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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Second Moon Transmission Jan 19, 2011

First New Moon Transmission of this year 2011, on Jan 4th was massive energetic opening, our psyche being supercharged. The energy of the new moon is more subtle then full moon, that doesn’t mean is less powerful. It harnesses tremendous powers but felt more subtly. I have felt the vibrations of people tuning into the transmission at 4:44 tremendously powerfully.

The transmission started with removing blocks in our abundance system and wealth energetic channels including cleaning vows of poverty from ancestors and our DNA. Real powerful!

Next a massive void has happened very similar to what I have experienced on the Winter Solstice. During the void period a lot of acceptance and guidance was being transmitted to us. Our higher selves were hooked into the greater source of wisdom. I had some visions of us being connected to the Source. Some people refused the connection (just a few though).

The moon, which is the massive natural satellite, influences your daily life in mysterious ways. New Moons and Full Moons are very powerful and potent times in working with manifesting miraculously.

The moon transmissions that I offer are very powerful, you do not have to believe in them you just have to accept them. I only send the transmissions to higher selves, and if someone is not ready I do not proceed with the transmission and respect their decision. All happens in divine timing!

After this connection with the source, we were being reminded of our original blueprint and our cells were brought back to our blueprint pattern.

A huge wave of power surrounded us in the etheric dimension during the transmission abundance and success. The wealth and abundance channels have been opened. I felt and saw quite a few of us succeeding this year. Our cellular structure was upgraded to higher levels of success and prosperity that come from our heart center. The transmissions are spiritual coming from the heart. The wealth that will be achieving is a high vibrational spiritual wealth that will be helping not only us but people around. It’s time to bring spiritual wealth back home. No more grid, no more superficial and low vibration materialism.

We were next opened to the principles of receiving ‘more then enough’ for us, our families and friends.

I was then given this ‘mantra’: “the more connected to the source, the more we will be given, and the more we’ll be receiving the more we’ll be able to give” so ...

“stay connected to the source, receive and give“… and then stay in this loop, you can repeat this again and again” you can also visualize the whole loop.

Energies were subtle at first and then transformed into massive vibrations, ending with subtleness.

After we ended being saturated with wealth vibrations at cellular level we were opened to the highest vibrations of wisdom and embedded in our systems ways of spending our money in healthy and spiritual ways in other words using our wealth “wisely”.

Session ended with a very deep wave of peace surrounding our higher selves.

Channels o wealth were opened in us. Honor the opening. I already feel them and experince them, are you?

Two questions that were asked and answered ethericaly by our higher selves, you ca work with these questions or just repeat them many times before you go to bed.

1. What is it you need to STOP doing, in order to move towards your wealth ?

2. What is it you need to START doing, in order to create massive results?

Next moon transmissions: 2 more to come that are part of this triangulation that has started this new year Jan 4th: Jan 19th at 4:44 pm PST and Feb 3rd at 4:44 PST.

This last moon blessing was powerful, open yourself up to the next two moon transmissions and you will open even more channels and ways to achieve success on all levels in your life.

See you in the ethers on the next full moon where will be opening the channels of LOVE and work on relationships, personal and worldwide.

I will be invoking the moon and the Sun powers that represent the unification of soul mates, the sacred marriage, the yin and yang- balance.

What I ask you to do is before the transmission write on a piece of paper how would you like your soul mate to look like if you haven’t found him or her yet or how would you like to change in order to embrace yourself in the most powerful way. Also write about opening the channels of love in your heart and improve relationships. Then next tune into the above on Wednesday 4:44 pm PST and just receive what will be sent to you.

Until next time,

Be Blessed


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