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Friday, April 27, 2012

Throat Chakra and Your Intuition

Throat Chakra (4th chakra) -  “the seat of higher creativity”
 In Sanskrit language is called Vishuddha  is associated with self expression and communication.

When this chakra is activated, we become conscious of our mental body (lower are physical, etheric and astral).

By activating this chakra, the person becomes aware, for the first time, that the internal worlds are real worlds. The throat chakra also controls that the internal worlds are real worlds. In addition, the throat chakra controls a person’s ability to express himself or herself creatively and effectively and controls facial expression and the non-verbal. It gives a person the confidence to say no, to disagree in a reasoned way. Fear is transmuted so that one is not afraid to express himself fully in all situations.

This video uses 741 hz that helps activated the throat chakra:

A great way of working in awakening the throat chakra center is by wearing and meditation with the throat chakra (5th) orgone pendant that help release blockages and suppressed emotions in the throat center.

Happy throat chakra awakening,
Lilly Natures Blessings


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