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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Building a Protection Part1

Protecting oneself from psychic attack and negative energies is as important as cleansing and balancing ones chakras for general wellness.
This is a simple and effective way to protect your family your home and yourself from sources of attacks such as radionics and negative intentions coming your way. Invoke GOD to bless and assist you in doing this First stand up with legs spread slightly apart toes slightly pointing inwards.
Begin by grounding yourself to the center of the earth. Bring focus to and breathe in light from your crown, then bring it to your heart, send it to your soul star 18 in above your crown, doing this will allow your soul to decide where to send the energy most effectively. While visualizing this keep sending the energy this way to the soul star. Doing this will expand the size of your aura, and allow better energy flow when building protection.
With intent....... Visualize a bubble being formed around your home, family, pets, and transport. See the bubble with mirrors around it deflecting anything that doesn't resemble the vibration in the space. Allow it send out your energy, but not allow any harmful energies in your bubble space. Allow for any other energies to enter and become blue light/life force. This will allow healing energies from others only to enter if it has an equal or higher vibration, then your own space. visualize yourself and anyone else who leaves the bubble form a new, independant bubble around themself which protects in the same way. Intend your bubble to permenantly protect you from anything you may feel is a source of attacks, ie. making mention of this will focus the intent and ensure a powerful protective barrier against your enemies.

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