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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Implant Orgone Neutralizer


Staying in line at the post office today I had this double WOW experience. One of the packages in my hand started to pulsate and buzz really strong. It was an Implant Orgone Neutralizer that I was sending to someone.
It takes time for me and a lot of energy to find implants and neutralize them and sometimes is not that pleasant. So I meditated on a tool to disable or neutralize those implants.

The fact that these orgone ( orgonite) tools are strong is normal for me, but the fact that I immediately started to see implants in people, blew me away. I usually have to tune into someone in order to find implants but this time the visions were so clear, so fast and so many!!! The man in front of me had one in his left brain, more towards his temple, and it seemed like the implant orgone device was sending the healing vibrations towards the brain, fast! I watched his aura starting to expand rapidly and above his head his soul star moving upwards.

There was another man having a big implant right on his spinal cord behind the heart center BIG BLOCKAGE there!!! When I start sending healing energy thru the implant device the guy started to stare at me, like he knew where this was coming from. Then I saw more little implants inside his body. Then a little girl had one in her small baby toe and so on… I was like OMG!!! This is some powerful orgone stuff! This tool works but when you put intention into it, really flies! I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was seeing, the people that were affected by this tool sort of knew (their higher selves)… where the energy was coming from.

The design that came to me for the orgone implant neutralizer is a healing Celtic cross design made out of 4 crystals and surrounded by a combination of stones, added a combination of powerful holy waters from different holy locations, gem elixirs and sacred herbs and resins that they really hold a high vibration and implant disabling prayers and vibrations. Its an entire ritual before beginning the work.

Implants not only create damage to etheric body but also to physical body and interfere with the general health. They can block ones abilities (psychic), interfere with the flow of energy in the body as well as aura, throw one off balance, disabling one physically and mentally, create weird behavior, anxiety, fear, depression, anger. Read more here

Orgone Implant Neutralizer is a powerful orgone (life energy) blessing designed to help:

* neutralize and remove the unwanted energy implants form physical and subtle bodies
* protect against harmful unseen energies, blocking intrusive vibrations
* ground spiritual energies
* strenghten and repair aura after implant neutralizing
* cleanse negative energies, replacing them with loving energies
* increase well-being
* protect against and eliminate psychic attack

The essential oils, gemstones magickal elixirs, herbs chosen for this orgone blessing tool hold a very powerful vibration of protection against implants.
The gemstones and crystals selected for this orgone tool will help neutralize etheric implants and heal the aura after safe removal.
The Solffegio frequencies infused help dissolve negative blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, opening you up to the flow of positive vibrations.
The water used for this tool is strongly charged, keeping the protection and healing frequencies active.
Protection affirmations: I live in a protected and safe environment. God protects me every day, in every way.
I feel safe and protected. I am divinely protected and guided. I am surrounded by peace. I am loved. I am in control at all times. I am surrounded by a powerful circle of Divine Substance that protects and strengthens me.

How to work with your orgone tool
Before you start, take few deep breaths and set your intention very clear, say a prayer. Have faith. Hold your orgone tool in your right hand and feel its vibrations increasing. You can also burn some incense or light a candle. Place the orgone implant neutralizer on the area that you think an implant might be and keep breathing deeply and gentle from the belly. Let the tool do the work while you try to relax deeply.

ॐ Lilly ॐ


Lilly I have tried many methods to remove the negative patterns to no avail and it seems like the implant neutralizer is helping me a lot"

Lilly, this is strange...I found an implant under my foot, it was so painful, then I used the implant neutralizer and pain went away in minutes, WOW! I am so glad!! xx

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