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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Swich the Operating System

My brilliant and gifted soul psychic sister's Yasmine:
her audio about the switching the operating system in merging the stem cell therapy and orgone- the combo of mineral and plant kingdoms of high consciousness that is absolutely mind blowing.

Listen to her audio here:

CODEX Chemtrails and Pollution- How can you stay healthy and protect yourself and your environment from becoming Radioactive space monkeys- Take your life BACK- There is NO safe place ONLY Safe DNA~ Phyto-Nucleus (Plant stemcell) medicine and ORGONE

Plant StemCell Concentrated actives~ www.phytobiopharma.com
Total Body Detox System- for Vaccines, Chemtrail Toxicity, 7 body systems (endocrine,nerves muscles, bones, organs etc.)
Charged Water Orgone for every purpose~ www.natures-blessings.org


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