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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lemurian Connections Insight

Lemurian Crystals should be part of our lives.
I say that because I had an amazing, mind blowing set of 3 day meditations, while I experienced astral travel, projection and more…

I don’t know if this Lemurian connection has to do anything with the new batch of gemstone elixirs or clairvoyance, clairaudience orgone pendants I am creating or I was just simply ready to receive these messages, whatever it is I am so so grateful for this experience. Something strong like an invisible force pulled me to one of my many “cookie jars“ (gemstones and crystals). I opened the drawer and there it was: the magnificent, mystical, yet humble, wise record keeper, healed itself double terminated LEMURIAN crystal.
If you’d asked me if I have any recollection of this crystal I would say I don’t think so. It might just manifested itself into my “gem -cookie jar”. For a few good minutes I kept looking at, being absolutely mesmerized by it. It started to vibrate strongly in my hands inviting me to meditate with it. Energy was outwardly I would say, unbelievable high, crystal vibrating continuously during the whole time. Connection was FAST! I meditated before with Lemus but didn’t get much of impression except once which was more of a healing experience

First thing I saw was “people“: it seemed like a big family, because they all looked alike: long oval faces, white hair, pale skin, blue eyes, slim, no smiles, no frowns, just very neutral faces. By now the information started to flow really fast. I got that information was downloading into my “computer” (brain). I got “WE ALL HAVE ACCOUNTS OPENED IN THE ETHERIC MATTER”. They can all be accessed in the akashic records. The information was also downloaded into my etheric account. I would also have to meditate for three days in a row to get personal information as well as information that might help others.

Lemurians made it very clear that we should learn from their experiences and not make the same mistakes again. Not sure what they meant, but the info was so fast , I couldn’t really ask why or how or when etc. Next I was shown a source of pure crystal clear water used for longevity. Fruit trees with very heavenly smell, were shown next, the energy of the trees was very strong. They alos explained they experienced pain and sufferings themselves but different from what we experience. Next, right in front of me there was a majestic pyramid made out of crystal. The importance of this pyramid was that it was slightly smaller then Giza pyramid, and the secret lays in the dimensions and what’s inside. Right in the middle of the pyramid there was a very bright light I could not look at, if I would have to describe the feeling, is like you try to look at the sun and cannot keep your eyes at it, was brighter than that. The bright light was the “SEED OF LIFE” , which in fact is what some people call Christ consciousness. The words I heard were very powerful vibrations: “REMEMBER the seed of life cannot be destroyed.” Taking a look closer inside the pyramid I saw something like “thoughts” I don’t know how to explain because it seemed more energy then physical matter. These “thoughts” were in fact resembling all religions, nations, believes: they were etheric imprints of all traditions, religions, nations, believes and so on. The pyramid was also located at the “womb of creation”. The meditation was complete for the first day. After I finished I took a closer look at the crystal and I could actually see the pyramid on one of crystals faces. The impressions I had were so strong that I continued meditating with the Lemu crystal the second day.

Second day
This time before I even went to grab my lemurian crystal I felt the strong connection. Same thing the second day: I went out really fast: this time I went right inside the pyramid transported by what it’s called “rays of creation” they looked like W’s or V’s to me. I found myself this time right in front of the “seed of life”. Words cannot explain the feelings: however to describe in earthy words was amazingly strong vibration, body shaken by the strong energy, tears rolling down my cheeks, and Finally I saw it: “ The SEED OF LIFE : that which cannot be destroyed”. It looked like an Egg, pulsating. The color was again outwardly, I got it was a combination of all colors, but if I would describe, it looked white translucent opal, with different shades which were changing. The energy of that seed of life charged me up instantaneously. Then I got the pyramids are all over the world and many people are attracted by their subtle energy but they don’t know why. It is because in each pyramid there exists invisible seed of life. Their energy is very soothing and healing. I have also got that there are more pyramids underwater yet to be discovered, in shallow waters. Then I was reminded of the Mexico and Machiupiciu pyramids and their great powers. The crystal pyramid I have shown exists in another dimension and can be seen by a few people. So the benefits of pyramids can be experienced by people in the physical dimension and by great healers in other dimensions. Next I got this info very clear: “remember you are a healer you should share this with others” so here it is: The information revealed is a very simple technique for healing: I get to connect to my soul and take people inside the Crystal pyramid, repeating continuously: ”I love you”... very easy technique. Try to connect yourself with the pyramid and while inside keep repeating the easy mantra “I love you” in any language you resonate with. For people who cannot connect to the crystal pyramid, any pyramid would work, just sit under, right in the middle, and focus right in the middle of it and inch or two off the ground, where the invisible seed of life exists. “Become one with the seed of life, breath, relax, be at peace, let the energy of the seed do the work”. There is the “magical” point of energy where the invisible seed of life resides in the ethereal world. Keep repeating the “I love you” mantra, until you are “healed”. It supposes to be very powerful healing energy. I was asked to get inside and see for myself: my body was floating right above the ground, it was such a WOW feeling!

I then got some more information, and when some of you are ready I will share it privately. Then my inquisitive mind asked about “illuminati symbolism pyramids”. I was told the dark side cannot highjack the energy of the pyramid, they only use the top which is not the main point of energy. The negative thoughts and illness are released through the top of the pyramid. And then I got it again” Remember the seed of life is always protected, it cannot be destroyed.” Then I was asked to stop the meditation.

The last day of my 3 days of meditation.
First I got some personal information that blew my mind, and told that we call “miracles” only things that we cannot understand, which in fact are simple things. I traveled upwards so fast that my brain perceived “light speed”. I was looking above mountains again floating in the air. What a COOL feeling!!! Ohhh it cannot be described! Anyway from above I was looking at the whole Earth “rebirthing” itself if that’s the word. To describe in simple words, what I saw was the Earth like a blanket slowly rolling over, in a very rhythmic movement, it was fast but at the same time controlled. Then I was traveling down same speed and saw a very powerful masculine presence underground quite invisible, I should say I felt it more then saw it. It gave me chills, not bad ones though. The whole meditation I was pulled up and down to basically be shown the entities or souls above and below Earth. Then I heard and completely understood the magical words: “ As above so beyond”
They told me that these above and below Earth spirits, souls or entities work together with Earth spirits (humans) to KEEP THE PLANET ALIVE. So I was reminded again that the seed of life cannot be destroyed, anything else can. So I think there is more then it meets the eye, all sort of souls are working together to keep the planet “alive“. I was then reminded to spread the word “not to make the same mistakes Lemurians did“.

The journey into Lemurian world has just started, I think I was shown just a glimpse. Will do some more “left brain” research, along with more Lemurian crystals meditations. So Please join me. I also strongly encourage everyone to get at least one Lemurian crystal and experiment with it. I think they have strong wise messages for us. I have quite a few of them and play with them from time to time. Yasmine has a nice authentic Lemurian Seed crystals collection, check them out they are very beautiful and feel very strong. “As above so below”… Lilly

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