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Monday, March 17, 2014

Healing Animals with Energy Healing

Animals, birds and children are the most receptive to energy healing.

Their channels are wide open as there is not so much programming, screwed up belief systems and emotional blocks going on.

Before starting on my energy spiritual healing path I was amazed how animals would come into my space to seek my presence. At the time I didn’t have a clue why. After I started my healing journey path I realized that our furry and winged friends were not only tremendously intelligent but also very receptive to energy.

My first healing sessions were on dogs and I have noticed that when I started to run energy into them they would just lay down relaxed and go into a very meditative state. They knew exactly what healing energy is and surrender to it totally. Cats, dogs, birds, dolphins, fish; even reptiles would go into this altered state, complete motionless in order to absorb healing energies.

 One day after returning from a hike around Area 51 (Tikaboo Mountain) I noticed a little bird inside our parked truck.

This little guy looked pretty tired and he didn’t seem to be scared of us at all. When we started the truck, he jumped on the side mirror and from there he barely landed on the ground. That’s when we noticed he was injured and couldn’t fly. I started to send energy to him from a few feet away and then I had to leave and follow the truck that was slowly moving.

When I turned my head back, I saw the little bird following me. When I stopped, he stopped.   I carried on walking; he carried on hopping as he couldn’t fly. That was my first surprise. Eventually I stopped and assumed a squat position.

He immediately made his way right under me surrendering to the healing energy I was running. As it was getting late we had to move so I decided to leave so I did. Little bird continued to follow me. I realized he needed more energy work, so this time I took more time and run some more healing energy until his energetic field seemed saturated.
Then I gently stood up and walked away from him slowly. Interestingly enough he flew away quite happy and energized! I was not only very happy I could help the little guy but also was amazed by his trust and the ability to open so amazingly to healing energy. Wow!

There is this myth that energy healing is a placebo effect…

Well the healing encounter with the wild bird was definitely not a placebo effect so skeptics can argue forever. Energy healing works and is available to everyone, as simple as might sound. Our brain wants to make it complicated and our egos want scientific proof for everything. So just trust yourself and heal away!

If you are just starting on the healing path my advice is not only to do whatever it takes to trust your powers but also start practicing running energy into pets and children of course with parent or owner consent. This way the rate of increasing confidence in your healing powers is way higher.

 Blessings and Health,  
Lilly Natures Blessings  

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