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Friday, February 13, 2009

Increasing your psychic abilities

Ask yourself first why you need to develop your psychic abilities. Clean/pure heart IS A MUST in increasing these abilities. Showing off, arrogance, impressing someone with your so call “powers” will not do any good, it will hold you back and eventually will work against your abilities. Set your Ego aside and allow God to work thru you and with you. Gift, gift gift (don’t forget the charged water) I noticed my abilities improved tremendously since I started to gift the environment and people few years ago. Boosting and healing sessions helped me immensely. Wearing intuition orgone pendants help sharpen your psychic abilities and develop your intuition. Imagine, how many towers, waters, people you gifted. Your abilities will increase by doing so much good. Take off your pajama clothes and put on your working clothes, its time to boost and gift. Develop the proper attitude Psychic ability is not a weird gift which only certain individuals have. No one is more or less gifted then anyone else. Its the same like any other skill, it just requires practice, persistence, exercise, discipline. DO IT NOW attitude, instead of I THINK I CAN DO IT. PERSISTENCE AND DETERMINATION are the keys here. WHAT YOU THINK YOU’LL BECOME. You’ll eventually awaken your abilities. When in doubt of anything, ask Your Higher self / God, they are always there for you. Refuse to think anything negative. Always use positive affirmations. Eat Right Avoid junk food. Like fluoride in the water, junk food will decrease your capacity of thinking and intuition. Take it easy on meat. I don’t thing heavy meat eaters are very psychic, taking in consideration the amount of hormones. Meat with hormones reduce your capacity of thinking. I think the key in everything is balance. Personally I cannot eat red meat, it makes sick, fish is my favorite, although I don’t eat it every day. Pork is a NO!! Ask Yasmine why, her deceased father told her pork is not good. Do I still need to tell you that veggies and fruits are a MUST everyday? Organic is best, closer to nature, closer to God. Clean your body - detox all form of pollution and toxins “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) If your body is healthy your mind will be healthy and always on the alert. Watching TV will make your brain lazy, eventually there will be no more brain left. Reading will sharpen your intuition, exercising your mind. THINK, take time to think. Exercise Exercise floods your brain, internal organs, blood, cells with oxygen. Oxygen means life. Ozone kill bacteria and waste. Exercise lifts up your mood. Remember you must stay positive in order to increase your abilities. Laugh, enjoy the sun and energy, enjoy life and nature. Drink good water Fluoride in the city water makes you submissive, making your brain "scramble"destroying your abilities.. You know what Soda does to you, don’t you? STOP DRINKING SODA!!! Stay away from vaccines You know what vaccines do to you, right? Why do you think they vaccinate native american people? They are very spiritual and vaccines destroy abilities. Same things with children they are more sensitive then adults. Just ask a kid who was not vaccinated if they see aura, entities, devas or fairies, you’ll be amazed. Just erase vaccine energy fields from your body. Ask Donna more about vaccines. Love and help others Boost and pray for others and the planet, you’ll be rewarded, not by me, don’t worry, God will reward you and “the Universe will smile at you” (quoting Alicia). Develop a healthy, regular prayer life. Hang around psychics, you’ll notice how your abilities will grow fast. Control and trust your abilities Control comes with developing focus and concentration. The best thing is to control your abilities at will, that needs a lot of practice. The root word of "psychic" means "soul." Psychic abilities are really soul abilities. “The power of our being, the gifts and talents we possess, are merely on loan from The One Power, The Creator of All Things, the God within who doeth the work. Give the credit where it belongs.” Use a code of behavior when using your abilities Always ask for permission to do psychic work or healing on someone. There are exceptions of course, if someone or something threatens your well being, than you need to send back the energy where it comes from. NEVER EVER send out hatred, ill thoughts, negative aggressiveness. ( I like to quote David here “positive aggressiveness” is a good approach when you feel attacked etherically. Always remind yourself: send out LOVE. Learn how to RELAX, getting rid of etheric debris Relaxation alters your state of consciousness. Tension will melt away, your cells will start to repair themselves, new healthy cells will grow and toxins will be flashed away from your body. Toxins clog your auric field and block your charkas. Relax! Meditate There are many techniques to meditate such as yoga, tai-chi, gazing, mantras etc. No one is better than another. Choose always what’s right for you. And then practice, practice, practice. Take time to think and meditate. Breath breath breath Oxygen means Life. Breathe slowly and deeply. Establish a breathing rhythm. With each inhalation let the healthy energy enter your body. With each exhalation, visualize tension/stress, problems and concerns releasing. Find your special gifts And work to develop those gifts: read, get educated, attend courses, practice, interaction between people is very important Be creative, Be yourself, Imagine, Visualize Pretend you are a kid and play with your visualization. Train yourself to visualize in great detail. Live 90% correct and don’t worry about the 10% Be patient with yourself and trust yourself. ~Lilly~Natures-Blessings

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