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Saturday, January 22, 2011

2nd Moon Transmission culminating with intensity ans passion

Jan 19, 2011 -- 2nd Moon Transmission -- Love and Relationships.

1 more moon transmission left in this triangle of moon transmissions.

 The 2nd Moon Transmission was more subtle then usual. It was supposed to be this way for many reasons: it penetrated the very fabric of our being in specific ways, starting gently and culminating with passion and intensity because that's what LOVE is.

The moon transmissions are only sent to my free newsletter friends, if you want to be part you have to subscribe otherwise I do not have your permission.

Please understand the transmissions are sent to your higher self and if you do not want to accept them for any reason they will be transferred to who is ready for receiving, always respecting high principles of etheric integrity

The energy of our guides was invoked, our higher selves invited, angels of love, partnership, relations, playful dolphin families that I met in the physical…and of course the Full Moon.
There were quite a few people participating not only to find a soul mate, but also to find the internal friend and peace within self.

There was a lot of cleansing taking place, a LOT of EGO (anger, defensiveness, pointing fingers, blaming were cleansed deeply). There were missing parts (fragments) or parts that were altered in a negative stagnant way in the heart center, mental and emotional bodies. With the help of the Moon the altered parts were reminded the healthy blue print and the missing parts were replaced with highest vibration to create wholeness.

The guidance was to make powerful different energetic adjustments to align the energies in the heart center to enable passion and intensity in the heart center to make you take action in order to find love/ self love. In fact I felt a huge amount of energy immediately after the transmission was completed and a few days after. Quite a few people mentioned similar results next days.

Imagine what will happen after the third moon transmission is completed? I strongly suggest tuning into the last one, Feb 3rd, 2011. 3 is a powerful number of completion! 3 moon Blessings will enable you to personally evolve and act on your decisions!  


“Hey Lilly,
I just wanted to let u know I feel great today, I think the moon transmission helped me! I have been feeling so blah lately and unmotivated, but last night around 8 I started feeling super energized. I started clearing my space at home and today at work I got so much done.” ~ Mel H


“Lovely Lilly!
Wow, this full moon is powerful. I felt it hours before here, I consciously opened myself to the source, repeated some mantras, went home from work and cleaned some space, meditated and sent so much heart energy out my body shook a bit. The moon worked WITH me, like being pillowed, and very few stray thoughts entered my mind. Now I am still in this place of high energy and vibrations, and feel more relaxed and centered than I have in days. I feel this one compliments the new moon transmission (Jan4th2011), and whereas that time concentration was
hard, this time it came easily.” ~Megan


Physical action is necessary to be taken daily. First observe your patterns, your behavior as a single human being and CHANGE them. If you keep doing the same thing again and again and you have no results then change whatever you do. Invite love mate, self love into your space.

Make room for your partner not only in your heart but also in your closet, bed, garage, bathroom, and also ACT as if the partner is already in your life.

Be flexible, let go of your rigid single man or woman habits, opinion… let in the one that is waiting for you in your life!!! Let him or her in… show signs…Similar if you already are in a relationship but is not that great, try being flexible. Allow yourself to be wrong for once in life, notice how much the other will be willing to let go…

Same for your LOVE: make room for LOVE to come to your being. How? Simple by loving yourself more… making room in your life for what you love and actually DO IT!

Ask yourself: what do I love to do in life? Close your eyes and let your inner being answer the question (not your outside world but your inner world). Only when you love yourself others will love and respect you because you radiate love. We communicate with each other thru our vibrations, the silent language of energy. People will love and respect you for who you are, not for your look, make up or cloths.

The beauty of Moon transmissions is that our cells and subtle energetic fields are embedded with the power of manifestation in order to help us take action.
So our blue print is taken care of, we look good, we feel good, now go out in the world, letting go of attachments and experience in real world what has been embedded in your sub consciousness: the intense, passionate energy of LOVE!

So until next New moon Feb 3, 2011, when we’ll be opening the channels of health and healing vibrations this is what I suggest:

1. Sit in silence and allow the man/woman of your dream come to you in visuals or thoughts. DO NOT get attached to the outcome, PLEASE… have fun with it… make it playful… Feel good about having someone nice and loving in your life. Just try it.

2. Create room in your life, space in your closet, like described above

3. Go out in the world and experience what you have worked on … expect great results! I always tell people that in life we get what we expect not what we want!

Have fun and let me know of your successes, please, would love to hear your success stories! Remember the channels of love, partnership and relationship have been opened, you just need to do your homework.

Love and appreciation,

Moon Transmissions

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