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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mother Earth celebration

Mother Earth's day is everyday.

EARTH DAY, APRIL 22nd, 2009

Happy spring everyone!!! This time of the year is powerful for rejuvenation, renewal and healing. Listen to your heart’s intelligence, stay close to the Source, and be close to Mother Earth, the sustainer of all life. Earth Day 2009 falls on Wednesday, April 22. It is a special day to learn about our planet. Set an intention to celebrate Mother Earth today by doing something respectful and compassionate for her. Let’s join others in raising the vibration of our dear planet connecting with her wisdom, by sending healing energy, praying, boosting, dancing for Mother Earth.
A great way to connect with Mother Earth is through Earth star chakra which is located underground, bellow the feet. Bring your awareness there every time you need emotional stability and grounding. Connecting, bonding to Mother Earth or Nature, the feminine principle, help us grow, heal, and prosper. The element of Earth is associated with introspection, seeing and receiving answers from within. Intuition enhances by being in the nature, walking on Mother Earth. Qualities of Earth are nurturing, stability, grounding, solidity, manifestation. We are part of the whole and yet unique. Everything we do connect to everyone else and has an effect on everyone else, including Mother Earth, plants, minerals, animals. Share this Earth with each other and all her creatures as we are ONE.

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