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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Breathe Awareness and The Angel of Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing 

Pranayama also known as breath control is one of the most powerful arts we can master for own spiritual growth.
I don’t really like to use the word control here, I would use “breathe awareness”, as awareness is a great word of power… I guess it is TIME to change the way we perceive things and adapt and marry the Eastern Philosophies to the Western ways…
Last night in my dream, I was doing yoga under the guidance of a yoga teacher. The teacher came to me to hear my breathe. She was encouraging me to use ujai breathe – also known as “the sound of the ocean” or “victorious breathe” and was breathing with me to make sure I was breathing deeply…
So it turned out that the teacher in my dream was the Angel of Conscious Breathing to remind me to breathe with awareness during the day.
So I am here to share and also remind you if you read this to breathe deeply, with awareness and enjoy your breathe… Ask this Angel to help you breathe with ease…

Breathe awareness

Breath means life, breath means who we are, breath means health.
We do take in Oxygen but we also inhale prana/ life force/ orgone.
We bath in our own breath. Breath is the bridge, the connection between our mind and body. Breath does not happen in the future or in past it happens NOW, in this very moment. It is extremely important to pay attention to our breath.

Being aware of our breath reminds us of our connection with nature, our human nature. Everything in this universe moves, pulsates, breaths.
Breathing deeply and smoothly calms the nervous system, calms the brain and subconscious mind, relaxes and eases the body. It is important to breath in and out for the same length of time, for example inhale for a count of 4 or 5 and exhale for the same count.

Find the length that feels comfortable without hyperventilating. If breathing gets too harsh, it can agitate the nervous system. Breath plays a major role during my healing sessions: I cannot connect to my higher self without being aware of my breath.

Breathing deeply and slowly, keeps me focused on the present, building up and maintaining a high level of energy needed for the healing session. I always encourage people I help to become aware of their breathing pattern and keep the pattern of inhaling and exhaling the same length of time through the nose.

I experienced great healing taking place just by teaching people the right way to breath. I have noticed that many people are shallow breathers, their internal organs, blood, brain, etc not getting enough oxygen, enough energy. When they started to breath properly, deep and slow, pains went away, (heart pains, panic attacks, gallbladder attacks etc), tension went away, sensation of calm took over stress and nervousness etc.

Studies show that we use only 10% of our lungs capacity. First step of becoming aware is to change our breathing from shallow to deep, even, slow.

In yoga, conscious breathing is called pranayama - prana=energy, ayama=extension pranayama=extension of life force.

One yogi said that when belly breathing stops, ageing begins. Another function of conscious breathing is to prevent the distraction of the mind being focus on our body, being present in the moment, getting to know our body better, becoming aware of what is happening inside ourselves.

Happy conscious Breathing.

Lilly Natures Blessings

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