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Thursday, May 28, 2015

May 28, 2015: All Seeing Eye is now getting back in the hands of humanity


It is a day of revelations as I write this, and I don’t even know where to start.

My dear Psychic Sister Yasmine and I have been working together in the astral and physical realms for a long time, but lately we have been getting to the root of the puzzle, really. We are guided to solve clues and bring together pieces of the puzzles.  

So last night I had this vision right before falling asleep, I like to call this powerful time the “sweet spot”. Do you know what I am talking about?
That’s when we receive the most accurate information. We have been working with the 5 pointed star, number 5 and 5 elements since our last sacred journey in Thailand and Cambodia.

I was guided to create the 5 star orgone pendant and 2 powerful meditations/activations.   In one of the meditations there is an extremely powerful activation:- the activation of the “bindu”!!!! Now this gets really exciting because…

This information has been hidden by the secret societies/illuminati.  

The bindu is a triangle between the tree main energy points in the middle of the brain.  
The third eye is the projection of the bindu, like its child if you will. Third eye is not the bindu, but is the 6th chakra, a powerful tool for psychic vision.  

The bindu however is extremely special because it’s the long kept secret of the “secret societies”.
The sages, mystics and advanced yogis know about the bindu and work continuously with it.  
But now the information feels safe to be opened to the ones who are resonating with this as we are moving officially in the 5th frequency resonance (5th dimension).

No wonder so many of us are seeing number 5, 555, and 5 pointed stars, sand dollars, 5 elements everywhere!  

The bindu is the main point of energy. It is also the first point in the 5 Star formations which is the Spirit element. It is situated in the triangle formation and it pulsates gold color, the color of infinity. Here the pineal (feminine), pituitary (masculine) and the thalamus the neutral point, union of opposites unite.
These three united form a sparkle of golden light in the middle of brain. 

This is an extreme powerful point of energy, the illuminati call it “All seeing eye”. (if you want to go deeper into this activation get the Star Activation and work with it as needed).  

The symbol was hijacked and corrupted by the illuminati and used for malefic, selfish purposes.

I am using this word illuminati for a lack of a better term.
You figure it out: secret societies, powers that be etc… In truth the all Seeing Eye is the eye of God and it belongs to humanity and not just to a small class the “elite”.

It is time now to be united with all.  

The 5 pointed star formation leads us to the bindu (triangle) which leads us to the ONE… all seeing eye, the Law of One, the Oneness.  

The illuminati use the bindu to see into the future, past and  present.
It is use to control and manipulate time and timelines.  
Once they have hijacked the bindu they are the ones in power and they can do whatever they want. (we see so much negative happening: greed, fear, earthquakes, floods, wars, chemtrails, poison of the food, Monsanto, fake and illusion). Right?  

But … 

There is a problem here that they cannot control any longer.  

The bindu/all seeing eye works with the power of the heart.   Illuminati don’t and cannot use the power of the heart as they operate out of greed, control, manipulation and fear.

Now the power of all Seeing Eye is being transferred into the hands of humanity for Goodness, Peace and Harmony.
The bindu is such a powerful tool!!! Can’t you feel it? I am high over heels in love with this information!  

The information that we both got during these past months is getting to solve one of the most powerful mysteries.  

Yasmine and I kept getting that on this day: May 28, 2015 there will be a big major shift. We searched to see what others were getting and we found out that someone posted about a major earthquake on this day. Earthquakes are just shift in consciousness.

Working out the numerology: the 28 reduces to number 1 which is the all seeing eye, the bindu which is being recovered. However we need more people to activate and work with the power of the bindu.

  Then the entire day 5/28/2015 reduces to 14 which reduces further to number 5.
The Star nations have been sending us all the 5 star information for a long time.
Now it is making sense. We need to stay in the heart, be aware and conscious about the bindu and do Sacred Work.  

Of course some of us are called to do sacred work, some not. If you are called to do sacred work with the 5 pointed STAR keep reading.  

So… While on a beach in Thailand I received a message to look for the children of the ocean stars. I look down and there were sand dollars everywhere.
I first saw one and was OMG!!! I Need to work with the 5 star formation.  Then I saw the second one, and was like OMG I need to send one to Yasmine, then the third one for my other psychic friend, then another one, and then they were everywhere.
Then I understood that a lot of us need to work with the 5 pointed star formation and children of the stars. The Law of One is in fact all about the children of the stars.  
Now the sand dollars were telling us that stars are everywhere, even in the oceans, in fact we are all stars. It is fascinating. 

I was then guided to create a 5 pointed STAR orgone Pendant. So I did: I sent it out to friends and others who were interested. I was wearing one day and night and was getting clues.  

Then I lost my head so to speak duh! and lost my orgone pendant. I never lose my pedants, I usually gift them. Arghh: I felt for a few moments…
Then I realized how attached I was to my pendants specially the new STAR one!!!! Okay practicing non attachment I thought… which is true btw if we lose something dear to us…   So the entire thing happens at a festival ShaktiFest in Joshua Tree which is a bhakti (devotion) yoga and chanting festival, extremely cool!   Hmm… I have a story about this place.

In 2009 I went to the very first BhaktiFest festival in Joshua Tree
Here something magic happened.
A few powerful women were called by Mother Earth to form a circle and open a portal of Divine Feminine Energy in this powerful location.
We were supposed to be 12-13 women (the 13 being the Goddess Shakti Energy in her purest form). All women started to appear out of blue and we were forming the sacred circle to open the Maha Shakti – Divine Feminine.

We were about 6 or 7 women that showed up all doing unique yet sacred work in unity until a man showed up and broke the entire charm. BANG!
No more women, no more magic!  
At the time I was upset as I thought our work was in vain.

But 6 years later (2015) I went back to Joshua Tree at the same festival and walked the sacred labyrinth. Now my pendant was lost and wanted it back so bad so I can activate the labyrinth. 

Inside the labyrinth I was getting clear messages from the Star nations. In 2009 only 6 women showed up in the physical realm, to work on completing the circle of 12 (13 being the Goddess).

Now the Star nations mentioned that the rest of other 6 women were present in the STAR form and we completed the mission. No wonder we see so much divine feminine being open everywhere.  

More divine feminine portals are being activated via labyrinths by conscious women. Since 2009 I heard of quite a few women circles going on around the world activating divine feminine portals. It is fascinating!!! 

Anyway my lost pendant appeared in the labyrinth opening the portal and although was invisible to the human eye was opening more clues, bringing more information to the surface.  

 I know this might sound crazy, insane to the human ears, but in the world of Spirit it all makes sense.  
Then I was guided to go to a next labyrinth next to where I live in Las Vegas and walk another labyrinth.

When I arrived in the middle, the heart of the labyrinth, the moment I placed another STAR orgone pendant right in the middle along with a crystal something magical happened: wind started to blow intensely and a massive rain came from the sky, all in a few seconds of placing the pendant in the heart. Fascinating!  

Then I got the information that we need to place these keys (STAR pendants) right in the middle of the labyrinths for a minute or two. You can take it back after and wear it.

The energy of the stars will open the labyrinths which are portals between dimensions allowing the information from the stars to surface and to anchor them in the earth and humanity.   Since then we have received so many messages like the Bindu and All seeing eye and such!!!

POWERFUL STUFF… it is time to take control back, not the type of egotistical control, but the kind that grandmothers will take when everything is in harmony and based on heart.

Woah! I am pleasantly overwhelmed and excited!

More women are gifting the Labyrinths with star pendants or star symbols and this is just so awesome!!! YAY!  

Some people have the STAR Orgone Pendant and the 2 activations (Star Activation and the balance of 5 elements activation). 
If you have the pendant please go out find a labyrinth and do the work.
Make sure you use the activations first. If you don’t have the pendant but decide to get one, email me after you got it to send you the 2 activations free so you can work with the bindu and the balance of the elements.  

Now even if you don’t have the pendant just use 5 star sacred geometry and walk the labyrinthS. 

When enough of us do this kind of work we get the power of the all seeing eye in our hands, we open portals so the energy flows freely and we take control back in our hands.

Now when I say control I mean balance of the elements, of the heart, of dark and light, feminine, masculine, and so on… we need harmony in the world.  

What is happening right now in the world is the chaos before order has been reinstalled.

And this is the right kind of peaceful order and not the new world order the illuminati want so bad for such a long time.  
Power to the Bindu, Power to the truth, Power to the People,

Much Love, Lilly from the Stars 

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Earthquakes, Stars and Labyrinths: Spiritual Work to release tension in the world

Dear Earth Angels, Light and Miracle Workers,
We are called during these intense yet miraculous times to do work with the Earth and the Stars.
By now you know that Earth is shifting and we have to shift and align with her.
She is proving more and more everyday that she is a living being. Awww!  

This is what I have received from Spirit and wanted to share with you.  
We are called to do sacred work with the star people/nations and Mother Earth via labyrinths and star symbols.  
For the past months I keep getting messages about number 5, STAR sacred geometry and lately about labyrinths.  

The information from our star brothers and sisters is about anchoring the knowledge from the stars into the Earth via labyrinths.  
Labyrinths are portals between heaven and earth and have unique transformative powers. Here the veil is very thin and energy which is trapped inside the Earth needs to be released.  

While I was in the middle of the labyrinth in Nevada offering a STAR orgone pendant and a crystal to the portal, a strong wind started to blow and rain started pouring heavily from the sky.

This was one of the magical confirmations that the work was successful, true and real.
I immediately saw clairvoyantly a massive ray of energy coming to the surface from deep within the Earth.  
There is much trapped dark energy inside the earth and it is ready to explode. That’s why the earth unrest (Earthquakes, Volcano Eruptions, Floods, - Earth Becoming Unstable).  

A lot of sensitives feel shaky, dizzy, spiraling upwards and so on lately. We need grounding, we need centering, we need to do sacred work.
The dark energy is a mix of collective fear, anger, fracking, weather manipulation and so on.  

Some might ask why do we need to let the energy out?
Well if we don’t release the tension, when it explodes it can create havoc.

Now mind you, this is work in the cosmic/ethereal/invisible realms, but it needs to be accompanied by physical work such as walking the labyrinth with grace and humility, praying and encouraging the healing of earth. Healing the EARTH is healing our humanity.  

 Now when the energy that is trapped inside the earth is released via labyrinths, the earth releases the buildup tension.
Ask the star people and angels for assistance and be in the heart space when you do the work.   If we manage to connect more labyrinths that are freeing this trapped energy we can help the shift become more stable and grounded in Love.  

If you are close by a labyrinth go work with it.  
If not just visualize doing the work and connect portals around the world together.

They are release valves that help ease up the buildup tension in the world.  

Offer crystals, orgone and star sacred geometry in the middle of the labyrinth or just use whatever your intuition guides you. The most important thing is to do the work.

 When I was called to do the work I felt a little resistance but Spirit was way more powerful then my comfort zone mood and managed to go out and do the work.  
The conformation was really mind blowing: a strong wind and rain followed by sunny sky after only 5 minutes.
Was Fascinating and the energy of this opening really shook my body so beautifully.

Hope this info helps and you go out and do the work.
Walk the Sacred Labyrinths and encourage others to do the same.

Lets activate the hearts of Humanity. We are in this together and it is TIME!  
Spread this wide and share the LOVE!

 Peace and Much Love,
Lilly Natures Blessings  

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