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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Energy cord removal

A psychic hook or a cord may happen when you were in contact with someone, you felt sympathy for him/her. Allowing a hook or a cord in your etheric space means you are allowing your energy to be drained and your power is taken away. Hooks and cords can happen to all of us, no one is exempted. Cords and hooks usually get attached to your charkas. It can be difficult to determine if you are being corded unless you are energy sensitive and can easily tune into your body. Tuning into your body takes practice and meditation. Signs of being corded but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are corded: - a muscle might be twitching - have pain in your chest, head, temple, neck, or any other part of your body - tension in any part of your body, mostly neck and shoulders - feeling angry, anxious, fearful - with those not being your feelings Make sure you are grounded, breath deeply and steady and visualize etheric scissors or a knife cutting this cord. Another good visualization is setting the cord on fire and send it back to the source. After cutting or “burning” the cord make sure you send healing energy to the place you just worked on. Shower yourself etherically after finishing cord removal.

"Dear Lilly,
It is now over one week since we worked together through the Implant Removal session and I do have some feedback to share regarding my progress.
Removing all the implants and reaching the core of my strange yet unsettling symptoms has truly been a blessing.
The XXXXX entity has gone for ever: it feels like a malignant fog has been cleared and it's so wonderful to finally reconnect with the passion, enthusiasm and sense of direction I once had nearly thirty years ago.
Many blessings and peace. J.C."

Removing implants and cords services:

Implant Orgone Neutralizer is a great tool that not only neutralize implants, it also heals the area affected.

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