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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why using an altar? What is it?

An altar is considered sacred and it is used by many cultures, religions, traditions. It used to focus your awareness to something you want to manifest, achieve, desire or worship. It represents who you are, your family and dear ones. It is a place to retreat for prayers, meditation, quieting the mind, relaxation.
Building your own altar can uplift your life and bring you blessings.

What items to use for your altar?
Incense that you adore, candles, fresh flowers, fruits, gemstones and crystals, orgone creations,symbols that you honor like angels, sacred elixirs dolphins fairies, spiritual animals, pictures of your teachers or dear ones, statues of divinities etc.

I also use white sage and palo santo wood for cleansing space before entering a ceremony or meditation. They offer protection, have a very powerful effect on the third eye (psychic sense) as well as making it easier to enter an altered state.
An altar can be as small as a candle or incense or you can expand it by adding symbols that you’d like to work with.

Why the power of manifestation or prayer is more powerful when using an altar?

You give powers to your altar by invoking the energies that you want to work with: angels, archangels, spiritual healers, shamans, dolphins, fairies, dragons, goddesses, spirit of power animals etc.
When invoking these vibrations your mind enters an altered state of parallel world of existence where vibrations are perceived differently and your mind is able to move between worlds and communicate with other spirits depending on your ability of communication.

Keep your altar clean, dust it on a regular basis, honor it, enter the space being humble, with respect. Sacred music can be played or use chanting to amplify the focus and powers of your ritual/ceremony.

When you have completed your work in front of your altar give honor to helping spirits or energies you have been meditating or working with and ask the spirits to depart in peace.

I honor all traditions, faiths, religions, so my altar is the result of study and experience intuitively of a multitude of faiths and philosophies.

This is my altar for moon transmissions/blessings where I added the work of 4 elements: fire, water, earth, air, and Sky- Male Energy, Earth- female energy and the Great Spirit of Wisdom, Healing, Light and Truth.

May your altar serve your spiritual path well.

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