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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Warm up the spine before meditating

Meditation is spiritual practice!

Tips on meditation!
It is not easy to meditate if your spine is not straight and you do not feel comfortable! Use props like blankets to elevate your hips so the spine elongates and neck is in alignment with your spine.
Next tip is warm up your spine (cerebrospinal fluid that warms up the cord) before meditating! Very Important!
These are three simple yet very powerful Yoga krias (techniques):
Start slow and gradually increase the pace with each exercise. Sit Cross legged spine long, neck in line with the spine. Breath deeply and relax into the movement.

1. Pelvis rotation
Sit cross-legged, spine long, holding to your knees rolling the pelvis, drawing big circles with the navel to open up the lower spine. (1-3 minutes) each direction.
2. Spinal flex
Place hands on the shins with an inhale round the spine forward, chest forward, head in line with the body with an exhale round the spine back. (1-3 minutes breathing deeply).
3. Spinal twist
Place the hands on the shoulders, fingers in front and thumbs in back. Elbows parallel to to the ground, arms swinging freely with the body. Inhale, twist to the left. Exhale, twist to the right. Twist your head to each side.

After warming up the spine sit quietly and meditate. Be present to the sensations in your body. Increase your awareness to include every part of your body and spine. If the mind wanders, gently observe your thoughts, let them go and then bring the awareness to you breath.

Why meditate?
100 benefits of meditation!


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