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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 peaks in a day and the Spiral Shamanic Healing Empowerment

4 peaks in a day! ~ July 4th 2010 4 of us completed it! ~~~ 444

The day started at 5:00 am when a group of strong hikers met for a powerful challenging hike ~ 4 peaks in a day at in Mount Charleston, Nevada!

I prepared mentally for this hike with meditation and breathing techniques. Feet chakra balancers help me sleep, it has been know that athletes and marathon runners cannot sleep the night before their competition, and I am no exception, however feet chakra balancers made me go into a very powerful deep sleep, so I woke up so refreshed, totally rested andready to begin my 4 peak hike challenge. I was about to drop the whole hike due to many reasons but my intuition kept telling me I have to do it as more will come my way after completing it.

Before getting to our first peak, a big deer showed up, welcoming us to their territory and got this from him: “you have my blessings and I welcome you here, you are good people” as two days before this hike there was a large fire at Mount Charleston and some of the trails were closed.
The way up to the second peak was the most strenuous but most beautiful one. The trees there are so “alive” even if they look dry, they have so many spirits in them and beautiful sophisticated characters. I was having such a great time just exchanging energy with them.
On the way towards the third peak one of the hikers gave up due to sickness and went back, a very smart choice, a great hiker knows his/her limits, we insisted and encouraged him otherwise we probably ended hiking in the dark.

The trees and rocks kept talking to me: “look down, look in front of you” etc… there were a variety of beautiful wonders: fossils (this place of part of the ocean tons of years ago), tree resin, very cool looking rocks, animals… however the highlight of this journey was this big, powerful, inspiring white spiral on one of those rocks.

Angel’s Peak, vortex and the mysterious rock
Few years ago, Constantin and I went on a very difficult hike - off trail same mountains (Angel’s Peak) caring tons of orgone with us in order to heal a vortex that was completely blocked due to military antennas placed on this vortex. I asked for a place to place my orgone gifts and as soon as I asked, out of tons of rocks one rock stood up calling me. I lifted the small rock to place my gift and to my surprise the rock had a spiral on it and when I looked at it saw another spiral on the back of it. Felt very drawn to it and asked if I can keep it: YES! the gift vortex rewarded me for the healing exchange. Since then I put the rock aside but never worked with it consciously. I kept visiting the rock once in a while but for some reason I didn’t feel its powers yet. I just knew when the right time will come I will be given its secret knowledge and powers.

When I saw that spiral during my last hike I was like Eureka! It hit me! As soon as I touched that rock I got a vision of Native American Shamans working on empowering me…It lasted a few seconds, but the downloads I was getting were fascinating! Shamans have such great connection with Mother Earth and they accepted me because I broke thru the limitations of my mind, doing a lot of work with the nature, being part of it!

There is also another vortex much more powerful that needs to be activated and hope to be part of the activation myself!
Every time I hike Charleston Peak I get nauseated on the way down next to where an airplane crashed few years back. In fact in a previous hike I almost threw up, had vision of blood, many people died in that crash and there are still earthbound spirits.
I know there is another spiral close that delimitates the vortex and hope I will find it so we can activate that vortex and free up some energy of this powerful Mountain.
Next day I got home, Constantin who had a knee injury asked me for healing and immediately the healing techniques from the spirit of the shaman started to download. Information is POWERFUL!

I am offering the Spiral Shamanic Healing Empowerment which is simple yet very powerful! I am also creating a portal to access the hidden sacred knowledge of the Native American shamans. There are also few healing techniques given in this empowerment that are amazing! Check out the powerful empowerment here (healing spiral -vortex technique).

Although the 4 peaks hike was though, 4 of us completed it on July 4th. 444 the number that I keep seeing it for quite some time – it has to do with angels helping.

Although it was a long, strenuous hike next day I didn’t feels sore whatsoever and woke up so pumped up ready for another hike! I believe that ayahuasca plant and my peru Journey helped me purge the dark side that exists in all of us. Orgone really keeps me powerful and in high vibrations especially those feet chakra balancers I so LOVE them, cannot stress enough how BIG they are! Yoga has helped me A LOT, (asanas, meditation, pranayama, and much more)… Being vegetarian also helps, taking Yasmine’s elixirs from Mother Earth and just choosing to be happy and healthy! And the more I hike the more respect I get for our dear Mother Earth! I so LOVE her!

A strong suggestion to all that read this: do what you can to get mentally strong (the guy that lead the hike is unbelievable strong mentally, a day before he did 3 peaks in a day). Also hang out with strong mind people … So mental thing is what matters the most! “Men sana in corpora sano”
Love and power to all!