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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Connect with your Spirit Guides: 5 Steps

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1.Be Ready

If you are not ready to explore the spirit world than you will never get to feel, see, hear your spirit guide. When you are ready spirit guide will definitely come to your awareness.    

2. Believe

Doubt kills the spirit. It kills creativity and passion. Kids are so easily connected with the sprit realm as they are so pure and not programmed with doubt or fears. Doubt usually comes from social conditioning. Acknowledge this fact and choose to stay strong in your own decisions.

3. Spend time in the spirit world

That means nature, sacred space, meditation, reflection, poetry. We connect with the world of spirit when we are in our right side of the brain: poetic, intuitive, artistic side. Linearity is good for mathematics and logic (left brain) but not for tapping into our intuition.  

4. Align with the spirit vibrations

That means read and educate yourself on the subject. “Where attention goes energy flows.” I like to use different symbols and an altar where I have different spiritual toys that remind me of different energies. No I do not worship statues or pray to idols. These are just objects of power that have consciousness and help us connect and tap into our intuitive side.  

5. Ask, invoke, welcome spirit guides into your world

Once you are ready, believe, got rid of doubt, educated yourself and choose to connect with the spirit world, it is so much easier to connect with your spirit guides. When you are sincere and from the heart and you ask for help, the answer will come in miraculous ways. Listen to the messages you get.

Pay attention to synchronicities and symbols.
Some connections might come out of nowhere when you less expect, some might come in dreams. Some people hear their spirit guides names. Others know it without explain it the “knowingness”.
No matter how you get the connection, embrace it and welcome it with all your heart.    

Spirit guides can help with healing, can help bring your soul mate into your life, can warn you of dangers ahead and so on…
However they will not do the work for you as they are only assisting you on the journey. You must put the work into it.


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