained happiness and joy.

Some women might experience irregular periods and symptoms pregnancy. You are ‘impregnated’ with new energies and your physical body is going through a very deep transformation. The energies come and go in massive energetic waves.

Other experiences:

Emotional drama surfacing
Feeling like you have lost your heart, your soul, your connection with self.
Felling attracted to people that you think are your soulmates
A desire for being more poetic, more artistic
A massive awakening: you notice people around you waking up to awareness…

It is not an easy process nevertheless but there is a great purpose and greatness beyond what feels weird and intense. You are not only transforming, you are also awaken into awareness.
Just be aware, be observant, and know what’s going on so you make the right decisions. Time to tune into your intuition and your heart.
As the entire planet is rebirthing, you are rebirthing into your new self. Honor your body for completing such a powerful task of shifting. Surrender to what is, go with the flow.

Sometimes “Less is More”.



Friday, April 27, 2012

Throat Chakra and Your Intuition

Throat Chakra (4th chakra) -  “the seat of higher creativity”
 In Sanskrit language is called Vishuddha  is associated with self expression and communication.

When this chakra is activated, we become conscious of our mental body (lower are physical, etheric and astral).

By activating this chakra, the person becomes aware, for the first time, that the internal worlds are real worlds. The throat chakra also controls that the internal worlds are real worlds. In addition, the throat chakra controls a person’s ability to express himself or herself creatively and effectively and controls facial expression and the non-verbal. It gives a person the confidence to say no, to disagree in a reasoned way. Fear is transmuted so that one is not afraid to express himself fully in all situations.

This video uses 741 hz that helps activated the throat chakra:

A great way of working in awakening the throat chakra center is by wearing and meditation with the throat chakra (5th) orgone pendant that help release blockages and suppressed emotions in the throat center.

Happy throat chakra awakening,
Lilly Natures Blessings

Monday, April 9, 2012

Past Lives Trauma...

Did you know that Past Lives unresolved issues might be carried into this present life?
For example if you are continuously fatigue it might be related to your soul getting tired of unfinished business from previous lives?
Weight problems could be an issue from the past that is transfered into this life?
A lot of people experience difficulties between past lives personalities and this life...

Listen here about past lives issues and a very powerful question to use to heal past lives problems

Lilly Natures Blessings

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tiger Totem: Do you we have more that one animal spirit?

We have more than one animal spirit (totem) throughout life depending on what qualities we need to embrace and learn from the spirit of the animal at the time: mine keeps changing from dolphins to hummingbirds, to bighorn sheep to black panther etc.
In one of my psychic visions today I saw of a beautiful tiger that walked elegantly the path of life, one step in front of the other with his gorgeous paws so patiently.

Before having this vision I asked for guidance on a project I am currently working on. The qualities of the tiger totem are not just miraculously reassuring me on the work I do but also give me deep insight on how to approach my work. I tell you I had quite a few “aha” moments” after I pondered upon this vision/though. It seemed like the animal was present in my life for quite some time but only today I was able to see it so clearly because I showed my intentions to the Universe that I am clear in my thoughts and so ready to take action.

Tiger Animal Spirit has to do with inner sight, clairvoyance, healing gifts, generosity, passion, devotion, strength, courage, being in the NOW, elegance, patience, protection, will power, focus, and confidence. They show us how to see into the mystical world.

They also heal very quickly and are great healers. That makes perfect sense as after my hike accident I recovered miraculously fast, thank God. Animal spirits come into our life as an upgrade and update on a current timeline.

Tiger is associated with the lunar energy, in particular New Moon. New Moon is associated with New beginnings, new adventures. It has been said that if a tiger animal shows up in your life, new adventures come your way.

Pay attention to what animal keeps recurring into your life and ask its spirit for guidance.

Lilly Natures Blessings

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What is Mercury Retrograde and How to deal with its energies...

Mercury the planet that represents communication: time to contemplate your feelings and emotions observe your moods and pick up where you left old projects. Not a great idea to start something new but focus on completing old projects and tasks. Great time to connect with the source and look deep within.
Learn about more positive aspects of Mercury Retrograde in this podcast:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dragon Animal Spirit -- Totem

"A Dragon totem is one of the most powerful totems, representing a huge range of qualities, emotions, and traits. When Dragons come to us, it could mean many things.

The most common message a Dragon totem carry to us is a need for strength, courage, and fortitude. Dragons are also messengers of balance, and magic - encouraging us to tap into our psychic nature and see the world through the eyes of mystery and wonder.

More specifically, Dragons are the embodiment of primordial power - the ultimate ruler of all the elements. This is because the Dragon is the master of all the elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

As a totem, the Dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide. Encourage communication with your Dragon, and acknowledge your Dragon's presence as often as possible.

In Chinese culture, the season of the Dragon is mid-spring, its direction is east-southeast, and its fixed element is wood.

There are many ways to strengthen your bond with your Dragon totem. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Meditation upon your Dragon totem.
  • Begin collecting Dragon images that resonate with you. Keep these images close, and easily available to you. Look upon these images whenever you wish to communicate with your Dragon totem.
  • Better yet, begin drawing while communicating with your Dragon. Ask your Dragon to reveal itself to you through your drawing.
  • Begin a Dragon totem journal
  • Read everything you can on Dragons. This will broaden your horizons, and expand your imagination. A warning though: By all means, never be limited by the scope of what you read. Ultimately, it is you and your Dragon that will create the perfect understanding. There is never a limit in matters of spirit - that includes matters concerning our totems (especially strong totems like the Dragon!).

A Dragon totem can be a powerful ally in our daily effort to live our lives. When we call upon the amazing restorative and potent qualities of the Dragon, we are able to effectively live our lives with the honestly, courage, and strength of a peaceful warrior.

Utilizing the symbolic power of the dragon totem is an internal process cultivated by contemplating the attributes of the dragon we admire and meditating upon these.

We can also honor the dragon totem externally by little actions like including dragon imagery in our lives. It solidifies my connection with the magic the dragon offers.

Whether you are an artist who looks to dragons for inspiration, or a business mogul identifying with a solid symbol of strength or luck- it's clear dragons speak to those special places within us, stoking the fires of our hearts."

source: http://www.whats-your-sign.com/dragon-totem.html

Check out the Power of the DRAGON pendant - a necklace that help you connect with your dragon


Monday, February 20, 2012

Spiritual Transformation -- Crisis encountered during Spiritual Awakening

When spiritual challenges become a blessing…

Spirituality is based on personal experience and many more people come to the realization of the importance of spiritual awakening.

There is a painful side of spiritual growth and many people encounter difficulties and challenges on their spiritual path.

In this audio show you will find out about spiritual awakening and challenges one can encounter on the spiritual path. Transformational crisis can have a big impact on your life. Spiritual awakening is a very powerful process and with power comes a tremendous energy. So one might experience unusual energies and ‘weird phenomena’ during spiritual awakening. Having the knowledge and knowing that you are not alone makes it easier. I also share ways to deal with spiritual crisis and transformation so you can make your life easier during spiritual opening.

Once these crises are faced and resolved it is easier to deal with life’s tough situations, stress and predicaments.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Vision of the 5th Dimmension

Fifth Dimensional Awareness

In this dimension we are able to see with our ‘third eye’ more that ever before. Manifestation is faster and easier.

All we have to do is raise our vibes to tune into this dimension.

This video shows a possible scenario of the Great Shift according to Mayan Prophecy, a vision of new world of freedom in which we finally make use of our divine capabilities…