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Friday, April 17, 2009

Empathy response

This is a typical empathy response and the experience this woman had was very funny. --------

Hi Lilly: I had an interesting experience Wednesday night. I was driving directly behind a drunk driver on a two-lane, winding mountain road. He was veering into the other lane, and going slowly, holding up a whole line of traffic behind me.
I was nervous that he would have a head-on collision with on-coming traffic. I decided to try boosting him and prayed for him, asking for protection for all drivers on the road as well as him. All went well, he seemed to gain control of his driving, and after about 15 minutes, I turned off the road and he continued on. Then the strangest thing happened.
When I pulled up to my house, as I got out of my car, it was impossible for me to walk straight, try as hard as I might. I was horribly dizzy for at least 5 minutes, and couldn't walk a straight line if you paid me! Now I think I performed the boost incorrectly, and inadvertently made an energetic exchange with this drunken man, rather than processed as a pure channel. I certainly would not have been able to pass the standard DUI "walk the line" test. I don't drink any alcohol, nor take any drugs, nor can I think of any reason that would cause this, nor has it ever happened before. Funny, I was fine until I got out of my car. Any comments on this? I guess I need instructions in proper boosting techniques! LOL Thanks, Kyra ----------------------------------

Hi Kyra,
Your experience was funny indeed, you put smile on my face but I am glad you made it home safe though. What happened as you correctly assumed was that you got your mental and emotional energy into the mix with the drunken man. This is a very good sample of an empathic response. You are a natural empath and you picked up that man’s drunken state. This is a funny situation but in the future you need to acknowledge the power of your empathy, learn about it and work with it not against it.

This can be a very strong tool to use as a healer. Healing is about compassion and love. I am saying this because boosting and praying makes you a healer. However knowing how to work with your empathy is important because you don’t want to take another’s problem, pain or distress. That would solve the problem for them but that’s not true healing. Healing means that the transfer of energy is done in harmony without making anyone sick or distressed. I am very strong empath myself and learned my lessons the hard way. When I work on people and pick up pain, implants, nasty entities, bugs, bad energies, trouble areas I feel sick, sometimes really sick, depends on how bad the energy is.
But that doesn’t usually last long, its just a passing phase, that’s because I immediately work on the implant/bug/entity/cord sending it into the ground or into God’s space, seeing it neutralized and then I direct healing energy where it is needed. After I finish working I drink a glass of water and/or wash my hands and take an etheric shower as I don’t want to carry someone else’s energies. This way you break the connection between you and the one you exchanged the energy. As healers we need to be always healthy so we can help others and not suffer taking their pains or discomfort. I hope that helps, have fun and good luck with your boosting/healing. Lilly

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