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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Building a Protection Part 2 - Empaths...

Protection is needed from negative energies, though forms and entities, psychic attacks, spells, psychic vampires, from dangerous situations.  In many healing sessions that dealt with any form of psychic or negative attacks, I have noticed many people suffering from a mild form of paranoia which is based of course on fear. Acknowledging this fear of demons, reptiles etc will drive you mad.
Fearing psychic attack will create in fact more damage then the actual attack.

Try to ignore the attacker or source of attack, as much as you can. Do your best. It helps a lot.  If it's hard to ignore the attacker then it’s time to respond by boosting the attacker/source.
Send the energy back were it came from.

It is very important for the energy sensitive people to maintain high energy levels. And  if you read this, you probably experience exhaustion when going out in the crowds, you must be a sesitive.   Sensitive people’s chakras are a little more opened then average people's chakras. There are many people out there who are very low in energy and they will unconsciously absorb from your charged aura, draining your energy.  You must take control over the situation and give away the energy when you want and to whom you want. More then that you should became a channel of energy, allowing the energy flowing thru you to the hungry energy people, if you consider they deserve it, otherwise your reserves will be depleted. Part of your protection involves clearing your aura and chakras (energy centers) regularly, taking etheric showers or baths meditating, keeping yourself grounded, cutting cords, removing implants, bugs and dark entities, dealing with negative feelings, fear, anxiety.

Many people are empaths (picking up others feelings) a wonderful ability but can harm you if you don’t know how to use in positive ways. Filtering the energy is usually a better protection tool then a shield. When using a shield, the beneficial energies might not reach your aura, so be wise in choosing your protection. I prefer a filter so I can select the energies. But when doing “not so pleasant work” of course a shield would be more appropriate and after the work is finished an etheric shower is necessary, as well as washing your hands physically, breaking the connection with the one you worked on. Use protective stones. Clean your crystals and stones before using them.

Use ORGONE for protection! It is one of the best if not the best protection spiritual tool.

 Choose your birth stones as they are very protective. One of the best stones for protection is black tourmaline, you can wear it on your left hand or above heart chakra. Charged water is an amazing protector. It increases the power of orgone creations by approximately 5 times and if you pray over the water it increases the powers by 14-15 times.
 Water does miracles indeed, but it has to be pure without the sprit of greed. Spray your house and outside your house with this water.

Solar plexus always must be protected!!! The solar plexus chakra is the main point of entry of negative thoughts and energy.  Being sensitive or empath you are someone’s target emotions and negative thoughts and you absorb them like a sponge.  Solar plexus pendant is a very powerful amulet to keep your solar plexus in balance and your aura intact  Try visualizing a ball of gold light covering your solar plexus or just simply cover your solar with one of your palms. 

Also you have to deal with the harmful energies by giving expression to them via throat chakra. That can be done by singing or whistling in order to release the pressure avoiding damaging words. Another good technique is surrounding yourself with a sphere of protection. Breath in golden light and surround yourself with this golden light. Gold is the color of protection, it allows positive vibrations into your aura and strengthens the auric field. Use it before going to bed along with a prayer for protection. Use affirmations as healing and protective tools, they are simple and effective. Ask your heart to find the right wording for your affirmations, thanking your heart after you receive them. It helps if you keep repeating them, if you say them out loud they will be more powerful.

Prayer is a very powerful protective tool, use it in combinations with any other technique or tool you like.

It is not fair to get depleted, there must be an exchange of energy always when you interact with someone. You give energy, and in return you receive energy. 
 The meridians of the body terminate at the toes and fingers. Crossing feet and hands, you close the whole body energy circuit. Cross your feet at the ankles and fold your arms acrossed your solar plexus when you feel your energy is “stolen” from you. Another trick is look into someone’s left eye rather then right eye. The right eye is the sender of mental energies and if you look at it you can be more easily influenced. Another one is do not face someone who can influence you mentally or emotionally, the solar plexus is the main point of entry, if you face someone better cover your solar plexus.

Here are some very powerful protection tools that you might want to consider:

*feet chakra balancers - they will keep you protected during the night (most of the attacks happen during the night time). Entities penentrate through feet chakras (I have seen that many times in people I have worked with).  You became more vulnerable during night time and the feet chakra balancers will keep your feet protected and also sleep very well. They also have multiple functionality, they detox and keeps you in a high vibration. Very POWERFUL tools one should have!

* protection pendant will keep your aura protected and "etheric parasites" away from you

* protection set for gridding your house/environment , so you build the wall of protection against harmful unseed energies, blocking intrusive vibrations 

Stay protected, stay healthy, stay in high vibes,

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