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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Entity Attachments

There are several ways in which an entity can attach himself to a human being, discovering/locating them enables us some degree of knowing how severely it may have penetrated into the 'being' of the individual that is hosting it. How do they get there? One of the methods that is used for this to take place, is for the entity to be 'put' there via ritual, using rituals the aid of dark forces are invoked, and there is always a 'price' that needs to be paid by the one invoking these dark entities, other then surrendering his own soul to the devil, the payment is usually/always Life force energy , the more power that is requested upon, the higher the price. It is the blood of a living being that is the currency, a source of life force energy. Another way we may allow for an attachment to take place is to be 'open' for this to happen, when a persons Aura is damaged and their etheric field is 'ripped', entities can very easily pass in and out of them, without a strong energy field it becomes easy to enter a target for hosting. When this happens the entity slowly integrates with the essence of the person being 'possessed', and I use this word loosely. There are seven energy centers that connect our physical body to the etheric realms and our own seven subtle bodies, known as th Chakras. These are the only connections that we have that directly connect us to our subtle bodies, our Astral body is able to leave our physical body via a 'trap door' located behind the Pineal gland in the center of the 3rd eye/brow chakra. The same way we may leave via an energy center, namely 3rd eye center, Entities may enter through an energy center, which indicates they can attach themselves to more then just the physical body. The energy center in which they enter in is the Throat Chakra, or center of Expression, this is why it may be curious the way a person who is hosting an entity may choose to express himself verbally different from the way he may have before they 'picked' something up. This is the first indication, as the entity spends more time attached to it's host, he begins to make his way down to the next chakra, one chakra at a time, depending on which chakra the entity is attached to, can determine the symptoms that are generally related to the center it is feeding from, although the indications become more complex the further down it moves Once the root chakra has been reached, the entity has penetrated so far into the hosts identity/personality/, that it is impossible to determine any longer who is controlling the actions and behaviour of the individual. having said this, the individual himself may feel that he has 'lost' himself to another being and 'choose' at some level, that the entity may now have become part of the hosts' in nature. Most Attachments can be easily removed by the techniques that we use, and of course, the help of our friends in 'lofty' places. Intent is a powerful thing, a bad intent as is a good one in equal effect, remember though, he who wishes ill on others and is destructive in nature, is weak in his will. On the scale of divine justice, the strength of character and etheric integerity in one individual, is still more powerful then an army of weak souls ............Yasmine


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  1. I was involved in an online group that was supposed to be about higher spirit, but the leader was altering people's merakabas and using a technique known as "mind bending". I believe this person influenced me to make a contract with satan, which I would have never done had I not been involvedin this group. Now I find myself constantly being attacked. It has ruined my life. Is there anything I can do? I am in constant pain and have lost my job over this stuff. They have turned everyone against me. I just want to get better.