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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Make your own Gemstone or Crystal Elixir


Gemstones and crystal are the link between the heavens (Angelic Realms) and human beings.    

All advanced cultures and civilizations knew the powers of the crystals and gemstones. One way to connect with the energy of gems and crystals is via elixirs.    

Gem elixirs are used to balance your chakras, aura, protect energy field, cleanse your space, open psychic awareness and connect with the angelic realms and much more.   The best time to start making your gem elixir is during New Moons.

 Items Needed to Make a Gem Crystal Moon Elixir

Pure, Spring or distilled water
Glass jar, glass bowl, glass pitcher (do not use plastic)
Cover for the jar (might be plastic or lid cover)    

How to make your elixir:
Say a prayer/set intention that the energies of the elixir you are making will serve the highest purpose and greatest good. Ask the Moon/Angels/God to bless your elixirs.

I like to create a sacred space before I start making my elixirs. The higher the intention and prayer the more powerful the outcome of your elixir.
Wash your crystals/gem first.
Place the crystal/gem in the glass container and pour water over it.
Take your glass containers with gems and place them outside under the sun, moon and stars for 3 days.
After 3 days of capturing the powerful energies of the New Moon, the gems and crystals infused the water with their qualities.

Some people only leave the glass containers for a few hours and then use them immediately in their bath, spray their aura, some even drink the elixir. However caution is needed when ingesting these elixirs because some gems and crystals can be toxic.
I like to use them externally to be on the safe side.

After 3 days you can add some strong alcohol to preserve the essence of the new elixir created.

Elixirs can be stored for a long time in a dark place.

Enjoy the power of your gem elixirs.

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Blessings and Peace,
Lilly Natures Blessings

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