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Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Dragons Empowerment

The empowerment is send via magical (chi) energy ball along with a manual to download. This should not be taken lighly as the dragon is one of the most powerful creatures on earth!

Dragons are present on the earth right NOW to help us with the transition/shift and help with spiritual progression.

The ancient Shamans, healers, light workers, spiritual practitioners used the power of the Dragon spirit to awaken dormant spiritual powers, accomplish mental clarity, develop psychic and mental powers.

I have been working with the power of the mystical dragon for some time and all 7 of them showed up in different times during powerful spiritual work. This particular empowerment was chanelled after completed my second spiritual journey in Peru, July 2010 where I worked with shamans and medicine plants to increase my personal spiritual powers.

This system is created to get attuned to the vibrations of the 7 magical dragons, being further attuned with 7 more dragon empowerments including a mysterious dragon breath, a very powerful "7 portal of cleansing" technique that cleanses one of implants, negative patterns, hooks, cords etc, 7 dragon balls of power meditation and more... These 7 dragon empowerments will help to offer protection, assist with vitality, willpower, strength healing, leadership skills, magical prowess, infinite wisdom and magical insight, metaphysical knowledge, good luck, prosperity, spiritual growth and transformation.

More information http://www.natures-blessings.org/dragonorgoneproducts.htm#dragon

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  1. dream about the dragon... can reply to my email address : bodhi1969@yahoo.com.au

    i am seeking advice, this is new thing for me, i do see serpents staring at me(dream), once i saw tree without any leaves, only branches, location of that 1 tree in desert, that tree was full of serpents (small) babies coiled on all the branches (many) and on that tree, a huge snake (mother) on that on tree too, i was very close to the tree, no fear, just looking... if you could advice me or help me, what is happening here...